Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2024
Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA): Regulation & Entry Guidelines
Each year, Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) is awarded to recognize students who have given excellent presentations at the JpGU annual meetings.
If you wish to enter for the award, read the Entry guidelines below and take the required step.

Major changes from 2023 applicable in 2024
Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry Guidelines 2024
1. Eligibility
・Must be a student at the time of presentation in May.
Students at the time of abstract submission but not so at the time of presentation are not eligible.
・Must be the presenter of the applying presentation as the first author.
・Only ONE entry per person is acceptable.
・Abstracts submitted to Public [O] and General (Education and Outreach)[G] sessions are not eligible to enter this award.
2. Sign-Up (Application Steps) & Application Details
・Applicants who wish to sign-up for the award, must complete the abstract submission, pay the submission fee in the JpGU Members System, and then sign-up for OSPA entry in the same system.
Application procedure details:
Login → Click the "Abstract Submission" button on the left-side menu → Click the "Outstanding Student Presentation Award" tab → Follow the instructions displayed in the webpage and proceed
・Presentations will be automatically registered under the Science Section of which the session belongs, regardless of any Section membership of the presenter. The entry acceptance will be sent by the Student Award Sub-commiittee section in charge.
・Please note that your entry does not automatically guarantee acceptance.
Notifications regarding acceptance will be delivered to each individual via email later once they are accepted for application by the Student Award Sub-committee.
・An OSPA related option you are asked during the abstract submission process is to show your intention to serve as OSPA JUDGES, not for OSPA CANDIDATES. This is not an entry for the student awards. If you have check-marked this OSPA related question during the abstract submission by mistake, it will be deleted automatically so there is no need to contact us to request withdrawal of your application for a judge. But please make sure you have made the correct entry for the award during the entry period.
3. Important Notes and Preparations for the Presentations
【Oral Presentations】
・Oral presentations evaluations will be based on live presentations (Zoom or on-site).
・Pre-recorded presentations will not be considered.
・Candidates giving oral presentations are asked to announce at the start of their presentation that their presentations are entered for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award and to declare the relevant Science Section.
【Poster Presentations】
Poster presentations reviews will be based on the on-site poster presentation. Uploading an e-poster is required to be formally approved as presented, but please note that presentations without on-site poster presentations will not be reviewed for OSPA even if an e-poster has been uploaded.
・Candidates giving poster presentations must display the Entry logo provided by JpGU or indicate "[Science Section Name] Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry" clearly at the top right corner of their posters.
The Entry logo is downloadable from the following link.
4. Judging Criteria
Judges will be interested in entries that demonstrate the students' individual abilities; in addition to the logical structure of the presentation, clarity of the research objectives and results, contribution to the development of the relevant research field, and knowledge of existing research, the students’ own initiatives should be emphasized.
As judges will also place emphasis on how the student conducts the question and answer session, research supervisors are asked not to assist their students during this part of the presentation.
Judges will assess the students in the following areas.

(1) Visual clarity: are the text, charts, diagrams and figures in presentation slides or the presentation poster easily legible?
(2) Power of expression: does the candidate speak clearly and accurately explain charts and figures etc.
(3) Effective use of the time allotted for the presentation
・Oral presentations: is the presentation paced so as to neither exceed the allowed time nor to finish too early?
・Poster presentations: are all explanations concise?
(4) Logical structure of the presentation: is the presentation logically consistent and are conclusions supported by data?
(5) Purpose of the research and clarity of its conclusions: are the purpose and conclusions clearly explained?
(6) Quantity and quality of data: is the presentation backed by data of sufficient quantity and quality?
(7) Degree of understanding of existing research: does the presentation suitably reference any relevant existing research?
(8) Originality and degree of development of the research: how original is the research and to what extent does it contribute to any relevant research fields?
(9) Initiative of the student: are the students actively involved in the research and do they conduct the question and answer session by themselves? * The above judging criteria may be changed in accordance with the meeting format.
Any changes will be announced as soon as possible.

5. Judging Process and Announcement of the Winners
Each presentation will be evaluated by several judges.
The judges will be chosen so as to have no relationship with the candidate (i.e. They will not belong to the same department or faculty; they will not have been coauthors on any of the candidates papers; and they will not have advised on or supervised any of the candidates research).
Awards will be conferred by the science section boards after a detailed discussion of all of the judges' findings.
We expect around 5% to 10% of candidates will receive the award.

Award winners will be announced in the JpGU Mailnews (monthly issued on 10th), and a list of all winners will be posted on the JpGU website.
Each winner will be sent an award certificate and a commemorative plaque.
▶2023 OSPA Winners are HERE
6. Key Dates
14:00, Tue. 16 JAN [JST] Entry opens
23:59 Thu. 15 FEB [JST] Application deadline
Early April
Entry confirmation (via email)
Sun. 26 May - Fri. 31 May 2024 Presentation and Evaluation
July Winners Announcement in the JpGU Mailnews
*The date of announcement is subject to change without notice.
Q. I can't find the checkbox to enter OSPA in the abstract submission system.
A. You need to access the JpGU Members System after submitting your abstract and enter from there.
The application can be made from "Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)" page after opening "Abstract Submission" tab on the left side menu. Please note that you must complete your submission including the abstract payment prior to the OSPA application.

Q. I have applied but am unable to give my presentation. How can I withdraw my entry to OSPA?
A. During the application period (16 Jan - 15 Feb), you may withdraw from the same webpage you entered.
For cancellation after the deadline, please contact student_award@jpgu.org as soon as possible for we will start to assign volunteer judges for each presentation soon after the deadline.
Please refrain from canceling your entry late after the deadline unless in case of emergency such as illness.

Q. I want to change the presentation I entered. How can I do it?
A. During the application period (16 Jan - 15 Feb), you can make changes from the same webpage you entered.
For changes after the deadline, please contact student_award@jpgu.org as soon as possible.

Q. Is there any restriction in the JpGU ID category in order to apply for OSPA?
A. No. You only need to hold an JpGU ID in any ID types. You need to be certified as student.

Q. I have not received the entry confirmation. Am I considered as a candidate?
A. The entry confirmation is to be sent in early April from info@jpgu-member.org .
If you cannot find the email, please contact us at student_award@jpgu.org.
Please also check the spam/ bin folder before contacting us.

Q. I intended to enter but instead have checkmarked the "OSPA judge registration" during the abstract subnission by mistake. What should I do?
A. Please take the correct entry procedure to enter for the award before the application deadline on 15 February.
Late requests are basically not accepted but if there are unavoidable circumstances, please contact us at student_award@jpgu.org .
* Please note that we may not always accept your late request.
There is no need to contact us to request withdrawal of your application for a judge.

Q. Is there any requirement for the presentation format?
A. All presentations (orals and on-site posters) that a STUDENT submitted the abstract and accepted are evaluated.