***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews April Issue
No.366 May 11, 2022***
<< Contents >>
| 1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. 2022 Meeting Information [IMPORTANT]
| -> Meeting Outline
| -> Registration for Participation
| -> Meeting Participation (during meeting)
| -> Guide for Presenters
| -> Schedule Function and Release of Abstracts in PDF
| -> Mailing list for Communication among Conveners/Session Chairs/Presenters
| -> Announcements from Sessions (Updates on programs, etc)
| -> Call for Student Part-time Workers
| -> Childcare Support
| -> Contact during the Meeting
| -> Coming Dates
| 3. Meeting Events
| 4. Call for 2022 Volunteer OSPA Judges
| 5. Introduction of Exhibit Events and Exhibitors
| 6. Webpage introducing 2022 JpGU Fellows and Miyake Prize Awardee
| 7. Information from PEPS
| -> Extension of Submission Deadline for SPEPS Special Collection
| -> Featured Articles
| -> Latest Articles
| 8. What’s New
| -> Event Information
| -> Applications
| -> Career Opportunity


#1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU

(Available in Japanese)


#2. 2022 Meeting Information [IMPORTANT]

(1) Meeting Outline

Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2022
Dates: Hybrid Phase: May 22 (Sun) – May 27 (Fri)
Online Posters Sessions: May 29 (Sun) – June 3 (Fri)
Meeting Format: Hybrid (On-site and Online)
On-site Venue: Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
Online Participation: Please enter from the Meeting Portal Site (“Confit”)
* On-site Participation: Meeting registration is required in advance
* Log in becomes available from May 13. Confit Site will become inaccessible
from May 13 if you have not registered for the meeting.

(2) Registration for Participation

Meeting registration is required to participate in the Meeting.
You can participate both online and on-site by registering.
Please make sure to pre-register by May 12 (Thu.) 23:59 JST.
After May 13, you can still register for the meeting until June 2 (Thu.),
but, in this case, you will be able to log in to the Meeting portal site
“Confit” after 9:00 JST on the next day of registration (excluding Saturdays,
Sundays, and holidays).Please note that your registration will not be
reflected immediately.

– Registration deadline (excl. presenters): May 12 (Thu) 23:59
To register, login to members’ site,
After log in, go to Meeting Registration from the JpGU Meeting menu on the
left side.

* Your abstract fee payment alone doesn’t enable you to attend the meeting.
Meeting registration is a separate and different procedure.

* Public attendees can join Public sessions free of charge. However, please
register in advance. Details can be found at (in Japanese)

* Up to undergraduate students are free of charge to participate, but are
requested to register in advance and send us the copy of their student IDs
using the designated form by May 20.

(3) Meeting Participation (during meeting)

[On-site participation]
Check in zone: Makuhari Messe International Convention Center 1F
Check in time: 8:00 – 18:30 * Door opens at 8:00.


* Without registration, you cannot enter the Meeting!!

There will be no registration staff on site. There will be no on-site
registration desk or PCs for registration.
Please complete all procedures (registration and payment by the previous day,
change of status, etc.)
online before coming to the venue.

* Please note that there will be no advance check in on the day before
the event this year, and no Meeting Pass (name badge) will be issued
even if you come on May 21.

From May 13, e-tickets for the issuance of Meeting Passes will be
available for printing on the membership screen of registered attendees.
Please bring the e-ticket to the venue with you, either printed or
ready for display on your electronic device. The barcode displayed on
the e-ticket can be read by the machine to issue your Meeting Pass.

* Please take your temperature when entering the venue.

* If you forget your e-ticket for the Meeting Pass, even if you have
already registered, you will not be able to enter the venue. Please
be sure to bring it with you.

* The bar code displayed on a mobile device such as a laptop,
smartphone, or tablet can also be read.

* The check in zone is located only on the 1st floor of the International
Conference Hall of Makuhari Messe. Makuhari Messe International
Exhibition Hall
(Poster Room) will not have a check in desk. If you are going to make a
presentation outside of the International Conference Hall, please make
sure to get your Meeting Pass (nametag) at the check in zone on the
1st floor of Makuhari Messe before your presentation.
Even if you have already registered for the Meeting, you will not be able
to enter the venue without the Meeting Pass. Please do not forget to
bring your Meeting Pass when you come to the venue on the next or
subsequent days.
If you have forgotten or lost your admission card, please note that
all procedures will be handled online and it may take some time before
you can enter the venue.

[COVID-19 Measures]

– It is strongly recommended that you have been vaccinated. If you cannot
or do not wish to be vaccinated, please consider participating online.

– Please take your temperature in advance and refrain from coming to
the venue if you have a fever or feel unwell.

