Introduction of exhibitors
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Earth Observation Research Center National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Drilling Earth Science / Kochi Core Center Data Integration and Analysis System / Japan GEO
Development of Seabed Exploring Technology: DeSET
Kyoto University Geoscience Union National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED)
Satellite Observation Center (SOC), National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan iRIC research organization JASCO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD
Little River Research & Design GNSS Technologies Inc.
Keisokugiken Corporation ALMA Telescope, NAOJ Chile Observatory TMT-J Project Office
OYO CORPORATION The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd. Exelis VIS K.K.
RS DYNAMICS JAPAN Co., Ltd. & 4D GeoTek LLC Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) / Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI)
Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University CODAR Ocean Sensors UTokyo Ocean Alliance
Paleo Labo co., ltd. Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
JAPEX / JGI J-MARES Earth Science / Geography Olympiad
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.
Geological Survey of Japan, AIST Geodynamics Research Center (GRC), Ehime University Innovative Areas "Interaction and Coevolution of the Core and Mantle"
Micro Support Co.,Ltd. The International Joint Graduate Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences (GP-EES) / Inter-Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program on Science for Global Safety (G-Safety) HINODE; Japanese solar observing mission
Beta Analytic PACICOBOEKI CO., LTD Tokyo Geographical Society
Newtech Co.,Ltd Earth, Planets and Space TOKYO SOKUSHIN CO., LTD.
Oxford Instruments Kyoto University Geophysical Society YASUI KIKAI CORPORATION
Japan CCS Co.,Ltd. Kokubunji City EMS CO., LTD.
ACS Publications
JFE Advantech Co.,Ltd. Rockland Scientific International, Inc.(RSI) Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
KLV Co.,Ltd. Earth-Life Science Institute(ELSI), Tokyo Tech
Kyoto University  MEIJI TECHNO CO.,LTD.
IUGONET (Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork) Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS)
No. Exhibitior's name URL Exhibition Plan Business Contact Field
A01Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration AgencyHP
A02Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Earth Observation Research CenterHPIntroduction of EORC’s research and development achievements utilizing earth observation satellite.Analysis of observation satellite data, development of algorithms to derive geophysical parameters, calibration/validation of satellite data and research of satellite dat applications in various fields.eorcinfo[at]jaxa.jpAcademic,Research
A03National Institute of Information and Communications TechnologyHPICSU World Data System, and other NICTs exhibition such as data citation and observational database activities.ICSU World Data System, and other NICTs exhibition of data citation and bibliographic information retrieval technologies, as well as observational database activities.contact[at]ml.nict.go.jpInformation,Communication
A04-05Drilling Earth Science / Kochi Core CenterHP  info[at]j-desc.orgAcademic,Research
A06Data Integration and Analysis System / Japan GEOHPTo introduce DIAS (Data Integration and Analysis System) and Japan’s contribution to GEO (Group on Earth Observations).MEXT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, has been developing DIAS, a platform for integration and analysis of earth observation data and prediction data. MEXT promotes the use of DIAS through cooperation with Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), implemented by GEO.dias-office[at]diasjp.netEnergy,Environment
A09Development of Seabed Exploring Technology: DeSETHPWe will provide information on the project "DeSET" that will accelerate creation of the ocean floor bathymetry by subsidy up to 50 million yen.DeSET, the joint project by Nippon foundation and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., will subsidize up to 50 million yen to dramatically accelerate the creation of the ocean floor bathymetry.deset[at]lne.stAcademic,Research
A12-14Kyoto University Geoscience UnionHPIntroduction of the activities of Earth and Planetary Sciences, in Kyoto UniversityResearch and Educationfukuda[at]kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp, yuemoto[at]kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A15National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED)HPIntroduction of NIEDs research and development activities to enhance resiliency against natural disasters.
NIED aims to protect peoples lives and properties from natural disasters and to prepare society to be resilient to natural disasters, through research on disasters caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides, meteorological changes, snow and ice damages.
