JpGU Fellowship

Robert Geller


For outstanding contributions to the development of

A list of five major papers

1. Geller, R.J., 1976. Scaling relations for earthquake source parameters and magnitudes. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 66, 1501-1523.
2. Geller, R.J., Mueller, C.S., 1980. Four similar earthquakes in central California. Geophysical Research Letters 7, 821-824.
3. Geller, R.J., 1997. Earthquake prediction: a critical review. Geophysical Journal International 131, 425-450.
4. Konishi, K., Kawai, K., Geller, R.J., Fuji, N., 2014. Waveform inversion for localized three-dimensional seismic velocity structure in the lowermost mantle beneath the Western Pacific. Geophysical Journal International 199, 1245-1267.
5. Tappin, D.R., Grilli, S.T., Harris, J.C., Geller, R.J., Masterlark, T., Kirby, J.T., Shi, F., Ma, G., Thingbaijam, K.K.S., Mai, P.M., 2014. Did a submarine landslide contribute to the 2011 Tohoku tsunami? Marine Geology 357, 344-361.


Shigenori Maruyama