JpGU Fellowship

Shun-ichiro Karato


for outstanding contributions to solid geophysics, in particular to the understanding of mineral physics and the dynamics of the Earth’s interior.

A list of five major papers

  1. Shun-ichiro Karato, On the origin of the asthenosphere. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 321-322 (2012) 95–103.
  2. Shun-ichiro Karato, Water distribution across the mantle transition zone and its implications for global material circulation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 301 (2011) 413–423.
  3. Shun-ichiro Karato, Haemyeong Jung, Ikuo Katayama, and Philip Skemer, Geodynamic Significance of Seismic Anisotropy of the Upper Mantle: New Insights from Laboratory Studies. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., (2008) 36:59–95.
  4. Shun-ichiro Karato , Haemyeong Jung, Water, partial melting and the origin of the seismic low velocity and high attenuation zone in the upper mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 157 (1998) 193–207.
  5. Shun-ichiro Karato and Patrick Wu, Rheology of the Upper Mantle: A Synthesis. Science, 260, (1993) 771-778.


Eiji Ohtani