JpGU Fellowship

Hiroshi Takeda


for outstanding contributions to planetary science, especially understanding of the evolution of planetary materials using mineralogical and crystallographic study of Apollo lunar rocks and meteorites as well as Kaguya lunar mission

A list of five major papers

1. Takeda H.: A layered-crust model of a Howardite parent body. Icarus, 40, 455-470, 1979.
2. Takeda H.: Mineralogy of Antarctic ureilites and a working hypothesis for their origin and evolution. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 81, 358-370, 1987.
3. Takeda H. and Graham A. L.: Degree of equilibration of eucritic pyroxenes and thermal metamorphism of the earliest planetary crust. Meteoritics, 26, 129-134, 1991.
4. Takeda H.: Mineralogical records of early planetary processes on the howardite, eucrite, diogenite parent body with reference to Vesta. Meteoritics and Planet. Sci., 32, 841-853, 1997.
5. Takeda H., Yamaguchi A., Bogard D. D., Karouji Y., Ebihara M., Ohtake M., Saiki K. and Arai T.: Magnesian anorthosites and a deep crustal rock from the farside crust of the Moon, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 247, 171-184, 2006.


Takashi Mikouchi