JpGU Fellowship

Takeshi Mikumo


For outstanding contributions to seismology, especially earthquake source mechanism, excitation of high-frequency ground motion, and their application to seismotectonics

A list of five major papers

Mikumo, T. and Miyatake, T., Dynamical rupture process on a three-dimensional fault with non-uniform frictions, and near-field seismic waves, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc., 54, 417-438, 1978.

Mikumo, T., Olsen, K.B., Fukuyama, E., and Yagi, Y., Stress-break-down time and critical weakening slip inferred from the source time functions on earthquake faults, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 93, 264-282, 2003.

Mikumo, T., Miyatake, T. and Santoyo, M. A., Dynamic rupture of asperities and stress change during a sequence of large interplate earthquakes in the Mexican subduction zone, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 88, 686-702, 1988.

Mikumo, T., Wada, H., and Koizumi, M., Seismotectonics of the Hida region, central Honshu, Japan, Tectonphysics, 147, 95-119, 1988.

Mikumo, T., Atmospheric pressure waves and tectonic deformation associated with the Alaskan earthquake of March 28, 1964, J. Geophys. Res., 73, 2009-2025, 1968.


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