JpGU Fellowship

Atsuyuki Okabe


for outstanding contributions to the study of geographic information science, in particular to the statistical understanding of the distribution of geographical space and its social implementation.

A list of five major papers

  1. Locational optimization problems solved through Voronoi diagrams. European Journal of Operation Research 98, 445–456.
  2. Okabe, A., Boots, B. and Sugihara, K. (1994) Nearest neighbourhood operations with generalized Voronoi diagrams: a review. International Journal of Geographical Information Systems 8, 43-71.
  3. Okabe, A. and Yamada, I. (2001) The K-function method on a network and its computational implementation. Geographical Analysis 33, 271–290.
  4. Okabe, A. and Okunuki, K. (2001) A Computational Method for Estimating the Demand of Retail Stores on a Street Network and its Implementation in GIS Transactions in GIS 5, 209–220.
  5. Okabe, A., Yomono, H. and Kitamura, M. (1995) Statistical Analysis of the distribution of points on a network Geographical Analysis 27, 152–175.


Takashi Oguchi