***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews June Issue
No.325 July 10, 2019***
<< Contents >>
| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. Call for Session Proposal for JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020
| 3. Announcement of 2019 OSPA Winners
| 4. JpGU Representative Election
| 5. Abstract submission of JpGU members to JpGU Co-sponsored sessions
| at AGU Fall Meeting 2019
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> PEPS Receives Second Impact Factor : 2.676
| -> Latest Articles
| 7. What’s new
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. Call for Session Proposal for JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

We will start accepting session proposals for JpGU-AGU Joint
Meeting 2020, the second joint meeting with AGU, on Monday, September
2nd and the deadline is Friday, October 11th, 2019.
More information will be posted on the Meeting website

Session Proposal Period: Sept 2nd (MON) – October 11th (FRI)
How to propose: from JpGU Session Proposal Online System
Contact (inquiries about session program):

++Important Dates (Subject to change)++
Meeting Website Opens: Sept 2nd (MON) 2019
Session Proposal Period: Sept 2nd (MON) – October 11th (FRI) 2019
Session Release: Dec 2nd (MON) 2019
Abstract Submission Period: Jan 7th (TUE) – Feb 18 (TUE) 2020

++JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 Info++
Date: May 24 (SUN) – 28 (THU), 2020
Place: Makuhari Messe (International Conference Hall,
International Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Bay Makiuhari Hall)

**2020 is the JpGU 30th Anniversary! **

#3. Announcement of 2019 OSPA Winners

It’s a great pleasure to announce that 61 students listed below
have been chosen as this year’s Outstanding Student Presentation
Award recipients.
We have received more than 600 entries and 5-10% presentations
of each section were awarded according to our regulation.
Congratulations to the recipients.

Details are available at

We would like to thank all those who contributed as OSPA judges.

* Space and Planetary Sciences Section (11 winners)
Mizuki Fukizawa, Kiichi Fukuya, Hideyuki Hayashi, Masanori Kanamaru,
Toshiki Kawai, Yuki Nakamura, Sota Nanjo, Keisuke Onodera,
Kosuke Takami, Misako Tatsuuma, Heqiucen XU

* Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section (15 winners)
Mirai Abe, Chenying Guo, SUSHMITA HOSSAIN, Ryusei Kuma,
Kana Maetani, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Daisuke Noto, Chia Rui Ong,
Naoki Sakurai, Hiroki Shozaki, Daisuke Takasuka, Naoya Takahashi,
Yusuke Ushijima, Matsuyama Yuya, Yuuki Wada

* Human Geosciences Section (7 winners)
Naoto Fukuyo, Akihiro Imamura, Takahiro Kurimoto, Jaeyong Lee,
Ayumu Mizutani, Takeru Osato, Yuchen Wang

* Solid Earth Sciences Section (24 winners)
Yuya Akamatsu, Naoki Araya, Jun Arimoto, Satoru Baba,
Philipp Eichheimer, Shota Hara, Akira Hasegawa, Yuto Hayashida,
Nana Kamiya, Ryota Kiuchi, Masaya Kimura, Haruna Kojima,
Atsuki Oba, Yuichi Okuma, So Ozawa, Ryosuke Sakurai,
Shinya Sato, Sando Sawa, Kazuki Sawayama, Erika Tanaka,
Ayako Tsuchiyama, Taku Ueda, Kazuki Yoshida, Youyue Zhang

* Biogeosciences Section (4 winners)
Baasansuren Gankhurel, Kenta Isoda, Kazuma Tsuji, Atsushi Urai

#4. JpGU Representative Election

Term of office of representatives who are elected in 2018 expire at
March 31st 2020, and the next representative election will be announced
on the beginning of August.

Only those who are a JpGU member on the day before the public
announcement of the representative election and make payment for annual
fee is eligible to be a candidate, to be a nominator and to vote.
To be a JpGU member, approval of board of directors is required after
the application through online system.

Meeting of directors will be held at 12th July, and the day before
Meeting of directors or 11th July 5:00 p.m.(JST) is the deadline for
membership application through online system.
Please apply for JpGU membership by the deadline.

Please check your payment status through online system, and if you
have not made payment for member fee for 2019 and before, please make
payment in advance.

#5. Abstract submission of JpGU members to JpGU Co-sponsored sessions
at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

JpGU member can submit abstracts to co-sponsored sessions with AGU
at AGU Fall Meeting 2019 without AGU membership.

Please see the co-sponsored sessions below.

Abstract submission deadline for AGU FM2019 is July 31st at 11:59pm.
It’s necessary for JpGU members without AGU ID to contact AGU Office
shown below.
Tel: +1 800.966.2481

Please consider submitting your abstract to JpGU co-sponsored sessions
at AGU FM 2019.

#6. Information from PEPS

(1) PEPS Receives Second Impact Factor : 2.676

We are pleased to announce that PEPS has now received its second
Impact Factor (IF) of 2.676 (up from last year’s 2.481) and that
SCOPUS/CiteScore has increased from its May 2018 value of 2.52 to 2.85.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting PEPS and contributing
to this success in our continuing mission to play a major role in
the future of global geosciences.

(2) Latest Articles

The following articles were published.
You can download and read interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

@Jens Biele et al.: Effects of dust layers on thermal emission from
airless bodies.
@Thuy Thi Nhu Ha et al.: Litho-, bio-, and chemostratigraphy of the
Middle Triassic carbonate succession in the North-Central Coast
Region of Vietnam.
@Wei Gong et al.: How parameter specification of an Earth system
model of intermediate complexity influences its climate simulations.
@Yasufumi Iryu et al.: The effects of meteoric diagenesis on the
geochemical composition and microstructure of Pliocene fossil
Terebratalia coreanica and Laqueus rubellus brachiopod shells from
northeastern Japan.
@Lucian Dragut et al.: Scaling land-surface variables for landslide
@Hiromi Itamiya et al.: Analysis of the surface microtextures and
morphologies of beach quartz grains in Japan and implications for
provenance research.
@Ákos Török et al.: Freeze-thaw durability of repair mortars and
porous limestone: compatibility issues.

#7. What’s new

(1) Career Opportunity

JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow 2020

Okayama University, Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position in

Japan Geoscience Union (
4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
Phone: +81-3-6914-2080
Fax: +81-3-6914-2088

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