JpGU Fellowship

Shigenori Maruyama


for outstanding contributions to geology, in particular to understanding the Earth’s history and the co-evolution of the Earth and the life upon it.

A list of five major papers

  1. Maruyama, S. & Seno, T. Orogeny and relative plate motions: Example of the Japanese Islands. Tectonophysics 127, 305-329 (1986).
  2. Maruyama, S. Plume tectonics. Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan 100, 24-49 (1994).
  3. Maruyama, S. Pacific-type orogeny revisited: Miyashiro-type orogeny proposed. The Island Arc 6, 91-120 (1997).
  4. Maruyama, S., Isozaki, Y., Kimura, G. & Terabayashi, M. Paleogeographic maps of the Japanese Islands: Plate tectonic synthesis from 750 Ma to the present. Island Arc 6, 121-142 (1997).
  5. Maruyama, S., Santosh, M. & Zhao, D. Superplume, supercontinent, and post-perovskite: Mantle dynamics and anti-plate tectonics on the Core-Mantle Boundary. Gondwana Research 11, 7-37 (2007).


Tsuyoshi Komiya