For Presenters

Oral Presentations

●【Principle】 Zoom will be used to broadcast the on-site oral presentation sessions. For oral presentations, presentations can be made on- site or online via Zoom webcast to allow for presentations and participations in both ways.

●【Optional】 "On-demand videos" and "additional materials" can be uploaded separately regardless of your presentation methods, oral presentation on-site or online. Please see HERE for detailed instructions.

● In addition to the presentation materials mentioned above, oral presentations are, in principle, to be given using PowerPoint or other presentation slides prepared by the presenters themselves.

●【Optional】 Presentation materials such as pre-recorded videos may be played during the session (regardless of the player or the method of playback). It is recommended that a video recording be made and uploaded to the Confit as an "On-demand video" or "additional material." By doing so, the chairperson can select the relevant material during the session and play/stream the video, without extra work to collect files from the presenter.

Presentation Method

On-site Participation

●All on-site presenters are required to register in advance before coming to the venue.

●Due to the cameras and mics connection and settings, we will provide a Windows computer (Windows 11) at the on-site venue. Please refrain from connecting your own PC.

●Please prepare your presentation materials in ppt or pdf format and pre-upload them using the designated system.

Online Participation

●Zoom is to be used as the online platform.
The Zoom link will be provided on the timetable on the Confit.
*Meeting registration is required to log in to Confit on and after 12 May.


Poster Presentations

●【Required】 Contributors must upload poster materials in their own presentation space on the Confit. E-poster, On-demand video, and additional material can be uploaded. One or more of these will be combined to form the poster presentation material. However, please note that if you upload only additional materials, we may not be able to issue a certificate of presentation. Please upload e-posters and on-demand videos whenever possible. Please see HERE for detailed instructions.

●There are three presentation opportunities for posters, "Flash Talks in the oral session", "Online Poster Session", and/or "On-site Poster".

Presentation Method

On-site Participation

●All on-site presenters are required to register in advance before coming to the venue.

●We will provide poster boards at the on-site venue for all poster presenters.
There is no need to send us a request in advance.
The size of the poster board is 180 cm (width) by 90 cm (height) in horizontal view.
The poster size, number of sheets etc. is all up to the presenters as long as it fits the board.

*There is no poster printing service desk on the venue.

●The poster venue can be used all day even outside the core time (PM3).

● We will provide a poster posting service for those who cannot attend on-site but wishes their poster to be poted at the on-site venue.Please see HERE for details.

Flash Talks during the Oral Slot

●15 minutes of each 90-minute oral session slot will be allocated for flash talk time of the poster presentations. The method of conducting Flash Talks such as the order and duration will vary from session to session, as the convenor is free to decide how to organize them. The details will be announced by the session convener using the session mailing list (see below). If you have any questions, please contact the convener directly.
The flash talks are not a prerequisite for approval as a formal presentation, but are encouraged unless there are unavoidable circumstances that flash talk cannot be given.

●For poster-only sessions, flash talks are to be moderated by the conveners in the online poster sessions.Consult with the conveners via session mailing list, etc. for details.

Online Participation

●Each poster presenter is provided a Zoom Breakout Room to discuss with other participants in the Online Poster Session. The Zoom link will be provided on the timetable on Confit.

* Registration for the Meeting must be completed to log in to Confit on and after 12 May. Consult with the conveners via session mailing list, etc. for details.


Uploading Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are those to be posted in each individual presentation space of Confit.
As described below they fall into 3 types of "On-demand videos," "e-posters," or "additional presentation materials."

To upload your presentation materials, you must complete registration using the ID you used for your submission by the registration deadline of 23:59 Tue, 11 April (JST).
If you do not register by the above deadline, you will not be able to upload your presentation materials and may not be able to fulfill the requirements for presentation acceptance.

Only on-demand videos require advance registration for uploading.
If you wish to apply, please fill out and submit the following form by 11 April.
*We will accept requests on and after 20 April, but it may take up to one week to send you the upload link.

Uploading of presentation materials is scheduled to begin on 20 April. Uploaded materials will be posted on Confit from 12 May (from this date, login authentication is required to view Confit, so the materials will be available only to attendees).
There is no deadline for uploading and replacing presentation materials, but we recommend that you upload your presentation materials no later than three days before the start of the meeting (18 May) so that participants can view them before the meeting.
Detailed uploading instructions will be sent to presenters by e-mail.

Material type Apply for use by 11 April Registration by 11 April Upload by oral presenter Upload by poster presenter Download/Copy protect File formats, etc. Edit/Replacement after uploading
On-demand video Required Required Optional Either on-demand video or e-poster is required
* Formal presentation requirement
Yes Movies can be uploaded. Accepted file formats are MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI.
File size limit is 250 MB.
Available anytime
e-poster Not required - Yes Posters can be posted for viewing in image files(JPG, JPEG, PNG). Either single-slide as for on-site posters or multi-slide format is acceptable. File size limit per slide is 10MB.
Additional presentation material Optional Optional(*) No Up to 10 files (PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF formats) each 10 MB or less, can be uploaded. YouTube video links (thumbnails will be displayed) can also be included.
*Additional presentation materials may be considered as poster presentation materials only under unavoidable circumstances.

