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Thank you for your proposals.

1. Convener Guidelines
2. Prepare for Session Proposal → Session Proposal Site has closed.
3. Confirm or modify your JpGU ID information → To My Account Log in
4. JpGU ID is required to propose a session or be a convener.
- Create a JpGU ID HERE.
- Register with JpGU (For AGU Members) HERE.
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As a joint meeting, all sessions in the 2017 meeting are considered as joint sessions with AGU.
Not only Japanese sessions but also a large number of English sessions are expected.

NEW for 2017:

- JpGU ID is required in order to be a convener.
- One main convener and up to three co-conveners are allowed in each session.
- Conveners may request for Union Sessions or Public Sessions.

Please refer Convener Guidelines for more information before proposing a session.

Important Information:

Travel support for joint sessions with AGU were provided in the 2016 meeting, however this financial support is no longer available since all sessions are concidered as joint sessions this year.

Call for Proposals for PEPS Special Sessions with financial support

JpGU journal PEPS (Progress in Earth and Planetary Science) calls for proposals for PEPS special sessions, offering financial support to participants from abroad who make presentations at the PEPS special sessions.
See here for details.


All conveners must refer to the following REGULATIONS before proposing a session.

 >> Convener Guidelines
 >> Union & Public Guidelines
 >> JpGU Time Slot Allocation Formula
 >> Program Organization Guidelines(Coming soon)

 >> Abstract Submission Guidelines(Coming soon)
 >> Invited Author Guidelines
 >> Abstract Submission Regulations
 >> Copyright Regulations(PDF)


Both English and Japanese are the official JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017 languages.
Session language which is the language combination format of the session will be selected by conveners.
Session Language Code Slides and Posters Oral
EE English English
EJ English English or Japanese
JJ English or Japanese English or Japanese
* Presenters may choose their oral presentation language (English/ Japanese) in EJ and JJ sessions.


See HERE for frequently asked questions.
Please contact for further questions and/ or inquiries.


Information to conveners will be provided via email.
*The email address which is registered on My Account in JpGU members' page is automatically be on the mailing list.
To change it, update a new email address on your account.
Please make sure to make its change before you propose a session.


At least one convener should be available and accessible during the period in red in the calendar below.
All roles of conveners can also be worked on by co-conveners.
In case a main convener is not available, co-conveners should complete these.

Date *All in JST Schedule
Sept 1st (THU) through Oct 13th (THU) at 5:00 pm ,2016 Session Proposals open Propose a session
Oct 13th (THU) through 27th (THU)
*Program Committee Meeting on Oct 20th and 21st
Review process by Program Committee(PC)
We will contact conveners in case of rejection or merging suggestion. If no reply, the decision will be made by PC.
Oct 27th (THU) Acceptance notification Time slots assigned will also be informed
Oct 28th (FRI)-Nov 7th (MON) at 10:00 am Apply for requests on the session
Nov 10th (THU)-12th (SAT) Program Organizing Board Meeting
Nov 14th (MON) Layout release
Jan 6th (FRI) through Feb 16th (THU) at 5:00 pm , 2017 Call for Abstract Submission
Early submission deadline: Feb 3rd (FRI) at noon
Final deadline: Feb 16th (FRI) at 5:00 pm
Feb 17th (FRI) Finalize the layout
Feb 16th (THU) at 7:00 pm – Feb 23rd (THU) at 5:00pm Review the abstracts
Adopt or reject the abstracts , move sessions
Feb 24th (FRI)- Mar 2nd (THU) Session organization
Mar 3rd (FRI) through 6th (MON) Final adjustment by JpGU office
Mar 8th (TUE) Notification to the presenters
Mar 10th (FRI) Program release on the web
May 11th (THU) Abstract release on the web
May 20th (SAT)- 25th (THU), 2017 JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting