***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews June Issue
No.340 June 10, 2020***
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| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. JpGU-AGU 2020: Virtual [Important Information]
| -> Session Schedule
| -> Late-Breaking Sessions: Special Abstract Call for iPoster Presentations
| -> Meeting Registration for JpGU-AGU 2020: Virtual
| -> 2020 Event Information
| -> Request from the Conveners of Union Session U-02
| -> Information on iPoster
| -> To Withdraw Your Presentation(s)
| -> Important Dates
| 3. Call or Exhibitors
| 4. Information from PEPS
| -> Awarded Papers 2020
| -> Latest Articles
| 5. What’s new
| -> Event Information
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU

(Available in Japanese)

#2. JpGU-AGU 2020: Virtual [Important Information]

(1) Session Schedule

We have published the session schedule-at-a-glance of JpGU-AGU
2020: Virtual.

* Some Union and Publish sessions will be held in real time sessions
or pre-recorded presentation broadcast format.
Information of each Union and Public session format is available from the
following link.

* Plans of each DFS will be published on the website at the end of June.

(2) Late-Breaking Sessions: Special Abstract Call for iPoster Presentations

During JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020: Virtual, we will host 4 Late-Breaking
Sessions as listed below, regarding “COVID-19 & GeoHealth” and discuss
these important issues from the geoscience viewpoint.
Also, we will make a special abstract call for iPoster presentations.
We ask all participants to contribute to these important societal and
scientific issues and participate in the late-breaking sessions.

・U-22 [E] Environmental drivers and impacts of the evolving COVID-19
・U-23 [E] New challenges to diversity, equality and inclusion under
・U-24 [J] COVID-19, the Earth’s environment and disaster
・U-25 [E] Special session for a Borderless World of Geoscience after
COVID-19 (Challenges for the future)

*U-25 only accepts abstracts from invited speakers.

Abstract submission period: May 30 (SAT) – June 14 (SUN), 5:00pm JST
Details on Late-Breaking Sessions are available at

(3) Meeting Registration for JpGU-AGU 2020: Virtual

The meeting registration for the 2020 virtual meeting is now open.

* * * * * * * *
Period: June 2 (TUE) – July 16 (THU)
* * * * * * * *

– All meeting registrations for the on-site 2020 meeting have been
canceled and the refund for the registration fee has proceeded.
Attendees of the 2020 virtual meeting is kindly requested to
(re-)register and pay the fee.

– The accepted abstracts notified in March are automatically moved to
the 2020 virtual meeting platform. No actions such as re-submitting the
abstracts are necessary.

– Information on the registration fee is available at

– Payment difficulties
If you experience any difficulties regarding payment, please contact
us before each deadline using the designated form shown on the webpage

-Public attendees who will attend public sessions on open-to-public day,
can attend free of charge.

-Undergraduate students and younger can attend the full meeting free
of charge. (Registration is required. Please also send us the scanned
data of the student ID)

(4) 2020 Event Information

Events planned for the face-to-face meeting were cancelled.

Detailed information for events during the JpGU-AGU2020: Virtual will
be up on our website later.
Following 5 events are planed.

1. Opening and Closing remarks by JpGU and AGU presidents: July 12,
Sunday and 16, Thursday
2. Special lectures by Nishida Prize Winners: PM1 (from 2:15pm to 3:45pm)
3. AGU plenary lectures
4. NASA/JAXA lectures for Junior and High school students, Trek
seminar and Town Hall meeting
5. Photo Contest

*The schedule is subject to change without notice.

(5) Request from the Conveners of Union Session U-02, JpGU-AGU
Joint Meeting 2020.

In the session U-02: Assessment and Accountability of Scientific
Knowledge Creation, discussions will be held toward “creating a
culture in which researchers themselves evaluate research activities
and are accountable to society.” Also the presidents of JpGU and AGU
will participate in this discussion.

Please tell us about your research activities and ways of thinking
that are necessary for the discussion.

Deadline: June 23

U02 questionnaire in English:

Thank you for your contribution, and we look forward to seeing you
at our session soon!

U-02 Conveners : Michiyo Shimamura, Yasuhiro Yamanaka and
Kiyoshi Suyehiro

(6) Information on iPoster

[iPoster creation]
All accepted abstract authors will shortly receive Letters of
Invitation (LoI) from aMuze! Interactive Inc., which describes how
to start creating your iPoster for our meeting.
Please note that the log-in credentials are different from those of
your JpGU members account.

[Deadline of creation]
In all regular scientific sessions, each of the presentations will be
recognized as official presentation only if it is published. That is,
by clicking on the “PUBLISH” button to make the iPoster available
for all the visitors to browse and interact.

Your iPoster(s) can continue to be modified and edited even after
be published. Please make sure you complete your registration
by 1 (Wed) July and click on the “PUBLISH” button. We regret to
inform you that we are unable to reimburse your registration fee
once you have published your iPoster.

