***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews January Issue
No.362 Jan. 13, 2022***
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| 1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. 2022 Meeting Information
| -> Meeting Outline
| -> Abstract Submission is Now being Accepted!
| -> Release of Poster Core Time of the Online Poster Session Phase
| -> Fee table [IMPORTANT]
| -> Meeting Registration
| -> Union, Public, Joint and Co-sponsored Session Information
| -> Provisional List of Invited Authors
| -> Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)
| -> Key Dates
| 3. Exhibition at JpGU 2022
| 4. 2022 Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize”
| (Nomination Deadline tomorrow: Jan 14th)
| 5. From Committees
| -> Information System Committee
| -> Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee (NPO)
| -> Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> Review Articles collection
| -> Featured Articles
| -> Latest Articles
| 7. What’s new
| -> Event Information
| -> Applications
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. 2021 Meeting Information

(1) Meeting Outline

[JpGU Meeting 2022]
Date: May 22 (SUN) – June 3 (FRI), 2022
[Hybrid phase] 5/22 (SUN) – 5/27 (FRI)
[Online poster session phase] 5/29 (SUN) – 6/3 (FRI)
Meeting format: Hybrid (on-site + online)
On-site venue: Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

* The meeting period has been extended by one day. Please see the
new updates regarding the 2022 meeting at

* It is possible that we may have to cancel the on-site meeting.
In that case, there will be no on-site poster presentation, but all
oral sessions and online poster sessions will be held online
following the original schedule and program.

(2) Abstract Submission is Now being Accepted!

Abstract submission opens: Jan 12 (Wed) at 2PM JST
Early submission deadline: Feb 3 (Thu) at 11:59PM JST
Final abstract submission deadline: Feb 17 (Thu) at 5PM JST

* Early-bird submission rate applies to the submissions paid by the
early deadline on Feb 3 at 11:59PM JST. Please note that standard
rate applies automatically after this date.

* All the poster presentations are to be made available online. In
addition, if you wish to make a poster presentation at the local
venue, please indicate your intention to do so at the time of abstract
submission. The poster boards will be prepared based on the number
of requests received there. Only poster presentations that have
been accepted and have shown the intention to present at the local
venue at the time of abstract submission will be able to be presented
at the local venue. If you are not sure whether you can present
on-site at this point, please indicate that you wish to do so.

[To submit your abstract: click “abstract submission” tab after
logging in to the JpGU members site]

[Details on abstract submission are available below]

We look forward to receiving many abstracts!

(3) Release of Poster Core Time of the Online Poster Session Phase

The core time of the online poster session phase has been made

[Schedule of the online poster session phase]

In principle, the core time during the Online Poster session phase
(May 29 – June 3) will be held every day from 11:00am to 1:00pm.
Each session is scheduled on a different day of the week (shifted
by a day) based on the onsite poster core time allotted during the
hybrid phase. This is to reduce the burden on the participants and
to minimize the impact on the regular work schedule such as lectures.
*For some sessions, we have changed the day of the session based on
the requests of the conveners.
*In consideration of the global time difference, only the sessions
adopted as joint sessions may have been assigned to be held in the
AM slot (9:00am-11:00am JST) or PM slot (4:00pm-6:00pm JST) based
on the requests from conveners.

[2022 Sessions]

Schedule-at-a-glance of the Hybrid phase (May 22-27)

(4) Fee table [IMPORTANT]

Please check the fee table below before processing the payment.

[Abstract submission fee]
Early-bird submission: 6,600 JPY/ abstract *tax included
Standard submission: 8,800 JPY/ abstract *tax included

* Please note that abstract fee is not refundable once the payment is

[Registration Fee]
The registration fee will be the same for both onsite and online
registration. (There is no one-day ticket.)

Member discount rate: 22,000 JPY/ Standard rate: 33,000 JPY *Tax incl.

Member discount rate: 11,000 JPY/ Standard rate: 16,500 JPY *Tax incl.

[Important Notes]
– Members discount rates apply also for AGU, AOGS and EGU members.
– Early-bird rate applies to the abstract submission fees that are
paid by the early deadline. Please note that standard rate will
automatically be charged after this deadline.
– Senior (70 or above) rate applies exclusively to JpGU members.
Standard rate applies to AGU, EGU, AOGS members or Meeting
participation ID holders even in this age range.
– Undergraduate students can participate free of charge. (online
registration is required)
– Please be noted that abstract submission fee and registration fee
are not refundable.

