***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews February Issue
No.334 Feb 10, 2020***
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| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. The JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 Information
| -> Only a Week Left for the Final Abstract Deadline [Feb 18, 17:00]
| -> Meeting Registration Now Available
| -> 2020 Event Information
| -> Now Accepting
| -> Letters and Support Documents for VISA Application
| -> Party Information
| -> Child Care Service
| -> Housing Information
| -> Important Dates
| -> Travel Support for Students [Deadline: Feb 20, 2020]
| -> Call for Exhibitors
| 3. Request for the 2020 Annual Due Payment [Important]
| 4. Information from PEPS
| -> Review articles of PEPS
| -> Latest Articles
| 5. What’s new
| -> Event Information
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. The JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 Information

(1) Only a Week Left for the Final Abstract Deadline [Feb 18, 17:00]

JpGU calls on you to share your research results, projects and advancement
in geoscience field at the second jointly held meeting with AGU, the
JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020. You are invited to submit your abstract
to join us in May 2020 in Chiba, Japan.

The abstract submission closes in about a week on 18 February at 5:00pm JST.

The abstract submissions tend to concentrate on the last few days. It
will eventually cause a connection problem and you may not be able to
meet the deadline.
Please finish your abstract submission well ahead of time for late
submissions are not accepted in any reason.

Final deadline: Feb 18 at 5:00pm JST
(Payment must be finished by the deadline as well)
Submission Fee: 4,400 JPY (tax included)/ submission

[Important Notes]
* All attendees including invited authors should submit their abstracts
and complete the payment of the abstract fee by the deadline on Feb 18.

* Abstracts not paid during the submission period are automatically

* If you experience any difficulties in accessing the submission site,
please try from the link below.

*Potential invited authors are listed at .


[Abstract Submission Details]

[JpGU Members Site]

[Meeting Website]

We are waiting for many submissions.

(2) Meeting Registration Now Available

Registration is required to attend/ present at JpGU-AGU 2020.
JpGU offers an early discount rate if you complete the meeting registration
and payment until May 8.

Early Meeting Registration Deadline: May 8, at 11:59pm JST

[Important Notes]
* All attendees are required to make the online registration in order
to attend the JpGU-AGU 2020.

* For security reasons, we are unable to give personal information
such as JpGU ID and password at the registration counter.
Please make the online registration before coming to the convention
site and do not forget to bring your bar code information in print or
on your phone.

*JpGU Members site and registration e-ticket system have changed to a
more user-friendly system.
-Email address can be used when log into the system
-Bar code information, same as on the registration e-ticket, is
automatically sent to the registered email address when the meeting
registration is completed.

*Meeting registration is different from abstract submission.
Abstract submission fee does not register you for the meeting.

[Fee Table]

[Discount Information]
-Discounted rates are only applicable for JpGU Members and our partner
Union Members (AGU/ EGU and AOGS). Please note that Nonmember ID
holder (IDs starting with 20-) are charged standard rates with no

(3) 2020 Event Information

See the link below for 2020 meeting events.

May 23 (SAT) —————————–
*Special workshop for students

May 24 (SUN) —————————–
*Public Participation Day
*Keynote Speech
*NASA-JAXA Hyperwall for Junior High School and High School Students
*Icebreaker Reception

May 25 (MON) —————————–
*Lunchtime Special Lecture
*NASA-JAXA Hyperwall for High School Teachers and Science Communicators

May 26 (TUE) —————————–
*Lunchtime Special Lecture
*International Mixer Luncheon
*Weathernews Inspection Tour
*Award Ceremony
*JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting Party

May 27 (WED) —————————–
*Lunchtime Special Lecture
*NASA-JAXA Hyperwall for Junior High School and High School Students
*Weathernews Inspection Tour
*Award Ceremony
*JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting Party
*Meeting of Presidents of Society Members
*General Meeting of Delegate

May 28 (THU) —————————–
*Lunchtime Special Lecture
*Weathernews Inspection Tour

May 29 (FRI) *After convention —————————–
Field Trip

*The schedule is subject to change without notice.

(4) Now Accepting
*Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry deadline approaching!
Deadline: Feb 18 (TUE) at 5:00 pm JST

*Student Travel Support Application deadline approaching!
Deadline: Feb 20 (THU)

*Call for Submissions to O-02 Poster Presentation by Senior High School
Students Session
Deadline: March 31 (TUE)
(Available in Japanese)

(5) Letters and Support Documents for VISA Application

JpGU issues letters and supporting documents for Visa application
mainly for international attendees to travel to Japan. Separate request
through the designated form is required.

