Introduction of exhibitors
No. Exhibitior's name URL Exhibition Plan Business Contact Field
soc01-02The Oceanographic Society of JapanHPBrochure of the Oceanographic Society of Japan and News letter will be distributed. The new book "Global warming and Ocean" will also be on sale.

The activities of this society are as follows:
1. Holding regular meeting in terms of oceanography
2. Publish News letter and peer reviewed journals entitled "Journal of Oceanography" in English and "Umi no Kenkyu" in Japanese
3. Awarding the research achievement of senior and young scientists.
soc03The Japanese Association for Petroleum TechnologyHPActivity introduction, Book sales, Employment support to oil developing companiesThe primary mission is to collect the latest technical and academic information pertaining to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and disseminate them to oil industry. JAPT also provides technical forum, promoting the multi-disciplinary activities between geologists, geophysicist and engineers.office[at]japt.orgAcademic,Research
soc04The Geological Society of JapanHPBooks & Goods sales, Membership application accepted, Society introductionacademic societymain[at]geosociety.jpAcademic,Research
soc05Geochemical Society of JapanHPIntroduction of the society, distributing journal issues, and selling books related to geochemistryGeochemistry is multidisciplinary science with strong linkage with chemistry. The Geochemical Society of Japan advances research in geochemistry and planetary science through scientific activities including publication of the Geochemical Journal, having annual meeting, cosponsoring the Goldschmidt conference, and so on.pr[at]geochem.jpAcademic,Research
soc06Geochemical Society of JapanHP
soc07The Society of Exploration Geophysicists of JapanHPThe introduction of the SEGJ about the brief history, technical conferences and international symposium, and publication of journal and books.We publish academic journals and books such as a handbook and dictionary, hold academic conferences, seminars and international symposium, and we have various research group activities to promote exploration technology, mutual exchange among members, cooperation with related academic societies both inside and outside.office[at]segj.orgAcademic,Research
soc08The Volcanological Society of JapanHPThe Volcanological Society of Japan・information deskThe Volcanological Society of Japankazan-gakkai[at]kazan.or.jpAcademic,Research
soc09The Seismological Society of JapanHPinformation desk of the societyThe mission of SSJ is: To promote studies of earthquakes and the interior of the Earth, To share and disseminate the results, To contribute to earthquake disaster mitigation.zisin[at]tokyo.email.ne.jpAcademic,Research
soc10The Palaeontological Society of JapanHPIntroduction of meetings and publications of the Palaeontological Society of Japan.In order to develop and disseminate the paleontological research, we are holding meetings and publishing academic journals (English and Japanese).psj-office[at]world.ocn.ne.jpAcademic,Research
soc11The Geodetic Society of JapanHP
soc12Japan Association of Mineralogical SciencesHPIntroduction of JAMS activtiesJapan Association of Mineralogical Sciences is involved in an expansive field of science, encompassing mineral science, geochemistry,and petrology.KYL04223[at]nifty.ne.jpAcademic,Research
soc13SGEPSSHPDesk for admission to society, payment of membership fee, publicity activity, etc.SGEPSS, one of the member societies of JpGU, mainly promotes research on the Earth and the planetary and space environments using electromagnetic methods.amano[at]eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jpAcademic,Research
Pamphlet Stand
PamphletMount Fuji Research StationHPOrganization brochures, ACPM2017 (International Symposium) brochures, Organization Newsletters, Coference Proceedings, Books, etc.Mt. Fuji provides an ideal observation site for atmospheric science, such as monitoring fine particulate matter, sulfate aerosols, and mercury. It also serves as a good observation site for lightning, cosmic rays as well as a base for high-altitude medical research. Scientists studying the permafrost also use the station.npofuji3776[at]yahoo.co.jpOthers
PamphletKanazawa UniversityHP
PamphletRogue Wave Software, Inc.HPRogue Wave product brochures, including highly-scalable graphical debugger TotalView, IMSL Numerical Libraries and PV-WAVE for Visual data analysis.We’re the largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components in the world. Rogue Wave tools, libraries, and services enable developers to write better code, faster.marketing[at]roguewave.jpInformation,Communication
PamphletThe Remote Sensing Society of JapanHP ・Admission Guide
・Back number of the ”Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan”
Remote Sensing is the science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects mainly the Earth and its environment. The Remote Sensing Society of Japan (RSSJ) holds biannual conferences, issues an academic journal five times a year, and promotes specific research subjects by several working groups.info[at]rssj.or.jp Academic,Research
PamphletCT and C co.ltdHP
PamphletCopernicus.orgHPWe present a list of our open-access publications and journal-specific flyers, as well as a flyer explaining the Interactive Public Peer Review.Promoting scientific work is our focus. Serving those dedicated to science is our passion. We have been a scientific publishing house since 1994 and an open-access publisher since 2001. Today, we publish 37 peer-reviewed journals, of which 18 apply the unique Interactive Public Peer-Review.publications[at]copernicus.orgPublication,Printing
PamphletInstitute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesHPOur recruitment positions include The Thousand Talents Plan,the CAS Hundred Talents Program and other research positions. The Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITP) was founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2003.
ITP aims to better understand the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau and its climate and environmental changes, as well as enhance sustainable development in the region.
PamphletGeophysical Journal InternationalHPPamphlet StandGeophysical Journal International publishes top quality research papers, express letters, invited review papers and book reviews on all aspects of theoretical, computational, applied and observational geophysics.Neha.Mistry[at]oup.comPublication,Printing
PamphletSpringer NatureHPWe will introduce a new journal of Nature Astronomy and the Abstract booklet from Nature Communications and other Open Access journals.Springer Nature is a leading educational and professional publisher, providing quality content to communities through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. https://mse.secure.force.com/natureasia/?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=ja&q=temp_contact_us_param&na=TPublication,Printing