(5) Meeting Registration

We are planning to open the registration for the 2022 meeting in late
March. Please note that the early registration deadline will be set
for presenters to upload their presentation materials such as
e-posters to the meeting portal site (Confit).

The details of the registration procedure will be announced on the
meeting website as soon as they are finalized.

(6) Union, Public, Joint and Co-sponsored Session Information

Session information is available at:

[Union Sessions]
U-01 [E] Contribution to SDGs by Earth and Planetary Science
U-02 [E] Projection and detection of global environmental change
U-03 [E] Progress towards Gender Equity in Geosciences
U-04 [E] What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? The role-
sharing between us and Funding Agencies
U-05 [E] Advanced understanding of Quaternary and Anthropocene
hydroclimate changes in East Asia
U-06 [J] Academic Publishing, Open Science and Open Data from Japan
U-07 [J] Study abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic
U-08 [J] Large-scale Projects in Earth and Planetary Science

[Public sessions]
O-01 [J] Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science
O-02 [J] Understanding of geology and interaction between the earth,
nature and culture through the Geoparks
O-03 [J] Natural disasters and people- the role of scientists in
disaster prevention
O-04 [J] How to become a scientist? What can they do?
O-05 [J] Issues in Natural Disaster Education from New Textbooks for
primary and lower secondary schools
O-06 [J] Public Relations of Geoscience
O-07 [J] Nobel Prize Lecture of Dr. Syukuro Manabe (Japanese version)
with developing climate modeling
O-08 [J] Poster presentations by senior high school students

[Joint Sessions with Partner Unions]
Joint sessions are available at:
Detailed information:

[Co-Sponsored sessions with Society Members]

(7) Provisional List of Invited Authors

Invited authors are listed on the following webpage.

Please note that this is a tentative list. Final list will be available
after the abstract submission deadline.

(8) Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)

We are preparing to implement the Outstanding Student Presentation
Award at JpGU 2022. We will announce the entry details (how and when
to enter, etc.) as soon as they are determined.
If you are a student who would like to make entry for the award, please
make sure to submit your presentation during the submission period,
as it is a prerequisite that you are the abstract submitter.

(9)Key Dates

Abstract submission opens -> Jan 12 (WED) at 2PM JST
Early abstract Submission deadline -> Feb 3 (THU) at 11:59PM JST
Final abstract Submission deadline -> Feb 17 (THU) at 5PM JST
Acceptance notification ——> Mar 22 (TUE)
Final program release——–> Mar 24 (THU)
Abstract PDF release ————> May 13 (FRI)

#3. Exhibition at JpGU 2022

The exhibition will be held as a hybrid of on-site and online.
The application period is scheduled to start in March.

#4. 2022 Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize”
(Nomination Deadline tomorrow: Jan 14th)

JpGU is now accepting nominations of candidates for the recipient
of Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize”.
JpGU has established the Miyake Prize to honor researchers who have
proven an exceptional level of research in the broad field of
Materials Sciences related to Geoscience using a new approach,
attaining international recognition.
The prize is named after Prof. Yasuo Miyake who provided a proposal
and a donation for support.

Nominees must be recommended to be considered for selection, and we
will recognize recommendations from the candidate him- or herself, as
well as those from others. They shall then be recommended from among
the nominations reviewed by the Evaluation Committee, acting as
an advisory body to the JpGU President. Successful nominees shall be
those from among the recommended nominations who are then approved
by the JpGU Board of Directors.

Nomination submission: See details below to prepare and submit
requested documents by the deadline.
Deadline for application: January 14th Friday, 2022 (JST)
Reference: Introduction of past recipients

#5. From Committees

(1) Information System Committee

Call for Sessions for Japan Open Science Summit 2022 (JOSS 2022)
Details are available in Japanese at

(2) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee (NPO)

[The 14th Japan Earth Science Olympiad preliminary selection result]

The 14th Japan Earth Science Olympiad preliminary selection was held
in an online format on Sunday, 19 December 2021.
221 top rated students out of the 1,582 contestants (1,919 applicants)
excluding high school seniors will proceed to the next round to be
held on 23 January 2022. About 60 of them will go through to the
finals in Tsukuba, Japan, 13 -15 March and four representatives
selected from the 10 gold medalists in the finals will participate in
the international competition (online) from 24 – 30 August.
(The schedule may be changed depending on the situation of the spread
of COVID-19.)