A16Satellite Observation Center (SOC), National Institute for Environmental Studies, JapanHPGOSAT named Ibuki is an earth observation satellite launched in 2009, observing the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane. GOSAT named Ibuki is an earth observation satellite launched in 2009, observing the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane and estimating their fluxes. NIES is conducting higher level processing and validation of GOSAT data.soc-info[at]nies.go.jpEnergy,Environment
A17iRIC research organizationHPiRIC software, that is composed of GUI program and solvers for river flow and riverbed variation analysis, is introduced.Developing iRIC software, managing websites, spreading iRIC software through sponsoring lecture classes and supporting users through mailing list.t_kyuka[at]eng.hokudai.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A18JASCO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTDHPIsoPrime, SEM, Particle Image Analyzer SIRMS, SEM, Particle Image Analyzer importersales2[at]jascoint.co.jpAcademic,Research
A20Little River Research & DesignHPWe exhibit our powerful hands-on river process simulator, Emriver Em3, which is applicable for various research and educational uses.We develop and sell portable river simulator Emriver series and desktop flume EmFlume. Our products have been used by universities, research institutes and museums around the world.akiyo.lrrd[at]gmail.comAcademic,Research
A21GNSS Technologies Inc.HPGNSS Receiver Products, System Integration Products1) Research and development in the are of indoor positioning and navigation as well as surveying, navigation, timing, precise orbit determination, new positioning algorithm development, and others
2) Sales of worldwide GPS products, system integration, rental, consulting, and data analysis
A22Keisokugiken CorporationHPExhibition such as seismic observation for measuring deviceDevelopment of seismic observation for measuring device such as hardware and softwarekuga[at]kgc.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A23ALMA Telescope, NAOJ Chile ObservatoryHPWe introduce ALMA’s latest observation results on solar system objects, formation of stars and planets, and material evolution in the universe.NAOJ Chile Observatory operates the ALMA telescope located in northern Chile in collaboration with international partners. ALMA observes radio waves from cold gas and dust to explore the formation and evolution of stars, planets, and galaxies.alma-info[at]nao.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A24TMT-J Project OfficeHPExhibit of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) Project with a 1/150 scale model and movies.TMT is a next generation optical/infrared telescope with an aperture of 30m, which will be operational in 2027 by international collaboration consisting of five partner countries. TMT will aim to reveal the solar system history and search for evidence of life on extrasolar planets.
A25OYO CORPORATIONHPAs DOCTOR TO THE EARTH, OYO introduces microtremor measurements and GPR techniques to know the underground conditions precisely.Contributing to establishment of sustainable safety & security of the society is our OYO’s mission. We, OYO, have proposed the best solutions against various issues related to the earth science employing our extensive knowledge and abundant experience/technique.miyazaki-ryo[at]oyonet.oyo.co.jpOthers
A26The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd.HPIntroduction of exhibits of our products(DeepNINJA、XCTD、New product)The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd.(TSK) is a leading oceanographic equipment manufacture. Since the establishment of TSK in 1928, As a pioneer in developing and manufacturing ocean observation devices, TSK provides researchers and experts with products that have excellent quality and high accuracy. sales[at]tsk-jp.comMaterial,Manufacture
A27Exelis VIS K.K.HPExelis VIS provides IDL, ENVI and SARscape, our mission is to empower people to easily extract useful information from complex data.Harris Geospatial Solutions is an industry leading developer of image analysis and data visualization software to help professionals across industries and disciplines solve complex problems.
Our mission is to empower people to easily extract useful information from data in the pursuit of discovery.
