***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews May Issue
No.323 May 10, 2019***
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| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. JpGU Meeting 2019 Information [Important]
| -> Request for Online Registration
| -> Check-in Information
| -> Information for Presenters
| -> Mobile App
| -> Announcements from Sessions
| -> Poster Print Service
| -> Child Care Service
| -> Call for Contestants – Photo Contest 2019 –
| -> Seminars & Workshops
| -> Rental Rooms for Business Meeting
| -> Student Part-time Job Info
| -> Student Career Counselling
| -> Important Dates
| 3. 2019 Meeting Event Information
| -> Lunchtime Special Lecture
| -> JpGU Party 2019
| -> International Mixer Luncheon
| -> “Oshaberi” bar (Pop-Up talks)
| -> GEOFUT 19
| 4. JpGU 2019 Exhibitors
| 5. Call for 2019 Volunteer OSPA Judges
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> Awarded Papers 2019
| -> Exhibition at JpGU Meeting 2019
| -> Latest Articles
| 7. What’s new
| -> Event Information
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. JpGU Meeting 2019 Information [Important]

(1) Request for Online Registration

All attendees are required the online registration to attend the
meeting. Please make sure to complete it before attending.

Members Site:
To register, log in to the members site, open the “JpGU Meeting” tab
on the left and proceed from “Meeting Registration” button.

*Please note that abstract submission fee does not register
you to the meeting.

Meeting registration must be made from the designated online system.
There will be no on-site registration desk.
Please make sure to complete the registration before attending and
bring your individual identification barcode issued after the
registration to enter the venue.

A working space to make a registration using individuals’ computer is
provided on-site. If the attendee need any assistance in registering,
there will be staff to provide support (charged service, 5,000JPY/support).
The ID is required for this service.
A long waiting line may be expected to this service.

“Change of Service at Registration Counter Due to the Revision of the
Installment Sales Act”

-Public attendees who will attend public sessions on open-to-public day,
can attend free of charge.
-Undergraduate students and younger can attend the full meeting free
of charge. (online registration is required. Please also present your
student ID at the gate)
-Senior rate has changed.

(2) Check-in Information

Check-in Location: 1F, Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall
Open Hours: 8:00am-6:30pm
*Doors open at 8:00am.

*Registration e-ticket with individual barcode is necessary to enter
the site on your first day of attendance. E-tickets can be generated
from the system after completing the meeting registration. Name badge
is automatically printed by scanning a barcode on the Registration

*Only registration do not enable you to enter the site. Please make
sure to bring the e-ticket and get a name badge.

*E-tickets displayed on electric devices are also available.

*Presenters and attendees of Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall, International
Exhibition Hall are also required to issue the meeting pass at the
check-in counter before going to each site. Security staff will be at
the door to check the badges.

*Graduate students who have not completed the student discount
procedure by May 8 are charged the regular rate at the gate.
Students who have already paid the registration fee but did not get
the status confirmed by their supervisors in time will be charged the

*Name badges can be issued in the evening of the prior day of your
[Check-in Hours]
May 25 (SAT) 5:00pm-7:00pm
May 26 (SUN) – 29 (WED) 5:00pm-6:30pm

*Meeting participation ID holders (Nonmembers with ID starting with 19-)
receive no discount for the registration fee.

*Undergraduate students are required to present the student ID written
in either English or Japanese and check-in through a student lane.
Undergraduate students who don’t bring the student ID will be charged
a registration fee.

(3) Information for Presenters

[Oral Presentation]
-Presenters must use their own laptop computers for the presentation.
(Computers are not equipped in presentation rooms.)

* Please contact the headquarters (203) if you have difficulties in
bringing a computer.
-Projector is equipped in each presentation rooms.
The proper connectors to the projector are miniD-sub15pins or HDMI.
For the use of HDMI, please contact the assistance staff in your
presentation room.
The set-up size of the screen is 16:9(can be arranged to 4:3).
The connection cables are not prepared. Please bring your own if

[Poster Presentation]
-Poster board is in landscape orientation. [Board Size: W:180cm×H90cm]
There are no regulations for the size and number of sheets of the poster
unless they fit the board size.
*Please note that PCs, tablets or any electric devices that needs a
power supply to operate are not allowed in the Exhibition Hall.
Please use outlets only prepared in the charge spots.

-Each session may have 2 poster core times, Daytime Core Time and
Evening Core Time.
Daytime core time is scheduled between AM2-PM2.
*Some sessions may not have a Daytime core time at the convener’s
-Posting time is 9:00am-6:30pm. Please remove your poster at the end
of the day. Posters not removed by the due time are discarded by the

-Please post your available time sign if you are unable to stay during
the core time.

