JpGU Fellowship

Hiroshi Machida


For outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary Quaternary studies, in particular to studies on widespread tephras, tephrochronology, geomorphology, volcanology and archaeology

A list of five major papers

町田 洋(1964):Tephrochronologyによる富士火山とその周辺地域の発達史,地学雑誌,73, 293-308.

町田 洋・新井房夫(1976):広域に分布する火山灰–姶良Tn火山灰の発見とその意義–.科学,46,339-347.

町田 洋・新井房夫・森脇 広(1981):日本海を渡ってきたテフラ.科学,51,562-569.

Machida, H. and Arai, F. (1983): Extensive ash falls in and around the sea of Japan from large late Quaternary eruptions. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 18, 151-164.

Machida, H. (1999): The stratigraphy, chronology and distribution of distal marker-tephras in and around Japan. Global and Planetary Change, 21, 71-94.


Hiroshi Moriwaki