A28HPTime series Ocenographic system,In-Site Probe for water analysis,3 Axis Current Meter,Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,High-resolution Geophysical Receiver3S Ocean Network, Ltd. conducts sales and technical support for innovative Oceanographyic and Geophysical systems in Japan. sales[at]3s-ocean.comOthers
A29RS DYNAMICS JAPAN Co., Ltd. & 4D GeoTek LLCHPWe Introduce advanced geo-monitoring technologies displaying 3D-GPR, ultra-high speed resistivity survey system and other instruments.RS DYNAMICS・JAPAN provides measurement instruments related to environment and time-laps monitoring. 4DGeoTek is an innovative company in applied geo-science industry.t-kita[at]4d-geotek.comEnergy,Environment
A30Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) / Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI)HPExhibition on our recent research activities of near-surface geophysics and geohazards by means of posters, video presentation, tool demonstrations.PWRI and CERI are the national institutes established in 1921 with an aim to research and develop civil engineering, geoengineering, and environmental technologies to contribute sustainable development of our homeland, social infrastructures, and transportation systems.https://www.pwri.go.jp/jpn/contact/sougou-form.htmlAcademic,Research
A31Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya UniversityHPPresentation of research in Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya UniversityInstitute for Space-Earth Environmental Research at Nagoya University conducts studies to clarify the mechanisms and relationships that exist between the Earth, the Sun, and cosmic space, treating them as a seamless system, to contribute to solving Earths current environmental issues and to expand human activity out into space.fujiki[at]isee.nagoya-u.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A32CODAR Ocean SensorsHPCODAR Ocean SensorsCODAR Ocean Sensors Ltd specializes in HF radar systems for ocean current measurement, wave monitoring, tsunami detection, and vessel detection. SeaSonde? captures the ocean response to extreme weather events and provides data vital in search and rescue and spill emergency response efforts. maeve[at]codar.comMaterial,Manufacture
A33UTokyo Ocean AllianceHPExhibition of posters, distribution of brochure, introduction of published books.UTokyo Ocean Alliance is an interdisciplinary network of faculty members related to ocean studies. It has a graduate education program which provides various topics concerning ocean, and conducts three research projects supported by The Nippon Foundation.kikou_jimu[at]oa.u-tokyo.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A34Paleo Labo co., ltd.HPPoster exhibition, brochure distribution and consultation of analysis request.Paleo Labo co., ltd. has been doing various analysis related to investigations on alluvial deposits.(e.g. core sampling, radiocarbon dating, tephra analysis, macro & microfossil identification, etc.)
We pursue an integrated approach in performing analytical tasks.
A35Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of TokyoHPPresentation of our educational and research activity.Our department promotes researches on various fields of Earth and planetary science, nurtures scientists who play the primary role in interdisciplinary projects, and provides advanced education to contribute to society and industry.gakumu-eps[at]adm.s.u-tokyo.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A36Earthquake Research Institute, The University of TokyoHPExhibit observation equipment for solid-earth science research, display touch-panel and video contents on ERI activities, and show related materials.ERI is conducting research and education, regarding phenomena of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and regarding mitigation of relevant disasters.orhp[at]eri.u-tokyo.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A37JAPEX / JGIHPGeoscience technologies in oil and gas exploration and production as well as seismic survey & monitoring, geophysical instruments, etc.Oil and gas exploration and production (JAPEX). Acquisition, processing and analyzation of geophysical data.koichi.nakagami[at]japex.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A38J-MARESHPPosters and movies which explain our research activities.J-MARES has developped efficient, low-cost methods for comprehensive surveys of hydrothermally active regions since 2014.http://j-mares.com/hpsrc/hp51_Toiawasecontact.htmlAcademic,Research
A39Earth Science / Geography OlympiadHPIntroduction of Earth Science Olympiad and Geography Olympiad Administration of Japan Earth Science Olympiad and participation to International Earth Science Olympiad.
Administration of Japan Geography Olympiad and participation to International Geography Olympiad.
A40Research Institute for Humanity and NatureHPBy the poster exhibition, we do introduction of laboratories and projects.Research Institute for Humanity and Nature solicits, develops, hosts and funds fixed-term research projects on pressing areas of interaction between humanity and nature.renkei-network[at]chikyu.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A41Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of TokyoHPThe latest results of atmosphere and ocean researches, and information on entrance examinations for graduate courses and cooperative research system.The institute has endeavored to support and manage cooperative scientific research using research vessels as well as its other facilities. The faculty of AORI has also participated in education in the Graduate Schools of Science, Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Frontier Sciences within the university.ashi[at]aori.u-tokyo.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A42Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.HPExibit own techniques and products relating with survey, topography, and geology, including Red Relief Image MapAsia Air Survey is one of the leading consulting company offering cutting-edge
and innovative geospatial solution based on multi-platform/multi-sensor remote sensing.
