Outstanding Student Presentation Award

JpGU 2018 Outstanding Student Presentation Award

Space and Planetary Sciences Section (11)

Name Affiliation Title
Jooyeon Geem Seoul National University Polarimetric research on S- and Q-type Near-Earth Asteroids
Ayumu Kuwahara Tokyo Institute of Technology Gas flow around low mass planets in a protoplanetary disk: the dependence of out-flow speed on the planetary mass
Yuna Grace Kwon Seoul National University Spectropolarimetric Signals of Comet 2P/Encke During Its 2017 Apparition
Ryo Matsuoka Hokkaido University Capture of satellite precursors and their orbital evolution by a rotating Martian proto-atmosphere
Yuhki Matsuoka Hiroshima University Verification for water in the Mars’ interior based on rheological structure
Maya Nakamura The University of Tokyo An experimental and field study toward evaluation of chemical weathering on early Mars
Minori Narita The University of Tokyo Multi-wavelength Analysis of Venusian Cloud by Correlation Coefficient Mapping
Shota Notsu Kyoto University Possibility to locate the position of the H2O snowline in protoplanetary disks using high-dispersion spectroscopic observations with ALMA
Kazumasa Ohno Tokyo Institute of Technology Microphysical Modeling of Mineral Clouds in Warm Super-Earths: Predicting Upper Limits on the Cloud-Top Height
Yuya Tokunaga Kanazawa University Development of a miniaturized 3-axis search coil magnetometer and a wave receiver powered by a noise reduction technique for micro-satellite experiments
Kazuhiro Yamamoto Kyoto University Pc4 ULF waves and proton flux oscillations observed by the Arase satellite in the morning sector during satellite-ground conjunction: Evidence for giant pulsations

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section (11)

Name Affiliation Title
Yamaguchi Akiko The University of Tokyo Fixation of radium by weathered granite from the view point of dependence of ionic size on adsorption reaction
Md. Khairul Islam
International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Inter-comparison of gauge-adjusted global satellite rainfall estimates for water resources management in the Meghna river basin
Yuichi Minamihara The University of Tokyo Intermittency of the Gravity Waves in the Polar Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Based on the PANSY Radar Observation
Aki Sakuma The University of Tokyo Provenance changes of the Cenozoic terrestrial sequence in the southwestern Tarim basin and its implication to tectonics of the source area
Toshihiro Shibukawa The University of Tokyo Soil Moisture Measurements Based on GNSS-R
Tamaki Suematsu The University of Tokyo Enhancement of Madden-Julian Oscillation realization by low-frequency zonal SST gradient
Youta Sugai Soka University Dynamics of carbon monoxide (CO) in the sea surface microlayer of temperate coastal waters
Anne Takahashi The University of Tokyo Assessment of finescale parameterizations of deep ocean mixing in the presence of geostrophic current shear : Results of microstructure measurements in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Region
Yuto Tashiro Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Effects of seasonal variation of permafrost on the behavior of dissolved iron in Russian Far East
Takumi Tsukijihara Kyushu University Interdecadal Explosive Cyclone Activity Associated with the Increased Frequency of Winter Storm Events in Hokkaido, Japan
Takuya Yamada Kyoto University Experimental study on groundwater and spring water dating method using SF6 tracer during baseflow condition in headwater catchment

Human Geosciences Section (6)

Name Affiliation Title
Onon Bayasgalan The University of Aizu Estimation of Solar Energy Potential over Mongolia Based on Satellite Data
Shinpei Hata Okayama University Efficient new scheme for the linear dispersive wave equation for far-field tsunamis
Osamu Sandanbata The University of Tokyo Outreach of tsunami observation using experimental water tank
Yumi Shimada University of Tsukuba Geological records of prehistoric tsunamis and subsidence at Mugi town, Tokushima Prefecture
Yuchen Wang The University of Tokyo Tsunami Data Assimilation with Sparse Observation: A Study on Tsunami in the Bay of Bengal
Masashi Watanabe Tohoku University Revealing transport mechanism of coastal boulders onto the cliff based on field survey, laboratory experiment, and numerical simulation

Solid Earth Sciences Section (27)

