JpGU Fellowship

Yukio Isozaki


For innovating contributions to studies on tectonics, stratigraphy, and Earth history

A list of five major papers

  • Isozaki, 1997, Permo-Triassic boundary Superanoxia and stratified superocean: Records from lost deep-sea. Science, 276, 235-238.
  • Isozaki, Y., 1996: Anatomy and genesis of a subduction-related orogen: A new view of geotectonic subdivision and evolution of the Japanese Islands. The Island Arc, 5, 289-320.
  • Matsuda & Isozaki, Y., 1991: Well-documented travel history of Mesozoic pelagic chert in Japan: From remote ocean to subduction zone. Tectonics, 10, 475-499..
  • Isozaki, Y., Maruyama, S., Furuoka, F., 1990: Accreted oceanic materials in Japan. Tectonophysics, 181, 179-205.
  • Isozaki, Y., Aoki, K., Nakama, T., Yanai, S., 2010. New insight into a subduction-related orogen: Reappraisal on geotectonic framework and evolution of the Japanese Islands. Gondwana Research 18, 82-105.


Tsuyoshi Komiya