[GeoSciEd IX 2022]
GeoSciEd IX 2022 will be held at Kunibiki Messe, Matsue in Shimane
Prefecture during August 21 to 25, 2022 by International Geoscience
Education Organisation (IGEO), Japan Society of Earth Science
Education, and Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee.
Please see at for more information.

(3) Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool

Workshop for Students: How to Succeed in Job Hunting
Details are available in Japanese at

#6. #. Information from PEPS

(1) Review Articles collection

PEPS promotes Review Articles which may serve as useful contents of
summaries of the newest developments in the wide fields of Earth and
Planetary Science.
We have now made available the collection of the abstracts of the
published PEPS Review Articles.

We hope you will walk through this collection and find useful for your
research interest.

(2) Featured Articles

We will introduce the featured articles selected by the editor-in-chief
from the papers published in the past every month.

@ Chunyu Ding et al.: Geomorphometric characterisation of natural and
anthropogenic land covers.
( )

Anthropogenic and natural land cover morphological characteristics
were statistically detected from LiDAR-derived digital terrain model
(DTM) topographic quantities, showing the potential for quantifying
anthropogenic impacts.

@Ikuo Katayama: Strength models of the terrestrial planets and
implications for their lithospheric structure and evolution.

In this review paper, strength profiles of lithosphere were calculated
for each planet using a recently updated flow law and taking into
account the effect of water on lithospheric deformation.

@ Shota Amekawa et al.: Stalagmite evidence for East Asian winter
monsoon variability and 18O-depleted surface water in the Japan Sea
during the last glacial period.

Oxygen isotope ratios (δ18O) of a stalagmite formed during the last
glacial period (32.2-22.3 ka) are lower than those of a Holocene one
in Fukugaguchi Cave, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture. The lower
δ18O values were most likely resulted from 18O-depleted surface
water due to riverine input, which developed in the isolated Japan

(3) Latest Articles

The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

@Daisuke Matsuoka et al.: Classification of imbalanced cloud image
data using deep neural networks -Performance improvement
through a data science competition-.

@Ayumu Miyakawa et al.: Evolution of the geological structure and
mechanical properties due to the collision of multiple basement
topographic highs in a forearc accretionary wedge: insights from
numerical simulations.

@ Satoshi Kusumoto et al.: Time difference between the 1854 CE
Ansei-Tokai and Ansei-Nankai earthquakes estimated from distant
tsunami waveforms on the west coast of North America.

@ Jinping Hu et al.: Formation, preservation and extinction of high-
pressure minerals in meteorites: temperature effects in shock
metamorphism and shock classification.

#7. What’s New

(1) Events
*Events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

PERC International symposium on Dust & Parent bodies (IDP2022)
Date: Feb 21 – 23, 2022

Crystallography under extreme conditions – the future is bright and
very compressed
Date: Jun 3 – 11, 2022

GeoSciEd IX 2022
Date: Aug 21 – 25, 2022

(2) Applications

Application for Joint Use/Research program of IPM 2022 (First Term)
[Deadline: JAN/31/2022]

Application for Joint Use/Research Program of IPM 2021 (Second Term)
[Deadline: MAR/31/2022]

(3) Career Opportunity

Pan-Arctic Climate Change Projection Research Group, Institute of
Arctic Climate and Environment Research (IACE), Research Institute
for Global Change (RIGC) Recruitment of a Researcher (Ⅱ) (AKS21-016)
[Deadline: JAN/17/2022]

Physical and Chemical Oceanography Research Group, Global Ocean
Observation Research Center (GOORC), Research Institute for Global
Change (RIGC) Recruitment of a Researcher (Ⅱ) (AKS21-021)
[Deadline: JAN/21/2022]

Call for Research Associate
[Deadline: JAN/28/2022]

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