All Attendees

Major Changes and Notifications

・There will be no online poster sessions.

・Flash Talks for posters-only sessions (sessions without orals) will be set in an independent date and time (between AM1 and PM2) designated by the Program Committee.


To Attend JpGU 2024

・Anyone who has a JpGU ID can register for the meeting.
JpGU ID Types & How to obtain a JpGU ID

・The meeting registration fee is different depending on the ID category. Make sure you understand this fee structure as below before registration.
Registration Fee
*It is not possible to change the category of ID once it has been used for session proposals or abstract submissions nor to obtain dual IDs.
*Details on how to participate in the meeting will be announced in January.


To Present at JpGU 2024

・Anyone who has a JpGU ID can submit one or more abstracts for presentation at JpGU 2024 as below.
JpGU ID Category & How to obtain a JpGU ID

・To be approved as formally presented, the presenter must register for the meeting with the same JpGU ID it was used to submit an abstract in order to make your oral presentation if oral format is assigned, or upload presentation materials for poster presentations by accessing the meeting participation portal "Confit."

・The meeting registration fee is different depending on the ID category.
Registration Fee
It is not possible to change the type of ID once it has been used for abstract submissions nor to obtain multiple IDs.

If you submit your abstract using a Meeting participation ID (non-member ID), you will need to register for the meeting with the same ID.
The difference of the meeting registration fee between regular members and Meeting participation ID is expected to be more than 10,000 yen, with no discount for the latter; furthermore, once your abstract submission has been made with the Meeting participation ID, you cannot change your status at the time of meeting registration.
JpGU system is unable to integrate information if associated with multiple IDs for a single person. If you register with a different ID, you will not be able to present your abstract and/or upload your presentation materials on the system.

Please obtain a JpGU member ID and use it to submit your abstract if you would like to attend the meeting with a member discount.

・Annual membership dues should be paid before submitting an abstract if you are a JpGU Member.
・Please refer to the Regulations on Abstract Submission before submitting your abstract(s).

JpGU ID Category & How to Obtain JpGU ID

How to Obtain JpGU ID as a JpGU Member or a non-Member

JpGU ID can be obtained at JpGU system below.
*JpGU ID category is not changeable once you propose a session or submit an abstract using it.

Fiscal Year of Membership

If you wish to receive a discount and other services that JpGU provides for Members, please obtain a JpGU Member ID.

This ID requires the annual due payment to be up to date as a JpGU Member to participate in the Meeting 2024.

The fiscal year of 2024 membership starts on 11 Jan 2024.
Attendees who will create the JpGU Member ID is recommended to do so on or after this date.
The JpGU Member ID can be created anytime but if you create the ID on or before 10 January 2024, you will be charged the annual due for 2023 year and you will also be charged the annual due of 2024 in order to participate in the meeting.

For Conveners to Propose a Session

Conveners must use the same JpGU ID to propose a session, submit an abstract, purchase a discussion frame and make a meeting registration.
If a convener becomes a JpGU Member during October to December 2023 to propose a session, he/she will be charged the annual due of 2023 fiscal year.
In additional to this, annual due for 2024 is necessary to attend the meeting in 2024.
The annual due for 2024 opens its payment in January 2024.

* Conveners who will newly acquire an ID are expected to refer to the Fee Table and learn about the difference of the meeting registration rates BEFORE becoming a JpGU Member or creating a Nonmember ID.


AGU Members to Obtain JpGU ID

AGU members may create a JpGU ID by registering their AGU account with JpGU.
In this case, AGU member will not be charged the annual due for JpGU membership.
*The AGU membership must be up to date with the membership due of AGU.

【How to Obtain】
1. Click the "Register My AGU Account with JpGU" button below.
2. (You will be redirected to AGU website) Log in with your AGU log in credentials.
3. Follow the instructions displayed on the AGU website.
4. Your JpGU ID will be sent to the registered email address.

*Regular rate of JpGU members is applied for Seniors of AGU members.
Becoming Regular JpGU Members means enjoying all the Member benefits including elections.


AOGS and EGU Members to Obtain JpGU ID

・JpGU Members discount is applied to AOGS and EGU members.

【How to Obtain】
1. Select Nonmember
2. Enter your email address
3. Click the URL sent to your email address.
4. Checkmark AOGS or EGU when you are asked if you belong to any Societies.

・Members of our Partner Unions and Society, AGU, EGU and AOGS, shall create an ID either using their membership of partner unions or as JpGU Member.

・JpGU Member is provided with benefits such as discount registration fee for senior members, election, etc.

JpGU ID Categories

JpGU ID (regardless of the membership category) is required to propose a session, submit an abstract and make a meeting registration.
Please see below for details on JpGU ID category.
JpGU ID category Annual Membership Dues
>About annual dues
Discount on registration fee
>Registration fee table
Membership (or ID) duration
JpGU Member YES Annual due is charged depending on the classification.
Automatically extended for another year.
2024 Meeting Participation ID (Nonmember ID) NO NO Automatically deleted after the meeting and no carry over to next year.
AGU Members
>How to obtain
NO YES Automatically extended for another year if the AGU membership is up to date.
AOGS Members
EGU Members
>How to obtain
NO YES Automatically deleted after the meeting and no carry over to next year. .

* Please note that an individual can only hold one JpGU ID.
Once the ID holder proposes a session and/or submit an abstract, the ID cannot be converted to another ID category.

* JpGU member discount applies for AGU, AOGS and EGU members.


Request for your Cooperation as OSPA Voluntary Judges

Japan Geoscience Union is promoting outstanding research presentations by the students and to improve their research presentation skills. We have established the Outstanding Student Presentation Award to recognize students who have given excellent presentations at the Japan Geoscience Union meetings.
The Student Award Committee aims to allocate two to three judges for each presentation and we will need the cooperation of a large number of judges to reach our goal.

From JpGU 2024, We plan to post the names of the judges who have reviewed more than 5 presentations on our website to acknowledge our appreciation of your cooperation.

Notes on Reviewing

・Meeting registration is required for judging.
・The judge must not be a co-author of the presentation to be reviewed, the academic supervisor and must not belong to the same department as the presenter.
・Poster presentations reviews will be based on the on-site poster presentation.
・The judging criteria is available HERE.

How to Become a Judge

【Those Submitting an Abstract】
Please checkmark "Yes" to the "Judges for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award" question when you submit your abstract. If you do so, you will be automatically registered in the student award judge system (to be open later.)

【Those who do not Submit an Abstract】
Please log in to the jury system (scheduled to open around April) and select a section that you are able to judge.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We will make utmost efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection at the local site during the hybrid phase. In addition to working with the venue to ensure thorough disinfection and ventilation, we ask for the cooperation of all on-site participants at the venue as follows.

・If you wish to come to the meeting site, please register in advance (details on how to register will be provided as soon as they are finalized).

・Please take your temperature beforehand and refrain from in-person attendance at the meeting if you have a fever or any other health problems.

・If you are found to have a fever, we regret to inform you that you will not be admitted. Please leave on the spot and participate online. Please note that the registration fee will not be refunded in case of no admission.

・Wearing a mask in the venue is at the discretion of the individual. (We would appreciate it if you could wear it when presenting, speaking, or interacting with others.)

・Depending on the COVID-19 spread situation, we may call on you when the venue is densely full.

【This protocol has been made based on the information as of end of September 2023. It is subject to change depending on the situation.】

About Certificates

JpGU provides the following documents for meeting registered attendees.
(1) Certificate of Attendance
(2) Certificate of Presentation

We will inform you of the application procedure as soon as it is decided.