Public Announcement of
the 2022 Election of Candidates for Directors

The Election of Candidates for Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) Directors will be held following the procedures and schedule as outlined below. All new JpGU representatives with terms of office from April 2022 to March 2024 have both the right to vote by mail and to run for election.
After this election, Nominating Committee for Executive Officers will deliberate on the best-qualified candidates for JpGU Directors, taking the results of vote and candidates’ specialties and affiliations into consideration. A list of the best-qualified candidates for new directors will be referred to the general meeting of JpGU representatives in May 2022, at which new directors will receive final approval.
The next JpGU President will then be elected from among the new directors. We sincerely hope that all new JpGU representatives will take an active role in this election.

December 27th, 2021
Japan Geoscience Union
Election Administration Committee
Chair: Yuji Ichiyama
Toru Nozawa, Sohsuke Ohno, Masahiko Sato, Hiroshi Shimazu, Takanobu Tsuihiji


Summary of the Rules and Procedures Governing the Election of Candidates for Directors

1. Voters

Anyone who was elected in the most recent JpGU Representative Election is eligible to vote.

2. Candidates
Anyone who was elected in the most recent JpGU Representative Election is eligible to stand as a candidate in the Election of Candidates for Directors.

3. Term
The term of office of the new directors will be 2 years, beginning at the end of the general meeting of JpGU representatives, 2022.

4. Standing as a Candidate
All JpGU representatives active at the beginning of the directors’ term of office can become a candidate in this election by submitting a completed “Candidacy Notification Form” during the period of candidacy registration.
Any JpGU representatives may also become a candidate for director by recommendation from two or more representatives.
In the latter case, the recommenders should submit completed “Candidacy Recommendation Form” and the recommended representative should submit a completed “Candidacy Consent Form” to the Election Administration Committee during the period of candidacy registration.

5. How to submit forms
  • In all cases, please complete the form, and send it by 5:00 pm Thursday January 20th 2022, using Form below.
  • A representative running for the election should submit a completed “Candidacy Notification Form” via form below on his or her own behalf.
  • Recommended candidate nomination will become official after receipt by the Election Administration Committee of a completed “Candidacy Recommendation Form” from two or more recommenders.
  • You should be receiving an automatic email confirmation from the form.
– When you submit “Candidacy Notification Form”, an automatic reply will be sent to Candidate’s e-mail address.
– When your submit “Candidacy Recommendation Form”, automatic replys will be sent to Candidate’s e-mail address, 1st recommender’s e-mail address, and 2nd recommender’s e-mail address.
– Sender address is “”. Please make sure that your mail server and mailer can receive mails from this address.
– If you do not receive any automatic reply from forms, please contact us.
Without the automatic reply confirmation, your nomination will be invalid.
– Please make sure that the contents of reply are correct. In case you need any correction, please contact to JpGU Office.

6. Election Timeline
Public Announcement of the Election: Monday December 27th 2021
Period for declaration of candidacy starts: 9am on Friday January 7th 2022
Period for declaration of candidacy ends: 5pm on Thursday January 20th 2022
Start of voting : Monday February 14th 2022
Close of voting : Monday February 21st 2022
Ballot counting and reporting of results to Nominating Committee for Executive Officers: February 2022

*All dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00).

7. How to Vote
The election will be carried out by mail. Each voters will receive a ballot by February 10, 2022. Please follow the enclosed instructions to complete and return the ballot.
Ballots will be sent to the address registered with JpGU as of January 20, 2022, so please make sure to check your registration.(Log-in to JpGU Member’s Site)

Forms and Regulations

All rules, procedures, dates and times etc. governing the election are formally announced in Japanese. English translations are provided as a courtesy and are for reference only. Should any English language material differ from the original Japanese the Japanese version shall be binding.