JpGU Fellowship

Toshitsugu Fujii


for outstanding contributions to geology, in particular to volcanology and magmatology; and many contributions to the study of volcanic disaster mitigation.

A list of five major papers

  1. Fujii, T. and Kushiro, I., Density, viscosity, and compressibility of basaltic liquid at high pressures. Year Book, Carnegie Inst. Washington, 76, 419-424, 1977
  2. Fujii, T., I. Kushiro, I., Nakamura, Y. and Koyaguchi, T., A note on silicate liquid immiscibility in Japanese Volcanic rocks. Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan,86, 6, 409-412, 1980
  3. Fujii, T. and Bougault, H., Melting relations of a magnesian abyssal tholeiite and the origin of MORBs. Earth Planet Sci Lett, 62, 283-295,1983
  4. Fujii, T. and Scarfe, C.M., Composition of liquids coexisting with spinel lhezolite at 10 kbar and the genesis of MORBs. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 90, 18-28, 1985
  5. Fujii, T., Genesis of mid-ocean ridge basalts. In Saunders, A.d. and Norry, M.J. (eds.), “Magmatism in the ocean basins”, Geol Soc Special Pub. 42, 137-146, 1989


Setsuya Nakada