JpGU Meeting 2013 Program

December 21st Sessions are released on the web. >>HERE
March 13th Session layout is released on the web.>>HERE (PDF)
April 10th Program of JpGU Meeting 2013 is released on the web. (without abstract PDFs)
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May 10th Abstract PDFs are released on the web.

July 8, 2013 Abstract Zip file is linked here.
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Union Session List

These sessions are the ones to make earth planetary science frontier and its challenges as a whole known to researchers of this community.

Union session list is as follows.
Please note that some union sessions don't accept regular abstract submissions.

Names in parenthesis are conveners.
★ means international session.
U-01★International Cooperation in Earth Planetary Science Project -Centering on NASA-JAXA Joint Project- (YAMAMOTO, Shizuo / Jack A. Kaye)[○ Only poster presentations are accepted.]
U-02★Global Data Sciences in the Big Data Era (KOIKE, Toshio)[✕ Regular submissions are not accepted.]
U-03Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral and Atmosphere (SUZUKI, Yohey)[◎ Regular submissions are accepted.]
U-04Open access e-journal and future perspective of scientific journals (KAWAHATA, Hodaka)[✕ Regular submissions are not accepted.]
U-05Future of Earth and Planetary Science (5): Big Science Project (NAGAHARA, Hiroko)[○ Only poster presentations are accepted.]
U-06Social Responsibility of Earth Science (HARUYAMA, Shigeko / YAMAOKA, Koshun / SUETSUGU, Daisuke)
1.The Message from East Japan mega earthquake[○ Only poster presentations are accepted.]
2.Scientific assessment of nuclear power plants in Japan and knowledge of Earth science[○ Only poster presentations are accepted.]
3.On the information dissemination for safety and security[◎ Regular submissions are accepted.]
U-07New Progress toward the Understanding of Small Solar System Bodies (YOSHIKAWA, Makoto)[◎ Regular submissions are accepted.]

Public Session List

These sessions are the ones to make the ordinary people know the fruits of earth planetary science researches, planned by Japan Geoscience Union. They are all free of charge.

Public session list is as follows:
O-01Education for disaster-prevention and community-restoration (HATAKEYAMA, Masatsune)
O-02Poster presentations by senior high school students (HARA, Tatsuhiko)
O-03Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science (HARA, Tatsuhiko)
O-04Scientists' work-life balance in terms of ministerial "Ikumen Project" (SAKANOI, Takeshi)
O-05Geoparks in Japan -Evaluation hearing of the aspiring geoparks and highlight of geoparks in Japan- (WATANABE, Mahito)
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Projects except for science sessions

Various projects and planning during JpGU Meeting 2013 are wanted.
Please let us know using the following dedicated form by February 15th.
(Only in Japanese)

<< Terms and conditions >>

  • It must be free of charge.
  • Every attendees of JpGU Meeting 2013 can participate in it.

Adoption is decided by Board of Directors.
Pay-by-the-hour rental room starts at the end of March.