Information for conveners

This page is made up for conveners.

Various regulations

Please be sure to check the following regulations before you organize the session.

>> Guideline to organize the session
>> Regulations on abstract submissions

Frequently asked questions

FAQ are shown HERE.

Current state of contribution

Current state can be seen on the following URL from February 4th, Friday. *

* Only co-conveners whose JpGU ID are registered when session is proposed, can access this page.  Please inform a session ID, JpGU ID and a name of co-conveners to JpGU Secretariat.

Conveners' Mailing List

Latest information is sent to conveners' registered email addresses.

Recent schedule

ScheduleRole as a convener
From September 3rd
to October 26th, 2012
Session proposalPropose a session and enter the preference
From November 2nd
to 20th, 2012
Discussion and adoption of sessions
Decision of session category (Program Committee)
In the middle of November, 2012Session organization meeting
December 3rd, 2012Fix sessions
From December 5th
to December 17th, 2012
Re-entry of sessions (Check-ups and modifications)Confirmation of session IDs, arrangements among sessions, such as the same session on avoiding time overwrapping or the same session on successive session request
December 21th, 2012Release sessions on the web
From January 10th
to February 15th, 2013
Advance abstract submissions close Feb 3rd at 24:00JST or 15:00 GMT.
Final sumissions closes on Feb 15th at 12:00JST or 3:00GMT.
Call for abstract submissions
By the end of JanuaryDecide and release names of invited speakers
From February 18th
to 24th, 2013
Session arrangement of all sessions (Program committee chair)Adjust numbers of frames of each session
February 25th, 2013Fix numbers of frames of each session
From February 26th
to March 12th, 2013
Adjust session scheduleConfirmation and adjustment
March 12th, 2013Fix session schedule
March 12th, 2013Fix session layout
March 13th, 2013How to organize your sessionProcedure
March 13th, 2013Release session layout on the web
From March 15th
to 25th, 2013
Organize each sessionTime allocation of each sesion / Selection of chairs and session highlight...etc
From March 26th
to 27th, 2013
Final adjustment of session layout (Secretariat)
March 27th, 2013Complete time allocations
March 28th, 2013Notify schedule to each contributorCheckups to avoid double and dropped out contributions
April 10th, 2013 (planned)Release abstracts on the web
May 10th, 2013 (planned)Release Abstract PDFs on the web
From May 20th to 25th, 2013  JpGU Meeting 2013