JpGU Fellowship

Gaku Kimura


For outstanding contributions to detailed analysis on internal structures of accretionary complex and to the promotion of international collaboration

A list of five major papers

  • Kimura, G. (1986). Oblique Subduction and Collision: Forearc Tectonics of the Kuril Arc, Geology, 14, 404-407.
  • Kimura, G., & Tamaki, K. (1986). Collision, Rotation and back-arc spreading in the region of the Okhotsk and Japan Seas, Tectonics, 5, 389-401.
  • Kimura, G., & Ludden, J. (1995). Peeling oceanic crust in subduction zones, Geology, 23, 217- 220.
  • Kimura, G., Yamaguchi, A., Hojo, M., Kitamura, Y., Kameda, J., Ujiie, K., Hamada, Y., Hamahashi M. & Hina, S. (2012). Tectonic mélange as fault rock of subduction plate boundary, Tectonophysics, 568-569, 25-38.
  • Kimura, G., Hashimoto, Y., Kitamura, Y., Yamaguchi, A. & Koge, H. (2014). Middle Miocene swift migration of the TTT triple junction and rapid crustal growth in southwest Japan- A review, Tectonics, 33, 1219-1238.

Major achievements

Dr. Gaku Kimura demonstrated forearc sliver activity associated with oblique plate subduction in eastern Hokkaido, good examples of imbricate structures developed within the Cretaceous-Paleogene accretionary complex exposed in the Shimanto belt of southwestern Japan, and identification of similar accretionary complex structures in Archean geological bodies in Canada.
In recent years, he has played an active role as one of the leaders in the large drilling project of the modern accretionary complex forming in the Nankai Trough, and has led the elucidation of the detailed geological structure of the subseafloor, including the splay fault system formed within the accretionary complex.
He also proposed sharing of academic policy and close cooperation between the Japanese and US geoscience communities, and led the implementation of the JpGU-AGU joint meeting.
He has greatly contributed to improving the international standing of JpGU and related academic societies.


Asuka Yamaguchi


Asahiko Taira, Masataka Kinoshita, Yoshitaka Hashimoto