We provide variable solutions for our clients needs by data acquisition, image processing & analysis, software development, and consulting.
A43-44Geosys, Inc.HPWe exhibit various type of seismic recorders and geophones for surface, borehole and ocean bottom with actually acquired seismic data. Geosys is the supplier of various kind of geophysical equipment and software and provide technical support and field service as well. hanbai[at]geosys.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A45HAKUSAN CORPORATIONHPExhibit of Various measuring instruments and systems such as earthquake / volcano observation logger, telemeter, microtimeterDevelopment & sale of seismic observation network systems and earthquake disaster prevention systemssupport[at]hakusan.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A46SANYO TRADING CO., LTD.HPWe introduce stable isotope ratio analyzer, greenhouse gas analyzer and soil respiration measurement system of PICARRO.The Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. is involved in the import of instruments from prominent overseas suppliers for sales to industries and research laboratories such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, automobile and energy industries, as well as in government and university laboratories in Japan.h-matsumiya[at]sanyo-trading.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A47Geological Survey of Japan, AISTHPIntroduction of the latest research results of GSJ. We will also exhibit the latest geological map.Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ), AIST is a public organization to carry out various geological surveys and researches. GSJ has consistently provided geological information, which is essential to build a safe and sustainable society, since its establishment in 1882.gweb[at]gsj.jpAcademic,Research
A48Geodynamics Research Center (GRC), Ehime UniversityHPExhibition of the worlds hardest material "Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond (HIME-Dia)" and invitation to the joint research center "PRIUS"GRC conducts research/education activities of earths and planetary deep interiors and syntheses of newly materials based on high-pressure experiments and numerical simulations. As a world hub in high-pressure sciences, GRC operates the joint research center "Premier Research Institute for Ultrahigh-pressure Sciences (PRIUS)".prius[at]stu.ehime-u.jpAcademic,Research
A49Innovative Areas "Interaction and Coevolution of the Core and Mantle"HPIntroduction of the program and recent activities and achievements of findings on the dynamics and chemical evolution of the earths deep interiorThe objective is to elucidate unresolved mysteries of deep Earth science through comprehensive investigations of the interactions between the core and mantle by combining high-pressure and temperature experiments, microscale geochemical analysis, high-resolution geophysical observations, and large-scale numerical simulations.contact[at]core-mantle.jpAcademic,Research
A50Micro Support Co.,Ltd.HPMicroSupport exhibits micro-sampling equipments for operation under microscope.
The development, design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of micro-sampling machinery used for microscopic analysis, as well as the consulting of the peripherals associated with them.info[at]microsupport.co.jpMaterial,Manufacture
A51The International Joint Graduate Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences (GP-EES) / Inter-Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program on Science for Global Safety (G-Safety)HPGuidanceDeveloping human resources who have the motivation and ability to understand the entire earth system and play an active role in the global environment / Cultivation of leaders of Science for Global Society to contribute to safety and security in societygp-ees_steering[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp / gs-office[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A52HINODE; Japanese solar observing missionHPNew results from Hinode, and a sounding rocket experiment CLASP will be presented, as well as the future plan of solar physics missions.HINODE is a Japanese solar mission operated by ISAS/JAXA and NAOJ with international partners. Hinode has been looking at the Sun for more than 10 years, and it has made many advances towards unraveling the mysteries in solar physics, such as the problem why the corona is hotter than the solar surface.situmon[at]hinode.nao.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A53Beta AnalyticHPMeet representatives from the world leading C14 lab. Discuss your samples and Beta Analytics radiocarbon and stable isotope analytical services.Beta Analytic is the world-leading lab for Carbon-14 dating. Multiple accelerators in Florida ensure dependable delivery of ISO 17025-accredited AMS results in 2-14 business days. Global shipping offices facilitate sample submittal. Respected worldwide for accuracy, quality, and customer care since 1979.sumi[at]radiocarbon.jpOthers