(4) Mobile App

Mobile App will be available after the release of abstracts on May 17.
Please wait for a while.

Meeting program:
My Schedule function is available by logging-in with your JpGU ID
and password.

(5) Announcements from Sessions

Please check the following URL for latest updates on presentations.
*We are experiencing a system error and delay in opening the system.
We will inform the opening via email as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

(6) Poster Print Service

JpGU has partnered with Kinko’s to provide a poster print service.
The application should be submitted from Kinko’s online system.

Order Site:

(7) Child Care Service

JpGU will provide child care services during the meeting.
Please see the following URL for further details.

Registration is required for this service.

(8) Call for Contestants – Photo Contest 2019 –

Have you seen our meeting poster or the top image on our meeting?
website? These are the award-winning photos from 2018 photo contest.
Again this year, we are going to hold a Photo Contest during the
meeting. The awarded photo will be the poster of the commemorative
2nd JpGU and AGU joint meeting.
Photo can be anything related to geoscience.
Get your photo ready to be a contestant and win!!
Application is now accepted.

[Deadline: May 21, 5:00pm JST]

Please see the following webpage for details.

(9) Seminars & Workshops

During the meeting, beneficial seminars will be hosted by our
exhibitors and supporting members.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

“Tips for Publication Success”
Supported by : American Journal Experts
Date and time : May 27, AM
Location: Room 102

“SPring-8 is Sure to Serve Your Needs”
Supported by: SPring-8/SACLA Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
Date and time: May 28, lunchtime
Location: Room 301A

“Wiley Author Workshop: Advice for early carrier researchers submitting”
papers to international journals for the first time
Supported by: Wiley Japan
Date and time: May 28, lunchtime
Location: Room 105

“Lecture of IDL for analyzing Earth science data”
Supported by: Harris Spatial Solutions and IUGONET
Date and time: May 29, PM
Location: 202

(10) Rental Rooms for Business Meeting

JpGU offers rooms for business meetings during the meeting.
We will provide these room on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Details are available at

(11) Student Part-time Job Info

We are now accepting the application for student part-time and many
of the seats has already taken.

If you would like to enjoy the meeting and also earn some money,
why don’t you work with us?

We have variety of jobs.
Although many of the jobs require Japanese speaking ability,
we have some jobs that may not necessarily require a fluent Japanese.
Please contact if you have any inquiries or concerns.

Details and application are available at

We look forward to working with you.

(12) Student Career Counselling

Scientist experts will be at the student lounge to provide useful
information, guidance and any other advice regarding career.
If you have any question and concerns for your career path, you are
always welcome to stop by and have a chat with the elders.

(13) Important Dates

Abstract PDF Release —————–> May 17 (FRI)
JpGU Meeting 2019——————-> May 26 (SUN)- 30 (THU)

#3. 2019 Meeting Event Information

JpGU is pleased to introduce meeting events that provide opportunities
for our attendees to have fun, relax and meet new people.
Details are available and more info is coming up at

(1) Lunchtime Special Lecture
Don’t miss the lectures delivered from the world class researchers.
Bring your lunch and enjoy the lectures.

Date and Time: May 26 – 30, 1:00pm-1:40pm
Location: 103, 1F International Conference Hall
May 26: Toshio Suga (Tohoku Univ.)/
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section
May 27: Kensei Kobayashi (Yokohama National Univ.)/
Biogeosciences Section
May 28: Peter B. Kelemen (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia Univ.)/
Solid Earth Sciences Section
May 29: Yasuhito Sekine (ELSI)/
Space and Planetary Sciences Section
May 30: Shoichiro Uchiyama (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience)/
Human Geosciences Section

(2) JpGU Party 2019

We welcome any registered attendees to join us to the JpGU Party 2019!

Date and Time: May 28 from 19:00
Location: Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall A05~A07
Online Advance Rate (Deadline: May 24 at 5:00pm JST):
-Regular: 5,000 JPY/ tax included
-Student: 2,000 JPY/ tax included
-Registration: from Members Page
( )
On-site Rate (Only cash accepted)
-Regular: 6,000 JPY/ tax included
-Student: 3,000 JPY/ tax included
We are waiting for your participation.

(3) International Mixer Luncheon

To enhance the exchange of early career scientists from all over the
world, International Mixer Luncheon will be held during our meeting.

Date and Time: May 27, 12:30pm-13:30pm
Place: A06, Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall
Fee: Free of charge *Free Lunch provided
Total Number: 100 students and early career scientist
Deadline: May 14, but the application will be closed as soon as the
number of applicants reaches the capacity.
Registration: Required. Please apply from the following webpage

(4) “Oshaberi” bar (Pop-Up talks)

Pop-up talks is an exciting free talk presentation by students and
early career scientists under 35 years old.
Each talk will last 5 minutes and the presentation topic can be anything
related to science (e.g. Research, lifestyle, career etc.)

