***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews October Issue
No.347 Oct 12, 2020***
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| 1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. JpGU 2021: Call for Session Proposals [Opens on Oct 13]
| 3. 2021 JpGU Fellowship Program
| 4. 4th Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary Science
| 5. From Committees
| -> Meeting Organizing Committee
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> Notification of Change of PEPS’s PDF style
| -> Information on completed SPEPS
| -> Latest Articles
| 7. What’s new
| (Available in Japanese)
#1. Preface by Eiichi Tajika, President of JpGU

(Available in Japanese)

#2. JpGU 2021: Call for Session Proposals [Opens on Oct 13]

We are pleased to announce that the calls for session proposals for the JpGU
Meeting 2021 will open tomorrow, October 13. The deadline is Wednesday,
November 4.
We look forward to receiving many proposals.

******Call for session*********
Period: Oct 13 – Nov 4, 2020
How to propose: Submit your proposal from the following site.
(Oct 13 at 4PM JST Open)

-Please also refer to convener guidelines before proposing a session.
(Oct 13 at 4PM JST Open)

– Contact us at if you have any inquiries regarding
session proposals.

– Please note that the proposal submission period is shorter than previous years.

[Important Dates (Subject to change)]

Meeting Website Opens: Oct 13 (TUE), 2020
Session Proposal: Oct 13 (TUE) – Nov 4 (WED), 2020
Session Schedule Release: Dec 21 (MON), 2020
Abstract Submission: Jan 13 (WED) – Feb 18 (THU), 2021
JpGU Meeting 2021: May 30 – June 3, 2021

Message from Program Committee
We would like to ask you to make two considerations for your session proposal. The first
one is to consider proposing an interdisciplinary session. The topics in the
Earth and Planetary Sciences are intricately connected in various
fields, and there must be still many new seeds of research in boundary
and interdisciplinary fields. The second is to continue the JpGU
theme of “For a Borderless World of Geoscience.” In order to provide
a forum for interactive discussion with all participants, we would
appreciate your continued support for the proposals in the English

#3. 2021 JpGU Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program confers fellowship honors upon individuals who
have made contributions to the field of geoscience research in Japan
by making significant discoveries breakthroughs or paradigm shift,
or contributing to the development of Japanese geoscience and the
dissemination of geoscientific knowledge.

Please see the details shown below and send the documents necessary
for the nomination by the deadline.

Nomination deadline: December 31st Thursday, 2020
Reference: JpGU Fellowship Recipients List

#4. 4th Nishida Prize for Promotion of Earth (???) and Planetary Science

Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) is now accepting recommendations for
candidates for the 4th Nishida Prize for Promotion of Earth and Planetary

JpGU has created the “Nishida Prize for Promotion of Earth and Planetary
Science” in 2014 to honor internationally recognized mid-career
researchers under the age of 45.

Application deadline:December 15th Tuesday, 2020
Reference: The Nishida Prize Recipients List

#5. From Committees

(1) Meeting Organizing Committee

[Q&A of Post meeting survey]
We have compiled some of the most commented feedback that we received
on the post meeting survey together with our comments in Q&A format.

Based on the experiences and lessons learned from the 2020 joint meeting, we make sincere notes of your comments and will continue working hard to
improve our future meetings.
Thank you.

#6. Information from PEPS

(1) Notification of Change of PEPS’s PDF style
The online PDF of PEPS’s articles has been changed to the numbered
section style. The website article forms are in unnumbered style as before.
Templates with section numbers will be uploaded on the homepage soon.

(2) Information on completed SPEPS
SPEPS article collection “Evolution and variability of Asian Monsoon
and its linkage with Cenozoic global cooling” has been published.
You can read the papers included in this collection below.

(3) Latest Articles
The following articles have been published.
You can download for free and read articles of your choice from the PEPS web site

@ Davide Bassi et al.: Boring bivalve traces in modern reefs and
deeper-water macroid and rhodolith beds.
@ Yuki Nakano et al.: Bubbles to Chondrites-I. Evaporation and
condensation experiments, and formation of chondrules.
@ Motoyoshi Yamanaka et al.: Visualization of the morphology and
mode of occurrence of Cenomanian rudists within a drillcore by X-ray
CT scanning and 3D modeling.
@ Yuko Takizawa et al.: A new insight into isotopic fractionation
associated with decarboxylation in organisms: implications for amino
acid isotope approaches in biogeoscience.
@Nien-Sheng Hsu et al.: Identification of hydrogeological evolution
using hydrogeology-seismology analysis of groundwater head fluctuation
related to the 1999 MW = 7.5 Chi-Chi earthquake.
@ Takahiko Inoue et al.: New findings on submerged patch reefs and
reefal carbonate rocks at water depths of 70–100 m on the insular
shelf off Miyako-jima, southern Ryukyus, Japan.
@ Ryosuke Fujita et al.: Millennial paleotsunami history at Minna
Island, southern Ryukyu Islands, Japan.
@ Akihiko Ito et al.: Biogeophysical and biogeochemical impacts of
land-use change simulated by MIROC-ES2L.
@ Ryuji Tada et al.: Preface for article collection “Evolution and
variability of Asian Monsoon and its linkage with Cenozoic global
@ Tokuta Yokohata et al.: Future projection of greenhouse gas
emissions due to permafrost degradation using a simple numerical
scheme with a global land surface model.
@ Takashi Nakagawa: A coupled core-mantle evolution: review and
future prospects.

#5. What’s New

(Available in Japanese)

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