JpGU Fellowship

Katsuhiko Ishibashi


For outstanding contributions to seismology, in particular seismotectonics and historical seismology, and the foresight and warning of earthquake and nuclear disasters

A list of five major papers

1. 石橋克彦, 1977, 東海地方に予想される大地震の再検討─駿河湾地震の可能性─, 地震予知連絡会会報, 17, 129-132.
2. Ishibashi K, 1981, Specification of a soon-to-occur seismic faulting in the Tokai District, Central Japan, based upon seismotectonics, Earthquake Prediction edited by David W. Simpson and Paul G. Richards, 297-332.
3. 石橋克彦, 1997, 原発震災–破滅を避けるために, 科学, 67, 720-724.
4. Ishibashi K., 2004, Status of historical seismology in Japan, Annals of Geophysics, 47, 339-368.
5. 石橋克彦, 2009, 歴史地震史料の全文データベース化, 地震2, 61特集号, S509-S517.


Hitoshi Kawakatsu