¥3,000($30) donation to JpGU

Every year, JpGU provides various services to our members, public
and society in the Earth and planetary science field. They are
supported by the annual dues of our members and meeting registration
fees of JpGU annual meetings.
I believe we need to continue the advancement even further. For that,
not only the high-level scientific researches but also financial
resources are essential elements to it.
I hereby would like to ask for your help in giving 3,000JPY
(approx. $30) to JpGU.
One of our financial goal is to be a certified organization in donation
taxation system. One of the criteria requires more than 3,000JPY
(approx. $30) from more than100 people in a year. This might not
appear to be a big deal but it’s a large barrier we are facing.
Thus, again I would like to ask for your assistance in reaching
our goal.
Your donation will make a significant difference and will allow us
to continue to play a strong and prestigious role in the scientific

If you would like to make a financial contribution to JpGU, please
see the following URL for details.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article.
I greatly appreciate your consideration of my request.

Masato Nakamura,
Finance Committee Chair

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