A54PACICOBOEKI CO., LTDHPBattery opprated compact dataloggers, Geotechnical tiltmeter and GeophoneImport companysales[at]pacico.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A55Tokyo Geographical SocietyHPHistory, current state, recent development and enterprise activity of the Tokyo Geographical Society are exhibited.The founding concept of the Society is to contribute to the advancement of geosciences in a wide scope of related fields including; natural and social sciences, humanities, and engineering and to the public dissemination of the fruits of such research. chigaku[at]geog.or.jpAcademic,Research
A56Newtech Co.,LtdHPPowered storage server for the data analysis use.Newtech as storage specialized manufacturer protect your important data using RAID,NAS,Backup, to the latest technology and solutions.academic[at]newtech.co.jpInformation,Communication
A57Earth, Planets and SpaceHPDistribution of booklets of the open access journal Earth, Planets and Space (EPS).The open access journal Earth, Planets and Space (EPS) presents scientific articles in the earth and planetary sciences, in particular, geomagnetism, aeronomy, space science, seismology, volcanology, geodesy, and planetary science. EPS also welcomes articles in new and inter-disciplinary subjects, including instrumentation.office[at]earth-planets-space.orgOthers
A58TOKYO SOKUSHIN CO., LTD.HP・Smart monitoring system
・Portable Vibration Monitoring System SPC-52
・Recorders of All in One Sensor CV-375A / CV-375B
・Design, manufacture, and sale of earthquake observation equipment
・Design, manufacture, and sale of earthquake disaster prevention equipment
・Installation and maintenance of earthquake observation system
・Commissioned business for measurement of vibration
・Design, manufacture, and sale of various measurement equipments
A59Oxford InstrumentsHPProduct information of AZtec system, the plat form for Energy dispersive X-ray microscopy (EDS) and Electron Backscatter Diffraction system (EBSD). We provide leading-edge tools that enable materials characterization at the nanometre scale. Used on electron microscopes (SEM & TEM) and ion-beam systems (FIB), our tools are used for R&D across a wide range of academic and industrial applications including mining, renewable energy, and metallurgy.contact.jp[at]oxinst.com Material,Manufacture
A60Kyoto University Geophysical SocietyHPThe latest studies in Prof. Mikadas lab on various geophysical methods using Seismics, Rock Physics, and Electromagnetics.We are Geophysics Laboratory from Kyoto University, Japan. Our study covers all the geophysical phenomena by Seismics, Rock Physics, and Electromagnetics. Our member will wait for your visit for discussing Geophysical Studies!toiawase[at]tansa.kumst.kyoto-u.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A61YASUI KIKAI CORPORATIONHPThe multi-beads shocker?is a pulverizer which we developed in order to use high speed to grind such inorganic materials such as rocks or microbes.
Business description : Custom design of precision instrument for R&D
Products and service :Analytical instrument :
Multi-beads shocker? (cell disruptor) (pulverizer)Sample preparation equipments for analysis.Software development :
Import and export sales of research instrument

A62Japan CCS Co.,Ltd.HPWe JCCS introduce that Public Acceptance and support by panels,exhibitions,monitors, core samples and brochures were essential for CCS development.JCCS submitted a bid for the public tender for the "FY2012 Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project" held by METI, and was selected as the contractor for this work. As a result of this commissioning, JCCS began from FY2012, the implementation of the demonstration project aiming to make practical CCS technology by FY2020.tomohiro.miyata[at]japanccs.comEnergy,Environment
A63Kokubunji CityHP・The actual pencil-shaped rocket
・The diorama that presents the testing site for a horizontal launch of the pencil-shaped rocket (Kokubunji)
On April 12, 1955, the pencil-shaped rocket was launched experimentally in Kokubunji City (Kokubunji Town at that time) for the first time in Japan. Because of this, Kokubunji is known as "the birthplace of space technology in Japan"senryaku[at]city.kokubunji.tokyo.jpPublic,Government
A64,67EMS CO., LTD.HPCTD, ADCP, rapidCAST (or Underway CTD), SeaExplorer, Zooscan etcWere the trading company that are selling and handling the Oceanographic sensor/Hydrographic instrument/Autonomous Observation Vehicle/Imazing Instruments having high evaluation worldwide. support[at]ems-ocean.comAcademic,Research
