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The Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience

JpGU hereby announce winners of 2nd Nishida prize winners.

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Masahiro Ikoma Theoretical studies on the formation process of giant planets and the application to exoplanets
Naoki Uchida Study on applications of repeating earthquakes analysis to seismology
Yusuke Ebihara Understanding of magnetospheric dynamics based on large-scale simulations
Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai Chemical oceanographic studies on the mixing of water masses of different origins and material cycles in the Arctic Ocean
Yoshinori Takano The study of organic geochemistry and astrochemistry in the boundary of biosphere and pre-biosphere
Hiroshi Tanimoto Studies on the formation of tropospheric ozone and marine sulfate aerosol
Taku Tsuchiya Geodynamic researches based on first principles calculations
Makiko Nagasawa Studies on the roles of energy dissipation processes and orbital resonances on the formation of diverse planetary systems
Yuzo Miyazaki Studies on the origin of atmospheric organic aerosol based on field measurements
Shingo Watanabe Studies on general circulation of the atmosphere based on high resolution GCM and earth system model

(honorific titles are omitted)