***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews Extra Issue
No.333 January 14, 2020***
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| 1. Announcement: Change of JpGU Secretary General
| 2. Greetings and address from the Secretary General
#1. Announcement: Change of JpGU Secretary General starting 2020
April 1.

Present Secretary General, HAMANO Yozo will leave the position after
5 years of service (2015 March 1 ~ 2020 March 31).
Incoming Secretary General appointed by the Board is SUYEHIRO Kiyoshi
(2020 April 1 ~ 2022 March 31).

#2. Greetings and address from the Secretary General

Japan Geoscience Union General Secretary Yozo Hamano

Happy New Year!

At the beginning of the year celebrating the 30th anniversary of
JpGU, the JpGU Office will make a new determination to help promote
a wide range of public interest projects centering on scientific
meetings. We ask all of you in the Earth and planetary science community
for your further support and cooperation for JpGU. At the time of the
announcement of the change of the General Secretary, I would like to
look back on the purpose of the establishment of the JpGU Office and
its background.

The Geoscience Joint Annual Meeting Administration Organization was
established in April 2000, to sustain annual scientific meetings
(Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meetings) evolving from the
yearly organization by different Local Organizing Committees by
universities in Japan. This Administration Organization proclaimed that
“a permanent office with a full-time secretary general must be in
place in order to continue holding meetings, which had been run by
university researchers until now,” and created the JpGU Office. And
Mihoko Tanigami was asked to serve as the first General Secretary.
The Office started with her alone, but in cooperation with the members
of the Administration Organization, she led to hold the joint meeting
every year without interruption through 2015. During her tenure, in
May 2005, supported by many academic societies related to Earth and
planetary science, the Japan Geoscience Union was formed as a
voluntary organization, became a general incorporated association in
December 2008, and a public interest association in December 2011.
Also, Ms. Tanigami has grown the office that requires six full-time
staff members, and has been responsible for the management of the
Meetings, organization, and various public utilities performed by JpGU.
The number of participants of the JpGU meetings was around 2,000 in
2000, but it has increased to over 5,000 in 2010, ten years later.
Ms. Tanigami served at the office for 15 years until retirement; it
is no exaggeration to say that JpGU would not have existed without
the competent secretariat led by Ms. Tanigami persistent to today.

Following the retirement of General Secretary Tanigami in 2015, I
(Hamano), who had been supporting the JpGU in association with
Ms. Tanigami as the representative of the Administration Organization
since early 2000, succeeded her position at the same time as the Chair
of the Meeting Organizing Committee. After serving five years, I will
retire in March this year. The past five years coincide with JpGU’s
transition to internationalization. It is anticipated that there will
be around 8,000 participants including domestic and international
participants at this year’s 2020 Meeting. The growth and change in
the past five years, such as the expansion of the JpGU meetings,
coordinations with international partners, publishing journals, as
well as responding to global environmental issues and natural hazards
of societal relevance particularly pertinent to Earth and planetary
sciences means a serious increase in the service we provide challenging
the limit of the current office capabilities. JpGU is originally
operated based on the principle of beneficiaries’ burden for holding
the Meetings, with abstract fees and registration fees paid by the
Meeting participants as the main sources of revenues. Given the above
circumstances, we would like to ask for your understanding,
cooperation, and support for our current plan of allocating the
increase in income due to the increase in the number of participants
in the Meetings, to strengthen the JpGU office (increase the number
of staff and improve working conditions).

Kiyoshi Suyehiro was proposed by President Kawahata and approved at
the Board of Directors meeting in November last year as the next
general secretary from April this year. He had been a coordinator
among the academic societies as a secretary of the Japanese
Association of Earth and Planetary Science Societies (JAEPSS)
established in 1990, predecessor of JpGU. He had served as a point of
contact for negotiations in organizing the 1992 Western Pacific
Geophysics Meeting (Hong Kong). He was also the secretary general of
the organizing committee of the IUGG Sapporo General Assembly in 2003
(consisting of 16 JpGU-affiliated societies), and had worked to
coordinate between the hosting societies. As the head of the JpGU
Preparatory Task Force for 2017 Joint Meeting with AGU, closely
coordinating with AGU, the 2017 Meeting could attract more than
1,100 participants from overseas. Joint Meetings are also scheduled
for 2020 and planned for 2024. Bringing together participants from
Japan and abroad to JpGU meetings, further growth of JpGU is
anticipated towards the next 30 years.

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