A66ACS PublicationsHPACS PublicationsACS Publications, a division of the American Chemical Society, is a nonprofit scholarly publisher of more than 50 of the most cited, most trusted and most read peer-reviewed journals, over 1,500 peer-reviewed eBooks, and the award winning Chemical & Engineering News.eic[at]earthspacechem.acs.orgPublication,Printing
A70Nanometrics HPSeismic Monitoring SolutionsNanometrics is an award-winning company providing monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Nanometrics Inc. is a world-class provider of precision instrumentation, network technology and software applications for seismological and environmental research.sales_mkt[at]nanometrics.caEnergy,Environment
A72JFE Advantech Co.,Ltd. Rockland Scientific International, Inc.(RSI)HP
CTD, DO meter, EM current meter, Fluorometer, Turbidty metar,Deep Ocean Turbulence ProfilerJFE Advantech Co. Ltd have been developing and selling measuring instruments for various fields. RSI is dedicated to the measurement of turbulence in the marine environment. Our instruments are used world-wide in a multitude of disciplines, such as science & engineering.http://ocean.jfe-advantech.co.jp/ support[at]rocklandscientific.comAcademic,Research
A74-76Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and TechnologyHPIntroduction of research and development of JAMSTEC.JAMSTEC is a Japanese research institute which is committed to contributing towards an integrated understanding of the Ocean, the Earth and Life.www-admin[at]jamstec.go.jpAcademic,Research
A77KLV Co.,Ltd.HPHySpex, NEOs line of hyperspectral cameras, ranging from airborne to laboratory, field and industrial use of imaging spectroscopy.
We have supported and developed many optical fields such as medical, bioscience, agriculture, environment, and food for past 30 years in Japan. Now, we are going to new direction as “solution for optical system demands” We provides the best optical solutions to customers.toiawase[at]klv.co.jpAcademic,Research
A79Earth-Life Science Institute(ELSI), Tokyo TechHPMission, organization, research activities, researchers, and opportunities for joining our research projects are introduced.The Institute was launched in 2012 as part of the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) of MEXT. The WPI grant is awarded to institutes with a research and administrative vision to become globally competitive centers that can attract the best scientists from around the world.info[at]elsi.jpAcademic,Research
A80Kyoto University HPKyoto University is coordinating Nojima Drilling Project.Weii show you our trenching and drilling investigations of fault damage zones.Kyoto University is coordinating an integrated multidisciplinary study on the assessment of activity of nature active faults,particularly the Nojima fault which triggered the 2015 Mw 7.2 Kobe earthquake.We elicit multi-disciplinary contributions from geological, geophysical, geochronological and thermochronological studies .slin[at]kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A81MEIJI TECHNO CO.,LTD.HPPolarizing Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Full HD camera,Digital MicroscopeMeiji Techno Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of optical microscopes who has been making in Japan for 40 years.The high quality and variety of the models are known in the world.
A83VITEC GLOBAL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.HPIntroduce ABB/LGR Isotope Analyzers,Trace Gas Analyzers, Unisense Microsensors.Inport and export sales, meintenance, inspection, calibration service of leading-edge technical productsdenshi2[at]vitec.co.jpEnergy,Environment
A84IUGONET (Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork)HPWe will demonstrate a new web system "IUGONET Type-A" and an analysis tool "SPEDAS" for upper atmospheric data.
IUGONET has been developing databases and analysis tools of upper atmospheric data (including solar and planetary data), that have been obtained by Japanese universities and institutes for more than 50 years, in order to widely distribute the data and promote interdisciplinary study.ytanaka[at]nipr.ac.jpAcademic,Research
A85Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS)HPIntroduction on the program for overseas visits by young researchers. Demonstration of the web services of Arctic Data archive System (ADS).
The Arctic region research project, called ArCS, is a national flagship project funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. NIPR, JAMSTEC and Hokkaido Univ play a key role in this project.arcs[at]nipr.ac.jpAcademic,Research