JpGU Fellowship

Mineo Kumazawa


for outstanding contributions to high-pressure physics, experimental planetary science, solid geophysics, seismology and the understanding of the history of the earth.

A list of five major papers

  1. M. Kumazawa and O.L. Anderson, Elastic Moduli, Pressure Derivatives, and Temperature Derivative of Single-Crystal Olivine and Single-Crystal Forsteritc, J. Geophys. Res., 74, 5961-5972, 1969.
  2. M. Kumazawa, Theory of generation of very high static pressures by an external force, High Temperature and High Pressure 5, 599-619, 1973.
  3. M. Kumazawa and S. Maruyama, Whole earth tectonics, J. Geological Soc. Japan 100, 81-102, 1994.
  4. Y. Yokoyama, M. Kumazawa, and T. Nakajima, Transfer function measured by electromagnetic sounding with an accurately controlled signal, Earth Planets Space, 54, 459–472, 2002.
  5. N. Katsuta, I. Shimizu, H. Helmstaedt, M. Takano, S. Kawakami, and M. Kumazawa, Major element distribution in Archean banded iron formation (BIF): influence of metamorphic differentiation, J. metamorphic Geol. 30, 457–472, 2012.


Manabu Kato