JpGU Fellowship

Tsuyoshi Miyazaki


For outstanding contributions to the soil physics and environmental soil hydrology, especially
transport phenomena in temporally and spatially variable soils.

A list of five major papers

・ Nakano, M. and T. Miyazaki, 1979: The diffusion and non-equilibrium thermodynamic equations of water vapor in soils under temperature gradients. Soil Science 128(3):184-188.
・ Miyazaki, T., 1988: Water Flow in Unsaturated Soil in Layered Slopes, J. of Hydrology 102: 201-214.
・ Zhuang, J., Yan Jin, and T. Miyazaki, 2001: Estimating Water Retention Characteristic from Soil Particle-Size Distribution using a Non-Similar Media Concept, Soil Science 166(5):308-321.
・ Seki K. and T. Miyazaki, 2001: A mathematical model for biological clogging of uniform porous media, Water Resources Research, 37(12): 2995-2999.
・ Tokida,T., Miyazaki,T., Mizoguchi.M, Nagata,O, Takakai,F., Kagemoto,A., Hatano,R., 2007: Falling atmospheric pressure as a trigger for methane ebullition from peatland, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 21, GB2003, doi:10.1029/2006GB002790


Mizoguchi Masaru