For International Attendees

Supporting Documents for VISA Application for International Attendees Traveling to Japan

International attendees except for citizens of Countries and Regions Exempt for VISA need a VISA to travel to Japan .
Documents for VISA application and processing time may differ depending on the nationality of the applicant.
The individual who needs a VISA must prepare all required materials and apply for it by themselves at the nearest embassy/ consulate general in their area.

Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website for details on VISA application.

JpGU provides supporting documents for VISA application (charged service) for those who may need them.
Please refer to the information below and apply using a designated system necessary.
Please note that the document JpGU provides is NOT the VISA itself.
We only provide supporting documents for your VISA application.


Supporting Documents for VISA Application

JpGU issues supporting documents in the form required by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (charged service, 5,500 JPY).

Document Content

The package includes 4 documents,

1. Letter of Guarantee (Sealed by JpGU)
2. Invitation Letter (Template of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
3. Itinerary in Japan
4. Details of Company/ Organization

*All in a designated form by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Schedule of Supporting Documents Issuance

Application Period 14:00 Thu, 07 March - 17:00 Fri, 10 May 2024 [JST]
*Applications after this date is not accepted.
Issue starts From Thu, 28 March
*Documents will be made on a first-come first-serve service basis.

*Please also complete the payment of commission fee during this period.
*Supporting documents will be directly emailed from our official agency.

Who can Apply and Requirements for Application

Supporting documents will be issued under the following condition;
・Documents will be issued for the contributors of JpGU 2024.
If you are not a contributor, the application page in the system will not be displayed.
* If you are a session convener, a chairperson or a co-author who need the documents, please contact us.
・ the payment of meeting registration fee is completed.

*Please note that we cannot provide supporting documents to spouses, children, or others who will be accompanying on the trip.

Commission Fee

The 5,500 JPY/ application (tax included) commission fee is required to apply.

*Soon after the application is submitted, we will start making the documents using the provided information and no modification request can be accepted.
Please make sure to confirm all information before completing the application.
*After processed, additional fee may be charged for modification.
* The commission fee (\5,500) is a non-refundable processing fee even if the VISA is delayed or you cancel your trip to Japan.

Required Files for Application

Please prepare the following files before starting the application.
All files must be in required format, less than 500MB each.

1. Scanned copy of your passport ID page [File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]
2. Schedule of Stay [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, xlsx ]
Download a format ▶ 2024 Schedule of Stay Format
3. Copy of Flight e-ticket [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]
4. Copy of Accommodation (Booking) Certificate [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]

Application Procedures

・Application for supporting documents are accepted from JpGU members page.

[Application Steps]
1. Log in to My JpGU Account with your JpGU ID and password.
2. Click "JpGU Meeting" and open the "Supporting Documents for VISA Application" tab.
3. Enter all required information, upload files and complete the payment.

Confirmation auto-email will be sent to your email address.

Important Notes

Chinese citizens who will travel with the official passport issued by Public Affairs are advised to acquire it prior to the application of the supporting documents.
・If you cancel your travel to Japan after applying for VISA using support documents JpGU issued, we may report your cancellation to the Embassy you submitted the VISA application.

About Letters

JpGU provides the following document for the registered attendees who send us a request.

Invitation Letter

Can be applied by All registered attendees(regardless of presentation)
*We cannot provide letters of invitation to spouses, children, or others who will be accompanying you on the trip but not attending the meeting as registered attendees.
Requirement for Issuance Meeting registration and the payment must be completed.
How to Apply From the designated Application Form
Application Period Thu, 07 March -Fri, 31 May 2024
Issuing Period From Mon, 11 March 2024
Issue Format Via email in PDF file
Language English version only
Letter Format Designated format by JpGU
*No modification/ edit to the format or contents is available.
Date of Issue Created date
Processing Fee Free of charge
*Applications after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Acceptance Letter

The Notification of Acceptane scheduled to be sent to authors on 27 March will be the official Acceptance Letter from JpGU. No Acceptance Letter will be issued in a different format.
Contributors are kindly requested to share with all your co-authors if necessary.


Application Form