Name Affiliation Title
Anselme F. E. Borgeaud The University of Tokyo Waveform inversion for the 3-D S-velocity structure of the mantle transition zone beneath Central America using USArray data
Keisuke Eshima Yamaguchi University Anatomy of the Cretaceous Ushikiri-yama granodiorite, north Kyushu, SW Japan: Internal structure of a pluton, and its genesis
Kazumasa Fuse Tohoku University Distinct element analysis of the effect of rock stress on fracture geometry in shear zone
Kohei Hatakeyama Hiroshima University Pressure dependence of elastic wave velocity in mafic rock cores collected from Oman Drilling Project Phase I
Yongsheng HUANG Tohoku University Experimental constraints on the dihedral angle between olivine and multicomponent aqueous fluids in the upper mantle conditions
Akane Ito Hokkaido University Ni enrichment associated with Fe isotope fractionations in Ni laterite deposits, Sulawesi island, Indonesia
Masaki Iwata Kyoto University Reproduction of complicated scale form in pipe systems from hydrodynamic perspectives
Sho Kakizawa Ehime University Stability and substitution mechanism of Al-bearing superhydrous phase B at the mantle transition zone and the upper most lower mantle
Yuki Kawano The University of Tokyo Noise removal from vertical component seismograms recorded by broadband ocean bottom seismometers
Hiroshi Kimura Nagoya University Interplate coupling distribution along the Nankai trough in southwest Japan estimated by the block motion model on the basis of onshore and seafloor geodetic observation data
Hiroaki Koge The University of Tokyo Effect of a half-graben structure on formation of a shallow plate boundary fault in subduction zone with analog modelling
Minami Kuroda Hokkaido University Fast water diffusion in silica glass
Hitoshi Matsuzawa Hokkaido University Phase speed and arrival angle measurements of multi-mode surface waves with array-based analysis
Kazuhide Mimura The University of Tokyo Origin of common chemostratigraphy of pelagic clay in the North Pacific Ocean: age constraints from ichthyolith stratigraphy
Masatoshi Ohashi The University of Tokyo Bubble shapes deformed by pure shear: insights from a deformation experiment of solidifying foam
Akane Ohira National University Crustal and upper mantle structure deduced from seismic refraction and reflection data on the Northeast Hawaiian arch
Keitaro Ohno Tohoku University Trial of quantitative uncertainties estimation for the rapidly estimated coseismic fault model deduced from real-time GNSS data using MCMC approach
Yoshiyuki Okuda Tokyo Institute of Technology Thermal conductivity and compressibility of iron and aluminum-bearing bridgmanite: implications for spin-crossover of iron
Ryo Okuwaki University of Tsukuba Shallow intraslab normal faulting: Rupture process of the Mw 8.1 2017 Chiapas Mexico earthquake
Shoka Shimizu Chiba University Sedimentary structure and tectonic setting of the Lyra basin central-western Pacific Ocean
Norito Takesue Okayama University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology Sinistral sense of shear deformation under prelithification: Mélange in the upper Cretaceous Shimanto Belt, the Kii Peninsula, Southwest Japan.
Shuhei Totsuka Kyushu University Pb isotope analysis of galena from hydrothermal deposits in the mid-Okinawa Trough using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Tatsuya Wakamatsu Tokyo Institute of Technology Sound velocity measurements on bridgmanite at lower mantle pressures
Tsung-Jui Wu University of Houston Geochemical constraints on Pacific-Izanagi ridge subduction along the NE Asian margin from the magmatic record of Japan, Sikhote-Alin and Sakhalin
Longjian Xie Okayama University Silicate melt viscosities at high pressure: Experimental results and its implication
Chinatsu Yamada Tohoku University In-situ boron isotope study of forearc srpentinites from the Franciscan Complex, California
Takuma Yamaguchi The University of Tokyo Acceleration of crustal deformation computation using GPUs and its application to stochastic inversion analysis with geometry uncertainty

Biogeosciences Section (4)

Name Affiliation Title
Yoshiaki Endo Tokyo Institute of Technology Total pressure dependence of sulfur mass-independent fractionation by SO2 photolysis
Masanari Hikosaka Kanazawa University Variation in mineral precipitates in the gill chamber and digestive tract of Rimicaris from Kairei and Edmond fields, Central Indian Ridge
Hirochika Ueda The University of Tokyo The homology of the vascular system in the forelimb of Reptiles
Xiaofeng Zang Tokyo Institute of Technology Photochemical synthesis of Amino Acid from Nitrous Oxide on Early Mars