JpGU Fellowship

Hitoshi Mizutani


for outstanding contributions to planetary science, in particular to the understanding of mechanisms of planetary accretion.

A list of five major papers

  1. Mizutani, H. & Abe, K.(1972). An Earth model consistent with free oscillation and surface wave data. Phys. Earth Planet Interiors, 5, 345-356.
  2. Mizutani, H., Ishido, T., Yokokura, T., & Ohnishi, S. (1976). Electrokinetic phenomena associated with earthquakes. Geophysical Research Letters, 3(7), 365-368.
  3. Mizutani, H., Spetzler, H., Getting, I., Martin III, R.J., & Soga, N. (1977). The effect of outgassing upon the closure of cracks and the strength of lunar analogues, Proc. Lunar Sci. Conf. 8th, 1235-1248.
  4. Mizutani, H., Takagi, Y., & Kawakami, S.I. (1990). New scaling laws on impact fragmentation. Icarus, 87(2), 307-326.
  5. Mizutani, H. (1995). Lunar Interior Exploration by Japanese Lunar Penetrator Mission, LUNAR-A. J.Phys.Earth, 43, 657-670.


Masahiko Arakawa