Nishida Prize

Masahiro Ikoma


Theoretical studies on the formation process of giant planets and the application to exoplanets

・A list of five major papers

Ikoma, M., Nakazawa, K., and Emori, H., Formation of Giant Planets: Dependences on Core Accretion Rate and Grain Opacity. Astrophys. J. 537, 1013-1025, 2000.

Ikoma, M. and Genda, H. Constraints on the Mass of a Habitable Planet with Water of Nebular Origin. Astrophys. J. 648, 696-706, 2006.

Ikoma, M., Guillot, T., Genda, H., Tanigawa, T., and Ida, S., On the Origin of HD149026b. Astrophys. J. 650, 1150-1159, 2006.

Valencia, D., Ikoma, M., Guillot, T., and Nettelmann, N., Composition and Fate of Short-Period Super-Earths: The Case of CoRoT-7b. Astron. Astrophys. 516, A20, 2010.

Ikoma, M. and Hori, Y., In Situ Accretion of Hydrogen-rich Atmospheres on Short-period Super-Earths: Implications for the Kepler-11 Planets. Astrophys. J. 753, 66, 2012.


Yuko Nagahara