JpGU Fellowship

Kiyoo Mogi


For outstanding contributions to physical volcanology, rock mechanics, and earthquake physics

A list of five major papers

  1. Relations between the eruptions of various volcanoes and the deformations of the ground surface around them. Bull. Earthquake Res. Inst., vol. 36, pp. 99-134 (1958)
  2. Sequential occurrence of recent great earthquakes. J. Phys. Earth, vol. 16, pp. 30-36 (1968)
  3. Source locations of elastic shocks in the fracturing process in rocks (1). Bull. Earthquake Res. Inst., vol. 46, pp. 1103-1125 (1968)
  4. Fracture and flow of rocks under high triaxial compression. J. Geophys. Res., vol. 76, pp. 1255-1269 (1971)
  5. Dilatancy of rocks under general triaxial stress states with special reference to earthquake precursors. J. Phys. Earth, vol. 25, Suppl. S203-S217 (1977)


Shingo Yoshida