JpGU Fellowship

Kazunari Shibata


For outstanding contributions to the solar physics, astrophysics and plasma physics, especially in studies on solar and stellar flares, space weather, and magnetic reconnection

A list of five major papers

  • 1.Shibata, K., et al. Observations of X-ray Jets with the Yohkoh Soft X-ray Telescope, Publ. Astr. Soc. Japan Letters, 44, L173-L179 (1992)
  • 2.Shibata, K., et al. Hot Plasma Ejections Associated with Compact-Loop Solar Flares, Ap. J. Lett., 451, L83-L85 (1995)
  • 3. Shibata, K. and Tanuma, S., Plasmoid-Induced-Reconnection and Fractal Reconnection, Earth, Planets, Space, 53, 473-482 (2001)
  • 4. Shibata, K., et al., Chromospheric Anemone Jets as Evidence of Ubiquitous Magnetic Reconnection, Science, 318, 1591-1594 (2007)
  • 5. Maehara, H., et al. Superflares on Solar-Type Stars, Nature, 485, 478 (2012)


Takaaki Yokoyama