Outstanding Student Presentation Award

JpGU 2016 Outstanding Student Presentation Award

Space and Planetary Sciences Section (18)

Name Affiliation Title
Kevin Genestreti University of Texas San Antonio Three-dimensional magnetotail reconnection: Geotail and Cluster observations
Septi Perwitasari Tohoku University 3-years Occurrence Variability of Concentric Gravity Waves in the Mesopause Observed by IMAP/VISI
Jorge Pla-García Centro de Astrobiología (INTA-CSIC) Tracking the MSL-SAM methane detection source location Through Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (MRAMS)
Soon KangLou Ibaraki University Modeling of Dust Emission from Disk Surrounding HD 142527
Heqiucen XU Nagoya University Statistical Analysis of Severe Magnetic Fluctuations in the near-Earth Magnetotail Observed by THEMIS-E
Masataka Imai Hokkaido University Ground-based observations of the formation and periodical rotation of the global scale UV-feature on Venus cloud top
Mamoru Ota Kanazawa University Study on prior information suitable for wave distribution function method
Hiroaki Saito Hokkaido University Water Partitioning into the Martian Mantle during Accretion of Mars
Yumika Sakamoto Tokai University A numerical study on decrease of electron temperature inside the sporadic E layer
Mika Shishido Tohoku University Variation in SII and SIII brightness distribution of Io plasma torus based on Hisaki/EXCEED and ground based observation data
Takuya Shibayama Nagoya University Fast magnetic reconnection supported by sporadic small-scale Petschek-type shocks
Munehito Shoda The University of Tokyo Nonlinear reflection process of linearly-polarized, broadband Alfven waves in the fast solar wind
Kouta Suzuki Kobe University Development of ambient-controlled gas levitation system embedded in tube furnace and its application to chondrule formation
Yuko Daket Kyoto University One-dimensional crater chronology: A method of estimating the termination age of faulting
Yohei Nakayama Kyoto University Void structure of O+ ion observed by the Van Allen Probes in the inner magnetoshpere
Shota Notsu Kyoto University How to measure snowlines and C/O ratio distributions in protoplanetary disks using infrared spectroscopic observations
Yuki Hibiya The University of Tokyo The origin of primitive achondrites inferred from a mineralogical and isotope cosmochemical study of NWA 6704

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section (9)

Name Affiliation Title
Keita Uehara The University of Tokyo The impact of Drake and Tasmanian Passages on Antarctic regions and deep ocean temperature
Takashi Obase The University of Tokyo The role of glacial meltwater in the both hemispheres on the Southern Ocean during the last deglaciation
Shoichiro Kido The University of Tokyo Subsurface salinity anomalies in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean during positive IOD events
Takeshi Kinase Ibaraki University Seasonal variation of the concentration of black carbon and the size distribution of the surface snow sampled in the Syowa station in the Antarctica
Hidetaka Kobayashi The University of Tokyo Role of Southern Ocean in glacial atmospheric CO2 reduction
Anne Takahashi The University of Tokyo Dissipation processes of internal waves generated by geostrophic flows impinging on bottom topography
Shun Muto The University of Tokyo Origin of the Lower Triassic deep-sea chert gap
Koichi Murakami Tokyo Metropolitan University  Development of a particle production method for calibration of a nanoparticle composition analyzer
Ryosuke Yasui The University of Tokyo An analysis on the momentum budget in the MLT region based on satellite and whole atmosphere model data 

Human Geosciences Section (11)

Name Affiliation Title
Jiaqi Liu The University of Tokyo Numerical modelling of tsunami-induced seawater intrusion and aquifer recovery process in the Niijima Island, Japan
Qianling Zhu Chiba University The Chinese Poetry of Soseki Natsume:
An Analysis of Nouns and Adjectives Related to the Features of Scenery
Takako UTSUGAWA Tokyo Metropolitan University Fluvial breaking and abrasion mechanisms acting upon gravel–sand grains utilizing the difference of grain lithology
Koji Ohata Kyoto University Discriminant functions for formative conditions of bedforms in open-channel flows
Takuro Ogura Kanazawa University Study on content and constitution of learning to deal with Geomorphology in Geography A
-Focusing on the relationship in the units and in the social life-
Hana Sasaki Fukuoka University Record of thickness and fluorescence intensity of annual layers in a stalagmite of Shiraho Saonetabaru Cave, Ishigaki Island
Natsuki Sasaki The University of Tokyo Characteristics and Development Processes of Wetlands on Large-scale Landslide in Ou Mountain Range, NE Japan
Osamu Sandanbata The University of Tokyo 2015 Torishima tsunami earthquake: Ray tracing analysis of dispersive tsunami wave
Kazuaki Sumi Kyoto University Tracing Atmospherically Deposited Nitrate in Forest Ecosystem Using Triple Nitrate Isotopes
Takayuki Takahashi The University of Tokyo Relationship between the geomorphological characteristics of tributaries and the development processes of the fluvial terrace in the upstream area of the Tama River, central Japan
Shinya Hamada Chiba University Monitoring alien plants by small UAV and TLC in Kanno river, Inbanuma catchment

Solid Earth Sciences Section (35)

