For Students

Poster Presentation by Senior High School Students

The poster session for high school students will be held at JpGU 2023. In this session, high school students can present their studies and research activities in the field of Earth and Planetary Sciences, including meteorology, earthquakes, global environment, geology, and solar system, in poster format.
This is an opportunity to present and discuss with leading researchers in the field of Earth and planetary science.

Session outline O-06 Poster presentations by senior high school students
Date On-site poster presentation: Sun, 21 May 2023
Local venue Makuhari Messe, Chiba
Registration fee Free of charge

*Whether or not the online poster session will be held will be determined after the registration deadline, based on a survey of on-site participation requests. If an online poster session is to be scheduled, it will be held on Sun, 28 May. Even if online poster session is not conducted, we will plan the format of presentation in consideration of remote participation.
Please see the following page for details.

Procedures for Student Discount (Graduate Students)

Graduate students can attend the meeting in a discounted rate by completing the student discount application procedures.
Please note that the approval for the student discount is required every year and your student status must be up-to-date to receive the discount. Please make sure your application is completed before you take any action.

It may take some time before you get the approval and the new ID is issued.
You may not be able to submit your abstract if you try to obtain the ID just before the submission deadline. If you are planning to submit an abstract, we encourage you to obtain an ID as soon as possible.

Students who is newly obtaining a JpGU ID Students are asked to enter the information of their supervisors when obtaining a JpGU ID.
An auto-email is sent to your supervisor requesting your student status confirmation. Once confirmed, your ID will be issued and you will be informed by email.
The ID will not be valid until the student status of the applicant is cofirmed by his/her supervisor.
*A supervisor doesn't need to have a JpGU ID, but if he/ she has one, we strongly advise students not to skip the input of the JpGU ID. If the JpGU ID is correctly registered, the supervisor is able to confirm your student status by logging in to their JpGU members page. This will help your ID creation if the auto-email cannot be found or reached.
*JpGU ID is required to log in to the JpGU Members Site, register for the meeting and submit abstracts.
*The email may be classified as a junk and sent to the junk/ spam email folder. Students are advised to directly contact their supervisors for cooperation.
Students who already have JpGU ID (Student status update) After logging in to your personal account on the JpGU Member site, click the 'Account Settings' button and proceed from the "'Student Discount Application" link. By entering the information of your supervisor, the auto-email is sent to him/ her.
Applicant's (Student's) action The student status confirmation is automatically completed right after the confirmation email is sent to your supervisor. If there is no change in your student status, no action is required and you will be able to process the payment of the annual dues, register for the meeting and submit abstracts at a discount rate.
Supervisor's action No action is required if you will guarantee the student status of the applicant (student).
Please just let us know when the applicant is not qualified as "student" and you must decline the request.

*Please note that we might cancel the student discount if we receive a denial from your supervisor. In such case, the membership category of the applicant will be changed to "Regular" and the regular fees will be charged.
Please also be noted that if we receive a contact after the meeting and the student attended the meeting as a "student," we may ask him/ her to pay the balance due later.

Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)

Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) is given to the top student presenters in each Section.
If you would like to participate in the award, please make an entry from the JpGU Members Site after submitting an abstract.
*Please note that a student must be the contributor of the abstract in order to enter OSPA.

Entry period: 14:00 Fri, 10 - Tue, 28 February
* Please read the entry guidelines before making you entry.

・The OSPA related option you are asked during the abstract submission process is to show the intention to serve as OSPA JUDGES, not for OSPA CANDIDATES.

Student Travel Support

JpGU provides a partial travel support for students to attend and present at the 2023 Meeting, in line with enhancing and widening JpGU opportunities and fostering early career researchers.

Application period: Tue, 14 - Tue, 28 February

Change of Student Status

Please check the following if you will complete graduate school by March 2023.
To qualify as a "student," the conditions are:
Qualification Timing of validation as graduate student
Student status of Members
(eligibility of student status to participate)
If you apply for discount in Jan-Mar: Must be a student in following May. If you apply for discount in Apr-Dec: Must be a student at the time of application
Entry for Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Must be a student at the time of presentation

* Post-docs are not students and are regular members.
* If you graduate from student in March at the end of 2022 academic year, and only if you will not renew your membership after graduation, we will extend your student membership to end of May. (Members' fee if not charged for April and May, and can participate in the Meeting as a student)
Please contact JpGU Office directly if you wish to do so. However, your ID will be deleted immediately after the Meeting if you use this system.

Student Working Program (Part-time job during the meeting)

We will call for part-timers at the local venue this year.
The application will open in March.
Details will be announced as soon as they are determined.