Instructions for Abstract Submission

Period for acceptance

Start: January 10, Wednesday, 2013
Advance submission close: At 24:00 JST [15:00PM UTC] on February 3, Friday, 2013
Final submission close: At 12:00 JST [3:00AM UTC] on February 15, 2012


Advance submission: 1,500JPY/1abstract
Normal submission: 3,000JPY/1 abstract
Upload of Image file: 500JPY/1 image (JPEG file, 500KB or less)
* Notes to upload Image file

Membership subscription

Membership subscription is necessary to make abstract submission.
Please make a membership subscription before you make abstract submission.
Please click HERE to make membership subscription and get an ID and password.

Rules on number of characters

[Restrictions on number of characters]

Japanese title: Within 60 two-byte characters without line feed
English title: Within 120 one-byte characters without line feed

Affiliation in Japanese: Within 20 two-byte characters
Affliation in English: Within 40 two-byte characters

Key word in Japanese: Within 30 two-byte characters without line feed
Key word in English: Within 60 one-byte characters without line feed

* Number of key words is 6 or less respectively.
* It's on a voluntary basis.

Abstract body in Japanese: Within 2,000 two-byte characters including spaces
Abstract body in English: Within 4,000 one-byte characters including spaces
* English is required but Japanese is voluntary.

Image file: one JPEG file less than 500 KB

* Formats available for abstract body are superscript, subscript, italic, bold and underlined characters.
They're not available for titles.
Please see the instructions to input these characters.
One-byte KATAKANA and Greek characters are not available.

Presentation mode

Oral presentation: Oral 15 minutes' presentation including Qs and As.
Poster presentation: Oral 3 minutes' presentation without Qs and As and Poster presentation
Board size: 210cm(H)x90cm(W)

Contributors can choose from the following two patterns.
  1. Oral or Poster presentation
  2. Poster presentation
Conveners are responsible for the presentation modes.
There's no option to choose only oral presentation.
All poster presentations include 3 minutes' oral presentations.

Dos and Don'ts for 3 minutes' oral presentation

* 3 minutes include connecting time of PCs and projectors.
* Qs and As are not allowed.
* 3 minutes's oral presentation is declined by contributor's own will.
* It is selectable on the submission screen.

JpGU Meeting registration

JpGU Meeting registration is inevitable to attend the JpGU Meeting 2013, even if you complete abstract submission fee payment.

Please be sure to make JpGU Meeting registration beforehand.
It takes a lot of time to make on-site JpGU Meeting registration at Makuhari Messe.

Please click HERE.


By yourself

Only on line credit card payment is available.
Invoice is issued on the payment screen.
Please print it out, if necessary.

By your affiliation

This system is available only on Japanese registration screen.

No refund is available.
Advance abstract submission rate is not adopted if the payment is not completed by 23:59JST on February 3rd.
Abstract submission is automatically withdrawn if the payment is not completed by 12:00JST on February 15th.

Submit your abstract from HERE.