JpGU Fellowship

Makoto Taniguchi


For outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary water cycle research connecting the atmosphere and the oceans by elucidating the groundwater discharge processes and the global warming impacts

A list of five major papers

  • Taniguchi, M., Burnett, W.C., Cable, J.E, and Turner, J.V. (2002): Investigation of submarine groundwater discharge, Hydrol. Process., 16, 2115-2129.
  • Taniguchi, M. and Fukuo, Y. (1993); Continuous measurements of groundwater seepage using an automatic seepage meter. Ground Water, No.31, 1993, 675-679.
  • Taniguchi, M., Shimada, J., Tanaka, T., Kayane, I., Sakura, Y., Shimano, Y., Dapaah-Siakwan, S. and Kawashima, S. (1999): Disturbances of temperature-depth profiles due to surface climate-change and subsurface water flow; (1) An effect of linear increase in surface temperature caused by global warming and urbanization in Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan. Water Resources Research, 35, 1507-1517.
  • Taniguchi, M. (1993); Evaluation of vertical groundwater fluxes and thermal properties of aquifers based on transient temperature-depth profiles. Water Resources Research, 29, 2021-2026.
  • Taniguchi, M. (2002): Tidal effects on submarine groundwater discharge into the ocean, Geophysical Research Letter, 29(12), 10.1029/2002GL014987.

Major achievements

Dr. Makoto Taniguchi conducted pioneering research to elucidate the flow process of groundwater using the vertical distribution of subsurface temperature as a tracer.
He has been quantitatively evaluating the exchange process between river water and groundwater, estimating changes in groundwater recharge in different vegetation areas, and identifying boundaries between freshwater and saltwater areas in coastal areas.
He was the first to pay attention to the importance of groundwater in relation to the global environment from various aspects. developed.
Furthermore, he has played a major role in the comprehensive understanding of global submarine groundwater seepage phenomena, such as discovering periodic fluctuations in runoff due to tidal fluctuations and the existence of recirculating water originating from seawater.In addition to these remarkable achievements in hydrology, he clarified the current situation of unsustainable groundwater use worldwide due to climate change and expansion of food production.
He has also led interdisciplinary collaborations on environmental and social issues, as well as transdisciplinary activities with diverse stakeholders in society beyond the scientific community.


Tetsuzo Yasunari


Makoto Tani, Toshinori Gamo, William C. Burnett