Name Affiliation Title
Sajjad Amani Kyoto University A fast non-local transform-domain method for seismic random noise attenuation
Adam Holt University of Southern California The dynamics of double slab subduction from numerical and semi-analytic models
Zoe Keiki Mildon Tohoku University How variable normal fault geometry affects fault interaction and stress transfer: Examples from central Apennines, Italy
Loic Viens The University of Tokyo Finite Source Modeling of a Large Earthquake Using the Ambient Seismic Field
Naoki Araya Tohoku University Depth of pre-eruptive magma reservoir of Sakurajima Volcano estimated from melt inclusions
Atsuro Okamoto The University of Tokyo Effect of the metallic melt on the mantle rheology
Natsumi Okutsu The University of Tokyo Sedimentary structure of muddy turbidites recorded in a terminal basin
Ryosuke Oyanagi Tohoku University Bidirectional replacement zoning developed in metasomatic reaction of olivine and its implication for development of mesh zoning of serpentinites
Satoshi Katakami Kyoto University Detecting tectonic tremor through frequency scanning at a single station in the Japan Trench subduction zone
Shogo Kawasumi Okayama University Sulfur Systematics in the Izena Hole Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems, Okinawa Trough: Stable Isotope, Mineralogy and Redox Equilibria
Ippei Kitano Kyushu University LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb ages for metamorphic rocks from the Highland and Wanni Complexes, Sri Lanka.
Yoki Kitayama Kyushu University Geochemical Study on Redox Conditions of REE Zone in Nickel Laterie Deposit, South Dinagat Island, Philippines
Takafumi Kimura The University of Tokyo Mantle potential temperature in Ordovician estimated from ultramafic dikes in the Hayachine-Miyamori Ophiolite
Tatsuya Kubota Tohoku University Improved fault model of the Tohoku intraslab earthquake on Dec. 2012 (Mw 7.2) and its implication for the post-2011 stress state
Yuto Sasaki The University of Tokyo Effect of Dislocations on Rock Anelasticity: Experimental Approach by Using an Analogue Material
Ryohei Sasajima Nagoya University Strain rate dependency of b-values of oceanic intraplate earthquakes
Tetsuro Sato Tohoku University Viscous remanent magnetitization of tsunamigenic boulders and the age of tsunami events
Yu Takagi The University of Tokyo Green function for internal deformation due to a point dislocation in a spherical earth: asymptotic solution at the higher degree for a stratified earth model
Kota Takatsuka Kyoto University U-Pb zircon ages younger than regional metamorphism obtained from gneissose granitoids in the Mikawa area, Ryoke belt
Atsushi Takahashi Kyoto University Cluster Analysis of the Velocity Field in the Japanese Islands Derived from Dense GEONET Data
Ryo Takahashi Osaka City University Magma process of alkali basalt magma: a case study of the Kannabe monogenetic volcano group
Atsushi Nakao Tokyo Institute of Technology A new mechanism to produce chemical heterogeneity of Earth’s mantle: Slab dehydration at 660-km phase boundary
Yuki Nakashima Hokkaido University Relationship Between Amplitudes of Infrasound and Ionospheric TEC Disturbances by Vulcanian Volcanic Explosions
Ryosuke Nakashima Kyushu University The empirical mode analysis of the decadal variations in the geomagnetic Gauss coefficients
Yoshihiro Nakamura Niigata University Pressure-temperature-time dependence of structural evolution of CM to graphite: Implication for fast graphitization in metamorphic terrain
Yuka Namiki Kyoto University Correlation between frictional properties and deformation textures in frictional experiments on the biogenic sediment collected from the oceanic plate offshore Costa Rica
Atushi Noguchi Kochi University Sub-millimeter scale magnetostratigraphy of ferromanganese crust from north western Pacific: High fidelity estimate of growth rate
Kouta Hamada Hokkaido University 3D shear wave structure in the North American upper mantle from interstation phase and amplitude data of surface waves
Yoshinori Higashi Kyoto University Hydrogen diffusion experiment in apatite: Effect of different water content
Taroujirou Matumura Shizuoka University Forward modeling of microboudinaged columnar grains: simplified microboudin palaeo-piezometer
Yoshihiro Miyake University of Tsukuba Geological provenance based on detrital chromian spinels from the Lower Cretaceous in the Kurosegawa Belt, SW Japan
Yuki Mori Kyushu University Formation of Corona around Corundum in the Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica
Masatoshi Yagi Tokai University Elucidation of activity history on Yatsushiro-sea submarine fault group-Challenge to the Seismic Trenching using high-resolution seismic survey-
Taishi Yamada Hokkaido University Acoustic VLP signals accompanying the continuous ash emission following Vulcanian eruptions
Ryusuke Yamamoto Tohoku University Creep rate measurement and fault modeling at the North Anatolian Fault, beneath the Sea of Marmara, Turkey, by means of acoustic ranging

Biogeosciences Section (2)

Name Affiliation Title
Hisahiro Ueda Tokyo Institute of Technology Experimental study on H2 generation through reactions between komatiite and CO2-rich seawater
Yuko Yamagata Kyoto University Stable isotote signature of Fe to understand the Fe-biocycle in the hydrothermal-vent