JpGU Fellowship

Tokihiko Matsuda


for outstanding contributions to geology, in particular to structural geology, earthquake geology and the investigation of active faults.

A list of five major papers

  1. 松田時彦・岡田篤正 (1968) 活断層. 第四紀研究, 7, 188–199.
  2. 松田時彦 (1975) 活断層から発生する地震の規模と周期について. 地震, 第2輯 28, 269–283.
  3. Matsuda, T., et al. (1978) Fault mechanism and recurrence time of major earthquake in southern Kanto district, Japan, as deduced from coastal terrace data. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 89, 1610–1618.
  4. Matsuda T. (1981) Active Faults and Damaging Earthquakes in Japan—Macroseismic Zoning and Precaution Fault Zones, in Earthquake Prediction (eds D.W. Simpson and P.G. Richards), American Geophysical Union.
  5. 松田時彦 (1990) 最大地震規模による日本列島の地震分帯図. 地震研究所彙報, 65, 289–319.


Yota Kumaki