– We will take your temperature at the check in zone. If you are found
to have a fever, we are sorry to say that you will not be allowed to
enter the venue. Please leave the venue and participate online.

– Temperature will be taken at each entrance of the venue. If you have
a fever, you will not be allowed to enter the venue and will be asked
to go to the waiting zone for re-inspection by yourself.
If a fever is still detected, you will be asked to leave the venue.

– Please wear a mask (non-woven cloth recommended) in the venue..

– We are planning to set the maximum number of participants in the
room where the session will be held. If you are unable to enter a room
due to full capacity, we will provide a separate space for network
connection. Please use this function.

– Please understand that no refunds will be made in the event that
your meeting admission is denied.

– Please refrain from eating and drinking at the venue. We are planning
to set up a special area for food and beverages. However, the number
of seats is limited, so please use nearby restaurants for lunch, etc.

– Please install the latest version of the Contact Confirmation
Application for the New Coronavirus (COCOA) before the conference,
enable the proximity communication function (Bluetooth) on your smartphone,
and use it during the meeting.

– If you feel breathlessness (dyspnea), strong lethargy (fatigue), or
feel unwell, please go to the waiting zone at the entrance of the venue
as soon as possible. A nurse will assist you.

– If you are having a meal, please observe the manners of “masked meals”
and behave appropriately to prevent infection.

[Online Participants]

Log in to Meeting Portal site “Confit” and access via the Zoom link
in the Timetable.

* Some contents are already viewable on “Confit,” but links for Zoom,
e-posters,on-demand videos etc. will become available on May 27.
Log in will be required on and after May 21.

* Please make sure that your Zoom application is updated to the
latest version. You can install the latest version by executing the
download file from the Zoom Download Center (

* Your JpGU ID is the log in ID of the “Confit.”
The password will not be sent to you in advance due to security
reasons and problems caused by undelivered e-mails.
When you log in for the first time, please set your password by
clicking “Set Password for First Time Login”.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

* Only those who registered for the meeting can log in to the meeting
portal site “Confit.”.

(4) Guide for Presenters

[Requirements for approval as formal presentations]

– Oral presentations must be made during the oral sessions. Any
presentation place (on-site or online) is acceptable. Pre-recorded
video is also acceptable.

– All poster presenters are required to submit their presentation
materials online (at each presenter’s space on the “Confit” website),
regardless of whether they participate in the meeting on-site or online.
After fulfilling this, those who expressed wish to make their poster
presentations on-site can do so. Presentations may also be made optionally
at the online poster session.

Please refer to the following URL for details on other requirements.

[Information on Presentations]

+ On-site Presentations

– Oral Presentations: Due to the camera, microphone, and network connection,
you will be asked to present using a Windows PC on the podium. Please
refrain from connecting your own PC.

– Poster: Poster boards will be available at the venue only for those who
have answered “I wish to present a poster on-site” at the time of submission.
Poster board size is 180 cm (W) x 90 cm (H) (landscape).
Please refer to the following URL for an image of the poster board.
Poster space is open all day with the core time (PM3).

Please refer to the following URL for details.

+ Online Presentations

– Oral Presentations: Online presentations will be given via Zoom.
On the day of the session, a Zoom link of the corresponding session
will be posted on the timetable of “Confit”. Please join from there.

– Poster Presentations: During the core time of the online poster session,
a Zoom link for presentation will be allocated to each session.
After the optional Flash Talks, please discuss with the participants
in the Zoom Breakout room allocated for each presentation.

On the day of the session, a link to the Zoom of the relevant session
will be posted on the timetable of the “Confit” website. Please join
the session from there.
The session may be introduced by a convener instead of a Flash Talk
session by the presenters.
Please contact the convener for details.

Please refer to the following URL for details. .


[Unable to give a presentation]

If you become unable to make a presentation due to unavoidable
circumstances after submission, one of the co-authors may serve as
a substitute presenter only when all of the following conditions given
in the following URL are met.

(5) Schedule Function and Release of Abstracts in PDF

The Meeting Portal site has a function that allows you to register
your schedule. The schedule registration function will be available
from May 13.

The PDF file of the proceedings will be available on May 13.
* You will need to log in to view the PDF files.
* Please note that there is no smartphone application available for
this meeting.

(6) Mailing list for Communication among Conveners/Session Chairs/Presenters

A mailing list is provided to allow the conveners and chairpersons to
contact session presenters with information and for asking preferences.

jpgu2022_”Session ID (lowercase, no hyphen)”

* Insert your own session ID.
Ex. U-01 session address is

If you receive an email from this address, please respond and cooperate.

