2015 Public Announcement of Representatives election of Japan Geoscience Union

Public Announcement of Representatives election of Japan Geoscience Union

Terms of representatives of Japan Geoscience Union expires on March 31, 2016, and
the 4th representative election is announced on August 4th.
Representatives become delegates (or 社員), and can be candidates of
section presidents of Japan Geoscience Union.
They pass resolutions regarding director (or 理事) elections, confirmation of
project master plans and other operation policies together with society members
at ordinary and extraordinary general delegate meetings.
For further details, please see the regulations and minute regulations.
August 4, 2015

Election Administration Committee
HAMADA, Morihisa
IIZUKA, Tsuyoshi
YOSHIDA, Hidetsugu
YUKIMATU, Akira Sessai
(Alphabetical order)

Representative election procesure

Members who have finished membership subscription by August 3 2015 are eligible to vote.

2. Candidates
Members who have finished membership approval by August 3 2015 by directors meeting, can be a candidate of
the representative.
3. Term
The term is 2 years starting from April 1 in 2016.
4. How to be a candidate
Regular members having eligibility for election can be candidates by submitting ‘Candidacy Notification
Form for Representatives’ within a time frame of Candidacy Registration to the Board of Elections.
To recommend someone, the consent by the candidate is necessary.
5. How to announce your candidacy
Please fill in the necessary form in the membership subscription page by September 14, 2015.
6.Number of representatives
The number of representatives is defined to double the number of society members on the day before the official public announcement,August 3, 2015.The number of representatives is from 80 to 200.
After the election, 30 representatives are to be divided into six electoral zones, each at least
with five representatives. The rest of them are to be prorated into six electoral zones according to the number of
regular members on the day before the official pubic announcement or August 3, 2015.

Number of the representatives of each electoral zone is shown below.
Space and planetary sciences: 16
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences: 19
Human Geosciences: 14
Solid Earth Sciences: 31
Biogeosciences: 9
Education and outreach: 11
Total: 100

August 4, Monday, 2015 Official public announcement of Representative election
August 12, Wednesday, 2015 Declaration of candidacy starts
September 14, Monday, 2015 Declaration of candidacy finishes
September 29, Tuesday, 2015 Casting ballots starts
October 28, Wednesay, 2015 Casting ballot finishes
November 2, Monday, 2015 Ballot counting and reporting the result

8.How to vote

Members can cast votes for at most a half of quorum for representatives in their electoral division.

Elected representatives or staff, together with society members, are to elect board members, confirm project programs and resolve various matters,
concerning the management of this union in the regular or extraordinary general meetings of members.
General meeting of members is the supreme decision-making body of this union.

Form and regulations

1. Candidacy Notification Form PDF

2. Candidacy Recommendation Form PDF

Please access to each Form after logging-in to JpGU web-system(by 14th September 14th 23:59 JST) Added:September14th


Regulations of Representative election
Detailed regulations of Representative election

We sincerely hope our members will run for the election and vote for candidates.
We also hope you, who has not finished membership subscription of Japan Geoscience Union and positively become engaged in the management.

*Please be sure to pay annual dues if you haven’t paid them yet.
Please check your status from the following URL:
If you don’t remember your ID or password, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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