JpGU Fellowship

Kenji Konishi


for outstanding contributions to isotope paleontology and coral reef science

A list of five major papers

Konishi, K. and Wray, J. (1961) Eugonophyllum, a new Pennsylvanian and Permian algal genus. Jour. Paleont., 35, 659-666.
Konishi, K., Schlanger, S.O. and Omura, A. (1970) Neotectonic rates in the central Ryukyu Islands, derived from 230-Th coral age. Marine Geol., 9, 225-240.
Konishi, K. (1989) Limestone of the Daiichi Kashima Seamount and the fate of a subducting guyot: fact and speculation from Kaiko “Nautile” dives. Tectoniphys., 160, 249-265.
Webster, J., Davies, P. and Konishi, K. (1998) Model of fringing reef development in response to progressive sea-level fall over the last 7,000 years (Ryukyu Islands, Japan). Coral Reefs, 17, 289-308.


Yasufumi Iryu