(7) Announcements from Sessions (Updates on programs, etc)

The information on the changes of the presentations of each session
sent by conveners will be posted on the following URL. Please check
the session information before attending.

(8) Call for Student Part-time Workers

We are looking for student part-timers who can help us make the
meeting a great success at the local venue.

[Details of the part-time and online application system]

(Information available in Japanese)

[Application Qualification]

– Students who will participate in the meeting.

* Please check the terms and conditions of your scholarship if you are
eligible for part-time work.


– Wages will be paid by bank transfer after the meeting.

– For inquiries regarding part-time work, please contact us using

the form below.

We are looking forward to receiving many applications

(9) Childcare Support

In response to many requests for assistance not only on-site but also
for online participation, we decided not to set up a childcare room at
the venue of this year’s Meeting. We will provide childcare support
available anywhere.
The guidelines for the use of childcare services will be made available
around May 14. The JpGU will subsidize the fee for the use of the room
of your arrangement.
The conditions and details will be announced in NEWS&INFO and by other

(10) Contact during the Meeting

If you encounter trouble during the meeting, please consult the URL
below to make contact.

(11) Coming Dates

May 13 (Fri) Abstracts in PDF web release
May 17 (Tue) 4th JpGU 2022 online webinar guidance 1
May 18 (Wed) 4th JpGU 2022 online webinar guidance in English
May 20 (Fri) 4th JpGU 2022 online webinar guidance 2 ※ same as 1
May 22 (Sun) – Jun 3 (Fri) Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2022

* Award Ceremony May 22 (Sun) PM3
* Society Members’ Meeting May 30 (Mon) Lunchtime
* Members General Assembly May 30 (Mon) PM2


3. Meeting Events

Look for most recent information on Meeting Events on our meeting

Also within the Meeting Portal site “Confit” will be posted
participants-only information (such as links).

+ Lunchtime Special Lectures

World renowned scientists will present a series of Special Lectures in
Earth and planetary sciences for students and early-career researchers
across disciplines during lunch breaks of the Meeting.

Dates: May 23 (Mon)- 27 (Fri), 2022
Participation: All attendees are welcome.

– On-site participation: Please visit International Conference Hall
(Room 105 scheduled).

– Online participation: Please access the “Lunchtime Special Lectures”
on the timetable on the Meeting Website and join the Zoom event.


The Third Nishida Prize awardees will give two lectures per day.

May 23 (Mon) Dr. Norio NARITA (online)/ Dr. Yu KOSAKA (online)
May 24 (Tue) Dr. Tatsuhiro YOKOYAMA (on-site)/ Dr. Futoshi TAKAHASHI (on-site)
May 25 (Wed) Dr. Miaki ISHII (online)/ Dr. Yuki MORONO (online)
May 26 (Thu) Dr. Jun TSUCHIYA (on-site)/ Dr. Azumi KUROYANAGI (on-site)
May 27 (Fri) Dr. Nobuhiro MOTEKI (online)/ Dr. Atsushi OKAMOTO (online)

+ Award Ceremony

When: May 22 (Sun) PM3
Participation: All meeting participants are welcome.

– On-site participation: Please come to International Exhibition
Hall 8 (Special Setting 1).

– Online participation: Access Award Ceremony from the timetable in
Meeting portal site “Confit” and participate via Zoom.

+ Introduction to Geological Outcrops at JpGU2022

This event is co-hosted with the Geological Society of Japan. The event
will be held online.
Various photos of outcrops will be brought, and their scientific
meanings will be explained via Zoom, exchange questions and comments,
and enjoy discussion.
We welcome questions and introductions not only from geology students
and researchers, but also from those who are not familiar with geology.
Details on how to participate are available on the Geological Society
of Japan website.

+ JpGU Super Lessons

The Super Lessons, which were well received at the JpGU Meeting 2021,
is being organized to be greatly expanded.
We will inform you of the lecturers, contents, participation method, etc.
as soon as they are decidedq

+ JpGU Talk Studio

In continuation from lsat year, we will host a talk event. Contents and
participation method, etc. will be announced as they become available.

+ JAXA-NASA Event for Junior and Senior High School Students

The forefront of space science for next-generation
~Online lectures for junior and senior high school students by JAXA and

– When: 2022 May 22 (Sun) 15:30-18:30

– Format: On-site and online (Zoom) Hybrid

– On-site venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 8 Mini-stage

– Registration:

* Please register for both on-site and online participations
* There is no extra fee for participation of this event.