[Type of Documents that we issue]
*Invitation Letter
*Acceptance Letter
*Supporting Documents for VISA Application (Charged Service)

Details are planned to be posted on our website.

(6) Party Information

The party will be held on Wednesday, May 27 starting at 7:30pm at Tokyo
Bay Makuhari Hall.

Registration are available through the link below.

(7) Child Care Service
JpGU will provide a child care service during the meeting.
Details will be posted on our website and be sent out on the monthly
Email news.

(8) Housing Information

Again, this year, we are partnered up with Nippon Travel Agency to help
your travel plan during in Japan. The local accommodations for JpGU
Meeting attendees is now open.
See the details and book now!


Please note that fees provided by the agency may not be the cheapest.
You may find a cheaper offer on the online booking service website.

(9) Important Dates

Early Abstract Submission Deadline –> Feb 4 (TUE) at 11:59pm JST
Final Abstract Submission Deadline –> Feb 18 (TUE) at 5:00pm JST
Acceptance Notification ——> Mar 12 (THU)
Final Program —–> Mar 13 (FRI)
Early Registration Deadline —–> May 8 (FRI) at 11:59pm JST
Abstract PDF Release —–> May 15 (FRI)
JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 —–> May 24 (SUN) – 28 (THU)

(10) Travel Support for Students [Deadline: Feb 20, 2020]

The travel support for students to attend the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting
2020 will be available through JpGU and AGU. Please apply via if you live in Japan.
Details including eligibility , schedule and other information are shown
on this page.

If you live outside of Japan, please apply through AGU.
JpGU-AGU Student Travel Grant
( )
JpGU-AGU Berkner Travel Fellowship
( )

JpGU and AGU are jointly coordinating the travel support for the Joint
Meeting 2020.

(11) Call for Exhibitors

We are calling for exhibitors for JpGU-AGU 2020.

We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken, and
right now, half of them have already been taken.

-Reserve a Booth Now

-Exhibitors Page

-Current Booking Status

#3. Request for the 2020 Annual Due Payment [Important]

The payment of the 2020 annual due is now available. The 2020 JpGU
membership year (fiscal year) is from April 1, 2020 to March 31,
2021. The membership will automatically extend to another membership
year unless you cancel the account.

[Important Notes]
-The annual due should be paid in order to submit an abstract and
register for the meeting.
-Nonmember ID holders are not charged the annual dues, however no
discount is applicable for the meeting related discounts.
-JpGU members who do not wish to continue the membership for 2020
may cancel their account by March 31. If cancelled after this date,
the annual due for the next fiscal year will be charged.

[To Log in and Pay]
*Membership Subscription

#4. Information from PEPS

(1) Review articles of PEPS

PEPS puts effort into publishing review papers that systematically
cover the current state and issues of specialized fields to help
students and young researchers. The following articles are review
papers that were accessed most in 2019.

@ Bjorn Stevens et al.: DYAMOND: the DYnamics of the Atmospheric
general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains.
@ Hodaka Kawahata et al.: Perspective on the response of marine
calcifiers to global warming and ocean acidification – Behavior of
corals and foraminifera in a high CO2 world “hot house”.
@ Nozomu Nishikawa et al.: Review of the accomplishments of mid-latitude
Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) HF radars.

Many other review papers have been published in PEPS.

(2) Latest Articles

The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

@ Takashi Arakawa et al.: Coupling library Jcup3: its philosophy and
@ Ke Wang et al.: Provenance changes in fine detrital quartz in the
inner shelf sediments of the East China Sea associated with shifts
in the East Asian summer monsoon front during the last 6 kyrs.
@ Tetsuya Takemi et al.: Benefits of high-resolution downscaling
experiments for assessing strong wind hazard at local scales in
complex terrain: a case study of Typhoon Songda (2004).
@ Takahiro Miwa et al.: Sedimentation process of ashfall during a
Vulcanian eruption as revealed by high-temporal-resolution grain size
analysis and high-speed camera imaging.

#5. What’s New

(1) Event Information

PERC International Symposium on Dust & Parent Bodies 2020 (IDP2020)
Date: Feb 25-27, 2020
Venue: Tokyo Skytree Town Campus of Chiba Institute of Technology, Tokyo
Details: The objective of this symposium is to share state-of-the-art
research on dust delivered to Earth and its parent bodies in a
multidisciplinary approach of planetary science and astronomy in
light of the DESTINY+ mission.

(2) Career Opportunity

Faculty Positions in Geoscience and Environmental Engineering School
of Southwest Jiatong University, Chengdu, China

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2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
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