For those who wish to upload slides in e-poster format

Upload each of your slides as a single file. 100 slides can be uploaded.
The first page of slides will be displayed in the presentation space in Confit, and subsequent slides can be viewed in order.

*If it is known in advance that the presenter will not be able to speak during the oral session either on-site or online, it is recommended that a prerecorded video be created and posted as an on-demand video (to be played by the chairperson or others during the session).

*Oral presenters are requested to make oral presentations using the presentation slides prepared by the presenters themselves, but presentations using the on-demand videos and additional presentation materials uploaded above are also acceptable.

Presentation Related Manual


Upload System for On-site Oral Presentation Materials

For those making oral presentations on-site at JpGU 2023, we ask that you use the computer provided at the site instead of your own computer to maintain the hybrid system settings.

Therefore, you are required to upload your presentation files to the designated system (Proself) before your presentation.

* Oral presenters participating online don't need to use this system.

File Format and Size

● Upload deadline: Before the start of your session slot
● Uploadable files: .ppt, .pptx, pdf
● File size: No limit is imposed.


● For a smooth session flow, please upload your presentation before the start of your session slot.

●The system link and login credentials will be sent separately from

● The computer set up in the on-site room is "Windows 11"; Mac computers are not available.

● To avoid confusion, the file name should indicate the presentation number and the name of the presenter, and please combine all slides in one file.


On-site Poster Posting Service for Online Poster Presenters

JpGU2023 will provide poster boards for all poster presenters regardless of whether they are participating, on-site or online. This service is provided to make the posters of online participants more visible to the on-site participants and to encourage more people to visit the online posters.

If you are an online participant and would like to have your poster displayed at the Makuhari Messe venue, please follow the steps below.

Requesting on-site participants (colleagues or friends) to display your poster.

If someone you can ask for will participate in-person, you can ask him/her to display your poster at the site. Please note that there is no online connection service available during the on-site poster core time. Please indicate on your poster that you are participating online.

Points to note when requesting

・The person who will post your poster on behalf of you (your proxy) should be a registered attendee. Free entry for only to post a poster is not allowed.

・Please make sure you inform your proxy of your presentation ID and the location of the poster board correctly. It may cause difficulties when posting without this information.

Requests for those who post a poster acting as proxies

・Please post it at the address specified by the presenter. If a poster is posted in a different location and/or on a different day than the original location, it may be removed by the headquarters staff.

・Please also remove the poster after the core time is over. Any posters left after the core time will be discarded.

・Poster cases, etc. used when you brought your poster should also be collected by your proxy. Poster cases left after the core time will be discarded.

Sending posters directly to the local venue (Makuhari Messe)

・Posters sent to Makuhari Messe must be paid for by the presenter. Posters sent by cash on delivery will not be accepted.

・To prevent shipping and receiving problems and to ensure smooth poster display, posters must be shipped by Yamato Transport. Posters shipped by other carriers may not be delivered, and your poster may not be posted in time for the start of the on-site poster core time.

・Poster cases used for shipping cannot be kept or returned. We will dispose of all the poster cases.

・Please specify the desired delivery date and time in the morning of the day before your presentation date. We will not be able to respond to any problems if the date and time are incorrectly specified. If your poster presentation is on the first day, Sunday, 21 May, please specify the delivery date and time as 14:00-16:00 on Saturday, 20 May, the day before your presentation date.

・Posters cannot be returned and will be discarded after the core time is over.

・Please indicate on your poster that you are participating online. Please make sure that your poster is made in one sheet. If multiple posters are received, only one poster with the presenter's name on it will be displayed. Poster size is not specified, but A1 or A0 is recommended. The poster board is 90 cm in length and 180 cm in width.

・Please be sure to indicate the following five items in the "Item Name" column on the shipping slip.
 (a) Poster for presentation
 (b) Presentation ID (e.g. AAA01-P00. Poster ID (e.g. AAA01-P00, please be sure to include the poster number)
 (c) Poster location address (e.g. A-01)
 (d) Date of presentation
*The sender's name must be the presenter's name.

Postal address

2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-8550, Japan
2F205, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe, Chiba 261-8550 Japan Geoscience Union Meeting Headquarters
JpGU Secretariat, Poster Presentations
Phone number 080-3600-1920
*Example is available HERE.


*How to confirm your presentation ID - >You can confirm your ID in the Notification of Acceptance sent on 22 March or in the program of the Confit.

*How to confirm your poster location number - > The poster location number will be linked to the "Poster Location Map" in the Confit system around 16 May.

*Paper and plastic poster cases that can be collected will be recycled. Reusable poster cases will be given to those who need them. Please note that we will not be able to return any of them.