JpGU Fellowship

Toshikazu Tamura


for outstanding contributions to the study of the Quaternary climate, in particular to the understanding of the causes of disasters in hilly suburban areas.

A list of five major papers

  1. Tamura, T., Li, Y., CHatterjee, D., Yoshiki, T., and Matsubayashi, T. 2002. Differential occurrence of rapid and slow mass-movements on segmented hillslopes and its implication in late Quaternary paleohydrology in Northern Japan. Catena 48, 89–105.
  2. Tamura, T. 2008. Occurrence of hillslope processes affecting riparian vegetation in upstream watersheds of Japan. Sakio, H. and Tamura, T. eds. Ecology of Riparian Forests in Japan: Disturbance, life history, and regeneration, Springer, 15–30.
  3. Tamura, T. 1990. Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the West Cameroon Highlands and the Adamaoua Plateau. Lanfranchi, R. et Schwartz, D. eds. Paysages quaternaire de l’Afrique centrale atlantique, ORSTOM, Paris, 298–313.
  4. 田村俊和 1991. 熱帯の地形・表層物質形成におけるシロアリの役割. 地形 12: 203–218.
  5. Tamura, T. 1993. Large-scale residential developments as a factor in environmental change in Japan. Science Reports, Tohoku Univ., 7th Ser. (Geography) 43: 1–12.


Hiroshi Shimazu