JpGU Fellowship

Shoji Arai


For outstanding contributions to the understanding of mantle evolution based on detailed geological and petrological works on mantle-derived peridotites

A list of five major papers

Arai, S. (1980) Dunite-harzburgite-chromitite complexes as refractory residue in the Sangun-Yamaguchi zone, western Japan. Jour. Petrol., 21, 141-165.
Arai, S. and Hirai, H. (1985) Relics of H2O fluid inclusions in mantle-derived olivine. Nature, 318, 276-277.
Arai, S. (1994) Characterization of spinel peridotites by olivine-spinel compositional relationships: Review and interpretation. Chemical Geology, 113, 191-204.
Arai, S. and Matsukage, K. (1996). Petrology of the gabbro-troctlite-peridotite complex from Hess Deep, equatorial Pacific: Implications for mantle-melt interaction within the oceanic lithosphere. In: Mével, C., Gillis, K. M., Allan, J. F. & Meyer, P. S. (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results 147. College Station, Texas: Ocean Drilling Program, 135–155.
Arai, S. and Ishimaru, S. (2008) Insights into petrological characteristics of the lithosphere of mantle wedge beneath arcs through peridotite xenoliths: A review. Journal of Petrology, 49 (D.H. Green vol.), 665-695.


Tomoaki Morishita