Guide to the Local Venue and Available Participant Services

About the Local Venue

The local venue for the Japan Geoscience Union 2024 Meeting is the International Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall 6 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.
Please see Venue Map/Access for details on access and floor plan.

About Check-in Counter

On the first day of your visit, please scan your e-ticket barcode at the check-in counter on the 1st floor of the International Conference Hall at Makuhari Messe to pick-up you Meeting Pass (name badge).

Check-in Counter Open Hours

Date Time
Sat. 25 May 13:00-18:30
Sun. 26 May 8:00-18:30
Mon. 27 May 8:00-18:30
Tue. 28 May 8:00-18:30
Wed. 29 May 8:00-19:30
Thu. 30 May 8:00-18:30
Fri. 31 May 8:00-18:30


Meeting Passes are issued at the Check-in counter on the 1st floor of International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe.
*There is no Check-in counter on the 2nd floor of the International Conference Hall or in front of the Exhibition Hall. Please be sure to have your name badge printed at the check-in counter on the 1st floor of the International Conference Hall when you enter the venue for the first time.


・Staff will check your name badge every time you enter the venue. Please be sure to wear it when in the venue.

・Name badge can be issued only once with one e-ticket. If you plan to attend on multiple days, please bring the name badge that has already been issued.
If you have forgotten or lost your name badge, please contact us using the Inquiry Form on the day. Please note that we will handle your trouble via online so it may take some time for us to respond to your inquiry online. There will be no on-site supporting desk service for this matter.



The headquarters is located at 205, 2nd floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe.

The headquarters will be in charge of
●Management of lost items
●Reception of accompanying persons (elementary school students only)
●Receipt and collection of business meeting name badges
If you need any help, please come to the headquarters.

Wi-Fi in the Venue

Wi-Fi is available in the meeting venue (Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall).
The number of lines is limited, so it may be difficult to get a connection.

SSIDs and passwords will be posted on the bulletin board in the meeting venue.

*Wired LAN is provided in each presentation room for presenters.
Presenters are requested to use the wired LAN instead of Wi-Fi to ensure a stable network environment for their presentations. Please note that some PCs may not have a wired LAN connection port. Please check if your PC has a wired LAN port, and if not, please bring an adapter (USB wired LAN conversion adapter, etc.) with you.

Rest Space

There will be
●chairs on each floor of the International Conference Hall.
●tables and chairs in front of the Special Settings in the Exhibition Hall
●tables and chairs in the Multi-purpose room in the Exhibition Hall
*In the 2024 meeting, the Convention Hall will be used as an oral session room, so there will be no viewing space.

Use of the Rest Space

・Rest areas may not be available during certain times, such as when events are being held. For details, please check the signage in the venue.

・Eating is not permitted in the International Conference Hall.

・Please be considerate to others when using the rest areas and refrain from unofficially reserving space by posting signs, etc.



A cloakroom is available on the 1st floor of the International Conference Hall.

Open Hours

Sun. 26 -Fri. 31 May at 8:00-18:45

*Cloakroom is closed on Saturday 25 May.
*The cloakroom is locked by Makuhari Messe's security staff. JpGU cannot open or close the cloakroom.
Therefore, you will not be able to retrieve your baggage until the next morning if you come pick up after the open hours.
Poster presenters are kindly requested to be aware of the closing time. The Cloak room closes at the same time as the end of the poster core time.

*If you have not picked up your baggage by the end of the last day of the meeting, JpGU secretariat will take it back to outr office and send it by cash on delivery upon request.


Lunch and Snack

Lunch will be sold at the International Exhibition Hall during lunch time.
Or, please use restaurants nearby.

In principle, eating is prohibited inside the International Conference Hall, except for events.
Please use the rest areas in the Exhibition Hall if you are eating in the venue.
However, since the number of seats is limited, we recommend that you use nearby restaurants for lunch, etc. as much as possible.


Beverage Service

The following beverage services will be provided at the on-site venue.

Coffee & Tea

Free coffee and tea will be served at the Exhibition Hall.

Near the Special Setting (2), Exhibition Hall

【Service time】
There will also be a rest area available, so please stop by during your free time.

Cold non-alcoholic beverages

Exhibition Hall

【Service time】
*Due to the limited number of beverages available, the service may end prior to the scheduled service time.


Water dispensers will be set up on each floor of the International Conference Hall and in the Exhibition Hall.

Childcare Support

This year, childcare room will be set up in the venue. We will also support the use of childcare services outside the venue.
*Use of the on-site childcare room is by appointment only.
If you wish to use this service, please read the guidelines carefully and make your own childcare arrangements.
For details, please refer to the following special page.

Prayer Room

Prayer Rooms are available on the 2nd floor of the International Conference Hall at Makuhari Messe.

Room 214:for women
Room 215:for men
(Go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the rooms are located at the end of the restroom on the right hand side.)

Makuhari Messe Area Service Coupon

Service coupons are available for JpGU participants.

Please present your Meeting Pass (name badge) when you use the coupons at the applicable stores.
See the "Special Service Guide for Shops in the Surrounding Area"to be posted on-site for details and stores information.

About Accompanying Persons

Category Required procedures to attend
Preschool children (Age 0-6 y.o.) No registration or procedure is required.
Elementary school students No pre-registration is required, but please come to the headquarters (205) on the day of your visit, accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a meeting participant, to complete the necessary procedures. A special participation card (badge) will be given to the child. Please return the badge to the headquarters when you leave. If you plan to attend on more than one day, please complete the registration procedures above each time.
Junior high school students and older Please obtain a JpGU ID and register for the meeting in advance.
Registration fee is free of charge.
Spouse or partner Please obtain a JpGU ID and register in advance.
*The person will be able to attend the Late-Breaking session on Saturday, 25 May and Public sessions on Sunday, 26 May for free with public registration.
*Please contact the JpGU secretariat if you are visually or physically disabled and need assistance with transportation or presentation by accompanying person.


Portable Wi-Fi Rental Service (for a fee)

Portable Wi-Fi will be available for rent for those who wish to use WiFi in the venue.

Those who wish to rent the device are requested to apply for it through the designated website.
You cannot pick up the English version of NINJA WiFi at the venue. Please pick it up at your hotel or home.

Application manual is here. Please return the device by yourself according to the website below.

First Aid Information

A nurse will be in the first-aid area close to the cloakroom on the 1st floor of the International Conference Hall during the meeting.
Please consult with the nurse if you are not feeling well.

【Standby time】
*The nurse will be out during lunch time and other events.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be kept at the headquarters (Room 205, 2F).

*If you find any lost items, please bring them to the headquarters.
*We will confirm your name, contact information, and the location of the lost item when you pick it up.

Filming at the Venue

Photographing, recording, or videotaping of lectures, poster presentations, and other talks at the venue or online is prohibited in principle.
However, the official photographer will take pictures of the venue.
Photographs taken may be used for advertising purposes at the next year's conference.
If you do not wish to have your picture published, please contact the headquarters (205).

Postings in the venue

・Please refrain from posting notices, advertising items etc. on the walls and doors of the venue.

・All postings will be removed if they do not have the seal of approval by JpGU.


Protocols and requests to prevent the spread of COVID19 in the venue

In cooperation with the venue, we ask for the following cooperation from all attendees in addition to thorough disinfection and ventilation.
・We will provide alcohol sanitizers at the entrances and other areas of the venue. Please feel free to use them.
・We recommend you to wear a mask (non-woven cloth recommended) in the venue, including during your presentation.
・Please refrain from talking while you eat. Please use nearby restaurants for lunch, etc., as there is a limited number of seats.