Date and Time: May 28 (TUE), 5:30pm-
Place: Mini Stage, International Exhibition Hall

(5) GEOFUT 19

Still some more seats for individual participants.

With more than 100 participants, GEOFUT is the second biggest event
held at JpGU.
We closed the team application but there are still some seats left for
individual players.

Sing-up >
Details >

Date and Time: May 29 (WED) 7:00pm-10:00pm
(10min walk from Kaihim Makuhari Station )

#4. JpGU 2019 Exhibitors

JpGU introduces Exhibitors for JpGU 209 Meeting on our website.
Please visit our booths and explore the latest information!

You can enjoy various “Exhibitors’ Short Seminar” on the Mini Stage
at the venue, which include introduction of projects, hands-on
training of the tools, information for students. Please get in touch
with the hot and useful information!

Stamp Rally is a popular and simple game, which is held every year.
You collect stamps at each exhibition booth to fill your stamp card
and by finishing it, you get a prize which are provided by the booths.
Let’s enjoy the Stamp Rally!

#5. Call for 2019 Volunteer OSPA Judges

Your contribution matters!
Each year we have a high number of entries for Outstanding Student
Presentation Award (OSPA). This year with no exception, we received
615 entries to the award.

Our goal is to have at least 3 judges per entry, and this makes the
cooperation from the volunteer judges an integral role.
If you are interested in volunteering and support us, please do so by
logging in to the Judge’s Portal below.

[Judge’s Portal]

#6. Information from PEPS

(1) Awarded Papers 2019
We are pleased to announce that the papers published on PEPS have
qualified for the PEPS Award 2019.

**PEPS Most downloaded Paper Award 2019**
@ Teruyuki Nakajima et al.: Model depiction of the atmospheric flows
of radioactive cesium emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power
Station accident.
(Published: 23 January 2017)

@ Junko Iwahashi et al.: Global terrain classification using 280 m
DEMs: segmentation, clustering, and reclassification.
(Published: 5 January 2018)

@ Akira Hasegawa: Seismic imaging of slab metamorphism and genesis of
intermediate-depth intraslab earthquakes.
(Published: 10 April 2017)

**The PEPS Most Cited Award 2019**
@ Serge Lallemand: Philippine Sea Plate inception, evolution, and
consumption with special emphasis on the early stages of Izu-Bonin-
Mariana subduction.
(Published: 12 May 2016)

@ Pavel Groisman et al.: Northern Eurasia Future Initiative (NEFI):
facing the challenges and pathways of global change in the twenty-first
century. (Published: 27 December 2017)

@ Teruyuki Nakajima et al.: Model depiction of the atmospheric flows
of radioactive cesium emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power
Station accident.
(Published: 23 January 2017)

(2) Exhibition at JpGU Meeting 2019
We are going to have a PEPS booth at the JpGU Meeting 2019 in Makuhari.
We look forward to your visiting our booth at the JpGU and Friends
area in the International Exhibition Hall 8.

(3) Latest Articles
The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

< Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences >
@. Pavel Klimov et al.: Universat-SOCRAT multi-satellite project to
study TLEs and TGFs.
@.Ja-Ho Koo et al.: Southern Hemisphere mid- and high-latitudinal AOD,
CO, NO2, and HCHO: spatiotemporal patterns revealed by satellite

< Solid earth sciences>
@.Yamaguchi Asuka et al.: Postseismic fluid discharge chemically
recorded in altered pseudotachylyte discovered from an ancient
megasplay fault: an example from the Nobeoka Thrust in the Shimanto
accretionary complex, SW Japan

< Human geosciences >
@.Shimada Yumi et al.: Geological record of prehistoric tsunamis in
Mugi town, facing the Nankai Trough, western Japan.

#7. What’s New

(1) Event Information

National Museum of Nature and Science Special Exhibition
“The Mammals vol.2”
Date: March 21 (THU) – June 16 (SUN)
Place: National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
(available in Japanese)

Geological Museum Special Seminar
“Looking Down the GEO from the SPACE”
Date: April 16 (TUE) – July 7 (SUN), 2019
Venue: Geological Museum, Ibaraki
(available in Japanese)

Special Exhibition The “Under Construction” Is It Safe to Enter!?
Heavy Machinery in Use!
Date: Feb 8 (FRI) – May 19 (SUN), 2019
Venue: The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo

The 222nd Geo Pollution Evening Seminar
Date: May 29 (WED) 18:30-20:30
Venue: Room 807 Hoku Topia, Tokyo
(available in Japanese)

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