– Event overview: JAXA and NASA researchers at the forefront of planetary
exploration, solar observation, and earth observation will give lectures
on most recent developments for junior and senior high school students,
who may become the next generation space scientists. On-site participants
will have chance to chat in person with JAXA scientists. Please come join us!

* This event is mainly for High School students, but open to all.

– Scheduled Lecturers:

Katherine Calvin (NASA Chief scientist)※video appearance
Lori Glaze (NASA Planetary Science Division Director) ※video appearance
Nicola Fox (NASA Heliophysics Division Director) ※video appearance
FUJIMOTO Masaki (JAXA Inst of Space and Astronautical Science Deputy
Director General) Moderator
KITAGAWA Tomoko(JAXA Space Education Center Director)
YAMAJI Moeka (JAXA Earth Observation Research Center)


#4. Call for 2022 Volunteer OSPA Judges

Each year we have a high number of entries for Outstanding Student
Presentation Award (OSPA). This year with no exception, we received
more than 550 entries to the award.

We are seeking members to volunteer for judges of the OSPA 2022.
If you are interested in volunteering and supporting us, please do so by

logging in to the Judge’s Portal below.
(In Japanese)

[OSPA Judge System]

* Please use your own JpGU ID and password.
* Registration for the meeting is required to be a judge.


#5. Introduction of Exhibits

A wide variety of exhibitors are introducing their booths at the
following website.
You can also check out the new Exhibitors’ Pop-up, the popular
Quiz Rally, and the Exhibitors’ Seminar.

We hope you will join us.


#6. Webpage introducing 2022 JpGU Fellow and Miyake Awardee.

We have created a page introducing 2022 JpGU Fellow and Miyake

[2022 JpGU Fellow]

[2022 Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize” Awardee]

Akira Tsuchiyama

Award ceremonies are to be held in a hybrid format on May 22.

We invite you to join the ceremony.


#7. Information from PEPS

(1) Extension of submission deadline for SPEPS special collection

The submission deadline for the following SPEPS has been extended.
“10 years after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake: A milestone of solid
earth science”
(Submission deadline: 31 August 2022)

(2) Featured Articles

We will introduce the featured articles selected by the editor-in-
chief from the papers published in the past every month.

@ Ryuji Asami et al: Reconstruction of ocean environment time series
since the late nineteenth century using sclerosponge geochemistry in
the northwestern subtropical Pacific.

Hypercalcified demosponges (“sclerosponges”) grow for decades to
centuries and form a calcium carbonate skeleton. This study examined
the usefulness of the chemical composition of the sclerosponges as a
paleoenvironmental indicator. They showed that long-term time-series
data comparable with coral records could be extracted from the

@ Yusuke Yokota et al.: Crustal deformation detection capability of
the GNSS-A seafloor geodetic observation array (SGO-A), provided by
Japan Coast Guard.

In this paper, using the Japan Coast Guard manned vessel (observation
frequency: 4 to 6 times/year, positioning accuracy: standard deviation
=1.5 cm), the authors evaluated the ability of the current GNSS-A
system by performing numerical simulation and statistical verification.

(3) Latest Articles

The following articles were published.

@Ryuji Toue et al.: Trophic niche separation of two non-spinose
planktonic foraminifers Neogloboquadrina dutertrei and Pulleniatina

@ Tomoaki Kubo et al: Back-transformation processes in high-pressure
minerals: Back-transformation processes in high-pressure minerals:
implications for planetary collisions and diamond transportation from
the deep Earth.

@ Hong Che et al: Refining the contribution of riverine particulate
release to the global marine Nd budget.

@ Koji Ohata et al: Upper and lower plane bed definitions revised.

@ Eiji Ohtani et al: Experimental simulations of shock textures in
BCC iron: implications for iron meteorites.


#8. What’s New

(1) Event Information

*Events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

International School of Crystallography
Crystallography under extreme conditions – the future is bright and
very compressed
Date: Jun 3 – 11, 2022

GeoSciEd IX 2022
Date: Aug 21 – 25, 2022

(2) Applications

[SACLA] Call for 2022B Proposals and Feasibility Study Programs
[Application deadline: MAY/25/2022]

(3) Career Opportunity

Tenured Position of Geological Survey of Japan
[Application deadline: MAY/17/2022]

Magmatic Activity Research Group,
Research Institute of Earthquake and Volcano Geology,
Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
[Application deadline: MAY/17/2022]

Volcanic Activity Research Group,
Research Institute of Earthquake and Volcano Geology,
Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
[Application deadline: MAY/17/2022]

Assistant Professor
[Application deadline: MAY/31/2022]

The University of Tokyo, Faculty Position in Solid Earth Science
[Application deadline: JUN/15/2022]


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Tokyo 113-0032, Japan

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