Declaration of candidacy for 2020 JpGU Representative Election ended at 5pm on Thursday September 12th 2019. The number of candidates for Electoral Zone “Education and Outreach” was 16, then it did not exceed the fixed number 17. Therefore, 16 persons of candidates for this Electoral Zone will automatically be elected without any votes being cast, and JpGU will hold the by-election for the Electoral Zone “Education and Outreach” based on Detailed Regulations of the Representative Election Article 6 (3).

No. Name Organization Aspiratins or Recommendations Leading
1 Hidenori Kumagai Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology To contribute inter-disciplinary issues, especially those on enrollment and education for younger generation and to strengthen outreach, I would like to serve as a representative tackling issues on disaster response and on natural resources as well as a member of JESO (Japan Earth Science Olympiad).
2 Yutaka Takigami Kanto Gakuen University I would like to do my best for the development of Earth and Planetary Education including Earth Science Olympiad.
3 Michiko Yajima College of Humanity and Science, Nihon University I would like to contribute to Erath Planetary Science from the base of history of science, phylosophy of science, and education of science.
4 Yuji Sano Atmosphre and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo Prof. Sano is an excellent geochemist who has wide research targets and publications from the space to the ocean. Naoto Takahata
5 Miho Sasaoka Kochi University As a science designer, Sasaoka-san has contributed to link scientists and society. She can increase the presence of JpGU from the society. Yoshiro Nishio
6 Hiroshi Ichikawa None As a director of education, I would like to continue to do my best to strengthen cooperation with science and mathematics education and geography education in primary and secondary school, and to expand support for teachers in charge of geoscience education.Thank you for your support and assistance.
7 Kazuyuki Nakagawa Commentator ,Jiji Press I am a Commentator of Jiji Press.Children’s Summer School in Seismology and Volcanology. Since 2008 I have been a member of the Japan Geopark Committee.I will make use of my experience for the activities of JpGU.
8 Hiromi Yokoyama Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, The University of Tokyo Prof. Hiromi Yokoyama is a young researcher of modern science theory and science communication. She has been working for JpGU as a representative, and also an executive secretary of Publicity and Outreach Committee. I expect her to work for JpGU with her knowledge and skill of crisis management. Eiichi Tajika
9 Hirokuni Oda Institute of Geology and Geoinformation, Geological Survey of Japan, AIST I would like to contribute to the development and internationalization of JpGU, promotion of academic journals, and human resources development, aiming at development and maturity of earth and planetary sciences, and the society.
10 Fumio Inagaki Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology I would like to contribute to the JpGU organization and the development of geo- and space-science communities. At JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020, I will serve as the program committee chair. Thank you.
11 Hiroo Nemoto Ritsumeikan University I will continue to do my best as one of the members of board of governors in the education investigation committee of JpGU.
12 Yasuhiro Taguchi Chiba prefectural Sekiyado Highschool I will contribute to education of geoscience.
13 Satoshi Miyajima Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya High School I will support the change of generation of earth science teachers and make every effort to ensure that the educational practices so far are inherited.
14 Kunio Kutsuwada School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University I am Kunio Kutsuwada in Tokai Univ. and worked as a president in the Ocean Literacy and Education Panel, the Oceanogr. Soc. of Japan during 4 years until 2018. I would contribute to the promotions of ocean education in elementary-middle schools and of social concern to global environment problems.
15 Masatsune Hatakeyama Seiko Gakuin High School Through the teaching experience and the Education Affairs Committee, I will continue to make efforts to develop and enhance Earth and Planetary Science education. Also, I will endeavor to enhance and improve Japan’s overall science and mathematics education in cooperation with other societies.
16 Tamano Omata Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Because our society has a lot of national disasters recently, importance of earth science is increasing. I will continue to keep communications with our society, as member of earth science education exploratory committee of JpGU.