Regarding the 2019 JpGU Fellowship Program

Fellowship nominees shall be put forward by a recommender. They shall then be recommended from among the nominations reviewed by the JpGU Fellowship Evaluation Committee, it acting as an advisory body to the JpGU Chairman. Successful nominees shall be those from among the recommended nominations who are then approved by the JpGU Board of Directors. There are no restrictions in place with respect to either the age of fellows or the number of fellowships granted.

1. JpGU Fellowship Nominees

Individuals who have contributed to the field of geoscience by making significant discoveries or breakthroughs, instigating a paradigm shift in our understanding, or making other significant contributions to the development and dissemination of geoscientific knowledge in Japan.

2. Qualifications that should be met by JpGU Fellows

It does not matter whether they have JpGU membership or not.
However, the following persons shall be unable to be nominated.

  • Current JpGU Directors, Auditor, Section Presidents
  • Members of the JpGU Fellowships Evaluation Committee

3. Nomination Format

The person who is making a JpGU Fellowship nomination
shall do so by sending a written nomination to the JpGU President in which the following information (1)-(8) is contained by email.

the candidate’s interest in receiving the Fellowship will need to be confirmed in advance.

    (1) The name and contact details of the nominee and the nominator

    * Please follow the format. >> Format Download

    (2) The nominee’s history (Their special field, Their research history, Their awards history, Their contributions with regard to universities, research institutions and learned societies, etc.)
    (3) A list of five major original papers or patents, etc., of the nominee, along with the excerpts thereof
    (4) A list of all of their original papers.
    (5) A letter setting out the reasons for nomination (expressed in two A4 pages or less, in either Japanese or English)
    (6) Major achievements (either in English (less than 800 characters) or in Japanese (less than 400 characters))
    (7) Short citation

    120 ~ 250 characters. Please use the following format; “for outstanding contributions to (special fields, areas, etc.).”
    Please refer to JpGU Fellows

    (8) Three letters of support (of one A4 page each, in either Japanese or English, the inclusion of multiple names on letters of support is acceptable, by three supporters except for nominator)

4. Nomination

Nomination must be sent within the nomination period for the applicable year in question in the form of a word file and a PDF version thereof, by email addressed to the Office for the JpGU Fellow (jpgu_fellow(at) Supplemental publications can be provided only in PDF format.

  • Please put required items into a pdf file and a word file (25MByte or below.)
  • Subject of e-mail should be “JpGUフェロー推薦書(候補者氏名)” or “Nomination of JpGU Fellow ( nominee’s name )” .

* You should be receiving an email confirmation of your inquiry within 1 week.
If you do not receive a confirmation by e-mail within 1week, please contact us.
Without the email confirmation, your nomination will be invalid.

5. JpGU Fellowship Presentation Ceremonies

  • Presentation ceremonies for JpGU Fellowships shall be held at the JpGU Union Meeting, and medals shall be conferred upon the awardees.

6. JpGU Fellowship Evaluation Committee

  • Members of the JpGU Fellowship Evaluation Committee shall be appointed by the President after deliberations by the Board of Directors.
  • There shall be five members of the evaluation committee, with the term of Committee for each being two years. Each year, half of their number (either two or three members) shall be subject to reappointment.
  • Committee members shall be selected drawing on the JpGU membership.
  • The committee chair shall be appointed by the JpGU President.
  • The names of committee members shall be published at such times as when all of the committee members at the relevant year completed their tems of office.

7. Deadline of recommendation

December 31, 2018 (JST)

8. Mailing address


Awards Program Managing Director
Akiko Nakamura, Hajime Naruse, Masato Nakamura
October 1st, 2018

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