(7) To Withdraw Your Presentation(s)

If you would like to cancel your presentations, please notify us
using the following form by June 17.

Even if you are considering to withdraw your presentations, you can
still try to create iPosters, so please give it a try and then decide
if you are going to withdraw or not. If your presentations are
withdrawn, a notice of withdrawal will be posted on the old program
and the abstracts will not be opened to the public.

(8) Important Dates

Late-Breaking Sessions Abstract Deadline -> Jun 14 (SUN) at 5:00pm JST
DFS Contents –> End of June
Abstract PDF Release –> July 3 (FRI)
iPoster Gallery Opens –> July 7 (THU)
JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020: Virtual –> July 12 (SUN)- 16 (THU)

#3. Call or Exhibitors

We are pleased to announce that the application website for online
exhibition has now been opened in the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020:

[Online Exhibition]

[Exhibition Online System]
You can register your exhibition via Online System.

[Deadline for Application]
We accept your registration until July 10th (Fri)JST. However, we
strongly recommend that you join us by 30th of June JST, since the
deadline for promoting activities are June 30th.

We are sincerely looking forward to your entry as a part of the
memorable first virtual meeting!

#4. Information from PEPS

(1) Awarded Papers 2020
We are pleased to announce that the papers published on PEPS have
qualified for the PEPS Award 2020.

★PEPS Most downloaded Paper Award 2020
@ Bjorn Stevens et al.: DYAMOND: the DYnamics of the Atmospheric
general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains.
(Published: 30 September 2019)

@ Daisuke Matsuoka et al.: Deep learning approach for detecting
tropical cyclones and their precursors in the simulation by a cloud-
resolving global nonhydrostatic atmospheric model.
(Published: 19 December 2018)

@ Hodaka Kawahata et al.: Perspective on the response of marine
calcifiers to global warming and ocean acidification – Behavior of
corals and foraminifera in a high CO2 world “hot house”.
(Published: 17 January 2019)

★The PEPS Most Cited Paper Award 2020
@ Christian Betzler et al.: Refinement of Miocene sea level and
monsoon events from the sedimentary archive of the Maldives (Indian
(Published: 22 January 2018)

@ John Wakabayashi: Structural context and variation of ocean plate
stratigraphy, Franciscan Complex, California: insight into melange
origins and subduction-accretion processes. (Published: 7 July 2017)

@ Hitoshi Saito et al.: Landslides triggered by an earthquake and
heavy rainfalls at Aso volcano, Japan, detected by UAS and SfM-MVS
(Published: 1 March 2018) (SPEPS-4)

@ Ryuji Tada et al.: High-resolution and high-precision correlation
of dark and light layers in the Quaternary hemipelagic sediments of
the Japan Sea recovered during IODP Expedition 346.
(Published: 26 March 2018) (SPEPS-6)

(2) Latest Articles

The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

@ Ryuji Asami et al.: Evaluation of geochemical records as a
paleoenvironmental proxy in the hypercalcified demosponge Astrosclera willeyana.

@ Jingrui Li et al.: Provenance of terrigenous sediments in the
central Bay of Bengal and its relationship to climate changes since
25 ka. (SPEPS-13)

@ Timothy Jones et al.: Subducted oceanic crust as the origin of
seismically slow lower-mantle structures.

@ Chihoko Cullens et al.: Sensitivity study for ICON tidal analysis.

@ Takuya Itaki et al.: Automated collection of single species of
microfossils using a deep learning-micromanipulator system.

@ Iskhaq Iskandar et al.: What did determine the warming trend in the
Indonesian sea?

@ Natsuki Kinugasa et al.: Estimation of temporal and spatial
variation of sound speed in ocean from GNSS-A measurements for
observation using moored buoy.

@ Pai-Sen Yu et al.: Alkenone surface hydrographic changes of the
subarctic Northwestern Pacific since the last glacial: proxy
limitations and implications of non-thermal environmental influences.

#5. What’s New

(1) Event Information
*Events may be cancelled or postponed.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

2nd Edition of World Congress on Geology & Earth Science
Date: Nov 12 (THU) – 14 (SUN), 2020
Venue: IP CITY HOTEL Osaka, Osaka

(2) Career Opportunity

U-Tokyo seeks a position at the level of assistant professor in
material science in the geobiosphere

Announcement for Postdoctoral Researcher position(Suzuki research
group, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)

JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow 2021

Marine Plastics Research Group (M-Plastics), Marine Biodiversity and
Environmental Assessment Research Center (BioEnv), Research Institute
for Global Change (RIGC) Recruitment of Researcher (II) AKS20-005

Coastal Environment Research Group, Mutsu Institute for Oceanography
(MIO), Research Institute for Global Change (RIGC) Recruitment of
Researcher (II) AKS20-009

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